Lowe’s Vs. Home Depot Storm Doors: Which Brand Is The Right Choice?

Living in areas prone to tornadoes and hurricanes can be challenging. In times of these natural calamities and harsh weather conditions, a storm door can be a great help to protect your front gate and entryway.

Now, if you decide to get one for their home, choosing between Lowe’s vs. Home Depot storm doors can be a challenging task.

To clear your confusion, I have brought you this comprehensive comparison guide to help you choose the best storm door for your house.

So, without wasting any time, let’s begin.

Key Differences Between Home Depot And Lowe’s Storm Doors

Home Depot vs Lowe's storm doors

If you have some prior knowledge about storm doors, you should know that both places here are equally well known for their excellent quality.

While Lowe’s usually sells storm doors from Pella and Larson, Home Depot distributes Anderson and EMCO storm doors. All these brands and our two different marketplaces have their benefits and slight disadvantages.

So let’s see what differences these storms doors have in different aspects. Then, later on, it’ll help you decide according to your priority.

  • Build Quality

When it comes to the overall build and construction, it has been tough competition between these two marketplaces. Aluminum usually is considered the most sophisticated material for storm door construction.

The reason is pretty apparent as aluminum is way more durable than plastic, PVC, or wooden doors. So both Home Depot and Lowe’s have their fair share of different models that comes with complete aluminum construction.

However, some homeowners out there like to opt for wooden doors for their aesthetic it. For them, Lowe’s also offers doors with solid, high-quality wood cores.

So, in terms of material and build, both brands are somewhat equal. However, for wooden storm doors, you should opt for Lowe’s.

Additionally, I have seen users say on forums that Larson and Pella storm doors are more durable.

  • View Options

Storm doors from both these brands have different types of view options available. These viewing options indicate how much area of your store door you want to be covered.

Storm doors come with full view, half view, mid view, and high view options. Which one of these options you should choose depends on your personal preference.

However, when it comes to offering these options, Lowe’s is your best bet. It provides plenty of options with different viewing styles at various price points.

On the other hand, Home Depot lacks behind as they are more focused on only full view storm doors. As many of you prefer the simpler full view, you can buy from any of these.

But if it’s different options you are looking for, you should try Lowe’s.

  • Screen Options
Lowe's storm door

Apart from dedicated ones, storm doors also come with different types of screen options too.

Depending on the door, these screens attach differently, allowing you to have a multi-purpose door option.

I know many of you are not interested in having a screen with your storm door as it can ruin the clean glass look of the door.

But if you want the screen, Lowe’s again comes ahead of Home Depot with various screen options.

Apart from dedicated clean storm doors, Low’s also offers doors with retractable, reverse, and single vent screens to provide seamless ventilation when it’s not raining.

Home Depot storm doors also have screens, but Low’s offers way more variety in this segment.

  • Price Differences

Price is an essential precondition of making any purchase decision. But in this particular case, it’s even more critical. Previously, I mentioned that both of these brands are equally popular among users.

So when it comes to making a purchase decision, I have seen homeowners use the price as a final filter to choose the product. From my personal experience, Lowe’s is better if you want to get some discount.

There, both Larson and Pella storm doors are sold at a discounted price. As for the budget, at Lowe’s, you’ll get more variety at different price points.

On the other hand, most of the storm doors sold at Home Depot are primarily budget-oriented options.

However, don’t let the price fool you as both places offer great value for money. But if you have any fixed budget in mind, now you know where you should head out.

Which One Is Suitable For Your House?

As we are done with discussing the key differences between Lowe’s and Home Depot storm doors, it’s time to determine which one will be the more suitable for your home.

At first, you have to decide which storm doors you can afford. That will narrow down the choice for you. Then you need to decide about the material.

Wood might look better to some extent, but aluminum will last longer. Lastly, you should check out the viewing and screen options.

Additionally, you can also consider a dog door if you own a pet and the installation cost. Again, they are nothing too technical, so you should choose which style will suit you better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How’s the ventilation for Lowe’s storm doors?

The ventilation is quite good for storm doors sold at Lowe’s. I previously mentioned that Lowe’s offers more variety when it comes to viewing and screen options. And with this variety of options come better ventilation. So when it’s not raining, your home will still be well-ventilated thanks to different screen options.

How long does a Home Depot storm door last?

The answer somewhat depends on where you use the storm door and the weather condition in your area. However, both EMCO and Anderson offer either a ten-year or a lifetime warranty. So it’s safe to say the storm doors will easily last at least a decade.

Does any of these places have storm doors with dog doors?

For pet owners, dog doors are pretty much essential as it allows uninterrupted entry inside for of your pets. Both Home Depot and Lowe’s offer storm doors that come with dog doors at the bottom.

Which material is a better choice for storm doors?

Between wood and aluminum is the better choice for its durability. Aluminum also has a lifespan way longer than wood. Besides, both materials have different thickness levels for different doors. So the thicker you’ll go for, the more durable your storm door will be.

How much does a storm door installation cost?

There is no fixed number for the installation cost as it depends on various factors. Typically, Lowe’s or Home Depot installation can cost you from $200 to $800.

Final Words

If you have come this far in this article, you might have already taken a purchase decision.

As for a final verdict, it’s hard to pick a winner between Lowe’s vs. Home Depot storm doors as both brands offer lots of similar features, with a good reputation among homeowners.

My job here was to point out the differences, and I have done that. Now it’s your job to filter out what you are looking for and hopefully choose a suitable storm door for your home.

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  1. I was at Home Depot yesterday and they had a big variety of storm door. The service was excellent and they scheduled to send someone to measure my doors. I need 2- doors.

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