Cool Bedroom Ideas For Teenage Guys Small Rooms

Does your teenager’s bedroom look like a disaster zone? Does he find it hard to locate certain items daily? Then it’s time for a bedroom makeover. This is not a project you should tackle by yourself.

You should give your teen some responsibility in keeping his space organized. This teaches him how to be self-sufficient and mature when he becomes an adult. Here are some ways you can organize your teen’s bedroom.

Cool Bedroom Ideas For Teenage Guys Small Rooms?

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  • Start With Decluttering

Bring three bins to your teen’s bedroom and ask him to go through his clothes and other items carefully. Then have him decide which ones he will put in each of the bins.

One bin will be for what he wants to keep while another bin will be for donating to Goodwill or other relatives.

The third bin will be for selling online or at a garage sale. Once this is done, have your teen put away clothes that he’s not wearing this season in a garbage bag.

Then the two of you will neatly hang up the clothes he wears on a daily basis.

  • Purchase a Nightstand with Drawers

If you’re tired of seeing your teen’s house keys and ink pens under the bed in the morning, invest in a nightstand with drawers. Your teen can place his phone, charger, keys, ink pens, and any small notebooks in the drawers.

This keeps the top section of the nightstand from being cluttered.

  • Teach Him How to Make His Bed

If your teen needs a refresher course on the proper way to make his bed, then teach him step-by-step. When the bed is made, it makes it easier for your teenager to clean the rest of his room.

After he makes his bed, inspect his work and point out errors in how he did it.

  • Utilize Every Part of the Room for Storage

Instead of buying more storage bins, utilize parts of your teen’s bedroom for storage. You can store his most worn shoes and slippers underneath the bed.

Another idea is to use the area underneath his bed for storing his bed sheets and comforters that are not in use.

Install some shelves inside his closet for placing boxes that have important documents in them such as his medical records, birth certificate, and social security card.

  • Establish a Weekly Cleaning Routine

Talk with your teenager about setting up a weekly cleaning routine so that he can keep his room clean and organized. Your teen will have one day out of the week designated for doing a thorough cleaning of his room.

If this is on a weekday, he can get it done after homework. If it is on the weekend, he can clean his room after eating breakfast. Write a list of the tasks you want him to complete in his bedroom.

  • Get Your Kids’ Input on the Decorteen in her bedroom

Don’t just focus on the organizational aspect. Make sure that your teenager’s room looks stylish too.

Get his input on how he wants his space decorated. If he loves the country-western style, get inspiration from Western movies and pictures of the southwest in magazines.

If he is into hip-hop music, maybe you can paste vinyl records along with his wall. Give him options on the choice of paint color for his room.

  • Get a Desk That Has Multiple Purposes

Every teen needs a desk, but a desk that does double duty is even better. This could be used to store the laptop, the MP3 player, his main textbooks for school, binders, notebooks, and photo albums.

The desk can be placed in the middle of the bedroom or in the corner near the entrance area.

  • Don’t Accumulate Too Much Stuff

When your teen’s room is finally organized, don’t add a ton of stuff to it. Whenever your teen buys new clothes, have her take out her old ones so that you can sell or donate them.

Before you buy accessories for your teen’s room, ask yourself if they will add value or just clutter her space. When your teen has too many items in her room, it becomes harder for her to maintain.

  • Let Natural Consequences Occur When Teen Isn’t Organized

So you organized your teen’s room and it looks much better. Your teen needs to practice self-discipline in keeping his room clean.

If he doesn’t put things away and can’t find something, let him suffer the consequences of his actions. The goal is to teach him that when he isn’t organized, he will struggle to find what he needs.

  • Install a Bookcase

A bookcase isn’t just for books. If your teen has a few framed pictures, place these on the bookcase. Other things that would go well on his bookcase include trophies he won, certificates, his CD player, magazines or school folders.

  • Reward Their Progress

While you shouldn’t reward your teen for every good thing he does, it is fine to acknowledge and reward him if he’s making progress with certain tasks.

If your teen had a bad habit of keeping his room organized but has gotten better at it over the past few weeks, tell that you’re proud of his efforts.

Reward him with his favorite dessert, a new batch of outfits, or a visit to the movie theater. This motivates him to keep up the good work.

  • Go For a Daybed Instead of Traditional Bed

Many daybeds have a pullout bed that would be great for sleepovers. Daybeds are also smaller and more functional than the traditional bed. Daybeds also come in cute styles, colors, and designs.

Summing Up!

In conclusion, organized space helps your teen manage his life better. Why don’t you teach him those cool bedroom ideas for teenage guys’ small rooms?

With your assistance, he’ll do better with this on his own and become more organized as an adult. Don’t get discouraged if his room gets out of hand from time to time.

Keep encouraging him and over time, cleaning and organizing will become a regular habit for him. Don’t let every disagreement about his bedroom turn into an argument.

If he wants his room arranged a certain way, let him have some say-so in how he wants it to look.

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