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As you begin a new year, you’re probably thinking about ways you can make your home more efficient and organized. You don’t have to wait until spring to do a thorough makeover of your bathroom because you can get started now with these helpful tips in this article.

Start by taking everything out the bathroom so that you’ll have a clean slate to start with. Toss out any items that are outdated or that you no longer use. Here are additional ways to organize your bathroom.

How To Organize Your Bathroom?

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Mount Baskets to Bathroom Wall

One idea is to take some decorative baskets and mount them to your wall for storage. Use baskets for different types of products. You can have one for your medicines, hair products, makeup supplies, and your perfumes. By doing this you’ll have a less cluttered counter and the space underneath the sink could be used for storing cleaning supplies.

Use a Rolling Cart for Towels and Soaps

If your bathroom is really small, you can place your towels and soaps in a rolling cart. A rolling cart is a simple way to store your items and it doesn’t take up too much space. This might also work for guest bathrooms. You can also spray paint the rolling cart to match the colors in your bathroom.

Install a Shower Caddy

Shower caddies are efficient because they have adequate space for storing your shower gels, shampoos, and anything else that you use while in the shower. To keep the caddy from getting cluttered, periodically eliminate old items. You’ll also want to clean your caddy to reduce stains and bacteria.

Use Bath Toy Organizer

Instead of cluttering the kids’ rooms with bath toys in addition to their other trinkets, you can place a bath toy organizer on the inside of the shower. Train your kids to put away their bath toys in the organizer. Periodically toss out any bath toys that the kids no longer play with in order to make room for new ones.

Put Storage Trays Inside Bathroom Drawers

Instead of throwing all of your beauty supplies in one drawer, keep them organized by placing a tray inside of the drawer. The tray will have sections inside of it, and this helps you keep items in categories.

It also saves you time in the morning when getting dressed. It also saves you money because you’re not buying things that might already be hidden in the drawer.

Install a Corner Shelf

If it is just you and your spouse in the house, you can purchase a corner shelf for the bathroom. It saves space, and you’ll have easy access to the things you use the most. Some things you can store on a corner shelf include your toothbrush holders, makeup supplies, small wash towels, your favorite magazines, or hair products.

Put Decorative Laundry Bins in Bathroom

This keeps you from having to constantly pick up random clothing items in the bathroom each day. To keep it simple, have a laundry bin for each person in the house. You’ll have one for yourself, your spouse and the kids. Label the front of the laundry bins so that the right clothes go in the right bin. By doing this, your laundry routine is more efficient.

Place Storage Bins Inside Bathroom Cabinet

If you tend to accumulate a lot of items for the bathroom, it helps to put two big storage bins on the inside of the bathroom cabinet. Look for storage bins with drawers so you can categorize your bathroom products and find them easily. One storage bin can be for your makeup and hair supplies while the other bin can store your towels and shower curtains.

Be Picky About What You Buy for Bathroom


To keep clutter at bay in the bathroom, you need to be selective about the things you buy for the bathroom. If you already have enough bath towels, don’t buy more just because they’re on sale. Take inventory of your hair products and makeup and see how much of them you already have before making new purchases.

Build Over-the-Door Storage

Another idea would be to install a storage area over the bathroom door. This could be used for storing laundry detergent, bleach, or any items that you don’t use a lot during the week.

Use Command Hooks for Hairstyling Tools

Instead of putting your styling tools on the counter or under the sink, install command hooks on the wall and hang your styling tools on those. It makes for easy access to them and it keeps the wires from getting too tangled. You can also hang satin bonnets, wrap scarves, and brushes with holes in them on the hooks.

Delegate Bathroom Cleaning Responsibilities

If you have teenagers and they use the same bathroom as you and your spouse, then assign them chores for the bathroom to help you out. Maybe one teenager can take out the trash in the bathroom when the bag is full.

And another teenager would be responsible for straightening up the area under the sink once a week. Your spouse can take the laundry bins to the laundry room a few times a week.

Have a Cleaning Routine

Now that you assigned specific bathroom chores to the family, it’s time to establish a weekly cleaning routine. When you have a routine, things don’t get out of hand and you save time in the bathroom. This is especially helpful if guests will visit your home soon.

Decorate Smart

When you decorate the bathroom, do it in a way that doesn’t cause the bathroom to look cluttered. Place an indoor plant in the corner of the bathroom so that it won’t take up too much space. Paint the room in light colors to create an open space in the bathroom. Use wall art as the focal point in the bathroom.

In conclusion, with these tips, you’ll have an organized bathroom in no time. Some of these ideas might work while others might not be the most feasible for the kind of bathroom you have. When your bathroom is organized and attractive, you’re more excited about enjoying it after a long day.

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