Immersion Blender VS Hand Mixer: Which One Do You Need?

When it comes to choosing the winner of immersion blender vs hand mixer, it all depends on your preferences. It is important to know that each type of blender offers a different “way” of blending.normal blender

Think of it as choosing your weapon to fight. You need a specific type of blade, certain material, and most importantly, durability to cut through and blend your ingredients.

There are so many kitchen utilities available on the market now more than ever, including blenders. They are made to assist your cooking experience to be simpler and easier.

You can even use the blender as a food processor too!

Kitchen utilities today are no longer about different kinds of pans and pots. For instance, there are many utilities you can use to chop a single vegetable. Different appliances resulted in different outcomes.

Whether its shape, thickness, or even length, there are tools for each desired result.

Even then, some appliances provide different results even though they have similar instruments. This is the case with the immersion blender vs hand mixer discussion.

At a glance, both perform similar tasks and work in almost the same way. Both appliances even produce the same result which is liquid ingredients.

So, what is exactly the difference between an immersion blender and a hand mixer? Read on to learn more!

Immersion Blender Vs. Hand Mixer: Are They Different?

Let’s set this once and for all; immersion blender and hand mixer are two different kitchen tools. Apart from producing liquid ingredients, the processes they offer are different.

Hence their functions are also different. Keep in mind that some things can only be done with an immersion blender and some only with a hand mixer.

If you do not pay attention to this, you will have to say goodbye to your new kitchen appliance in a month or so. What is it that sets them apart? Let’s get on to the detailed review of each product.

Immersion Blender

immersion blender vs hand mixer

The immersion blender is also known as a hand blender. It’s a handheld tool with a motor and blade which you can use to chop ingredients.

The result is to have these ingredients form into your desired consistency. As the name suggests, the tool is meant to blend your food; usually from a solid form into a liquid.

When you use a regular blender, you put ingredients into the container and start the machine. While using an immersion blender only requires you to put those ingredients in a container (of soup, puree, sauce, etc.), put the handheld blender in, hold it firmly, and turn it on.

Since it’s a handheld tool, you’ll have an easier grip and more control over the machine to form your desired consistency. Learn how to use an immersion blender for smoothies.

Inserting an immersion blender into a bowl of a liquid item may sound like the beginning of a mess in your kitchen. The good news is, it is strong enough to break ingredients. But it won’t be much of a hassle as the blades are fully protected to highly reduce splashing.

When do you use an Immersion Blender?

The simplest answer will be: anytime you need to blend something a regular blender cannot. When you do big cooking, it is just a lot of work to blend all the ingredients altogether.

Relying on a blender alone will not be up for the job. This is when an immersion blender comes in handy.

Aside from that occasion, when you want to make a puree or sauce, you can simply insert the tool into the container.

Even better, you can put it directly into a boiling soup or food that’s still too lumpy and blend it to your liking. It is simply a lifesaver when using a blender is too much work.

Hand Mixer

immersion blender tips

A hand mixer is also a handheld device with attached whiskers used to mix ingredients. Hand mixer produces different kinds of ingredient consistency depending on what you mix in the container.

You can make a batter or dough with a hand mixer. The outcome of using a hand mixer can be an elevated form of ingredients, not just different forms.

While stand mixers are usually heavy and take more space, hand mixers are a more compact choice. Even if it’s a compact device, hand mixers still generate more power than immersion blenders.

Using them in a container of liquid on full power is definitely not the best way to use it.

When do you use a hand mixer?

A hand mixer is especially useful when you need to mix eggs, whipping cream, or mixing a small number of ingredients. You can also rely on a hand mixer to knead the dough.

As the name suggests, it’s especially useful to mix ingredients, not to blend them.

Immersion Blender and Hand Mixer: In Comparison

 FactorsImmersion BlenderHand Mixer
MixSauces, puree, soup, smoothies, batter, eggsBatter, eggs
KneadNot compatibleDough
GrindNot compatibleVegetables, foods, nuts

Main Features

  • Easier grip
  • Better control of consistency
  • Versatile
  • More power
  • More compact
  • Necessary for pasty making

Final Verdict: Which one do you need?

By now you would understand that there is no winner between immersion blender and hand mixer in general. We are not meant to find which tool is better.

Both have different functionalities and you can use either one for different purposes. If you already know what sets a blender apart from a mixer, then it’s easier to figure out when to use one of these tools.

Both are a more compact choice than their elder sisters; the stand mixer and blender.

Considering its functionalities, you can rely more on an immersion blender. It’s more versatile than a hand mixer. The blades in an immersion blender are to chop ingredients and turn them into liquid.

Moreover, immersion blenders can do some of the tasks a hand mixer does. This includes mixing eggs, batter, or whipping cream.

On the other hand, using a hand mixer in a container of boiling soup is the last thing you want to do.

Considering both are equally highly functional tools, it really depends on your needs. If you’re still not sure when to use them, here’s a simple idea; go for the immersion blender if you need to turn ingredients into liquid.

But if you need more work with mixing ingredients; go for the hand mixer.

Before you buy one, we suggest looking at the reviews available online. Through these reviews, you get to see the pros and cons of each product without having to spend too much time at the store.

Or better yet, you can get one (or two) online! One of our go-to websites when it comes to the ultimate and complete reviews on all types of blenders is the Blenders Pro. Find your desired product and read the reviews there before clicking the “Buy Now” button.


Can You Use A Hand Mixer In A Place Of An Immersion Blender?

No. A hand mixer does not do the same job as an immersion blender. A hand mixer is better for mixing powdery ingredients or loosely mix chopped ingredients. It is not suitable for blending ingredients.

Is An Immersion Blender The Same As A Hand Mixer?

No. The two are completely different tools.

Can You Use A Hand Blender For Mashed Potatoes?

We don’t recommend it, because a hand blender will release too much starch in potatoes. The result is not “mashed” potatoes but more like a heavy, starchy mix of potatoes.

Can Immersion Blender Crush Ice?

Technically, yes. But it depends on the product’s quality and design. If the blade is similar to those used in the jar blender, it may. However, the blades in an immersion blender are usually smaller and less durable. So, using one to crush ice is not recommended. Immersion blenders are not usually made for this job.

Can We Make Juice With A Hand Blender?

Yes, however, the texture may not be the same with blending using a jar blender. Certain ingredients can be too foamy or too heavy when blended using a hand blender. We suggest try blending a small portion and taste it first. If you like the texture, continue blending the main portion.

Can I Use A Hand Blender For Whipping Cream?

100% yes. In fact, it is better to make whipping cream with a hand blender/immersion blender rather than using a mixer or a jar blender. For the perfect texture of whipping cream, use the “up and down” mode in your hand blender.

Are Immersion Blenders Worth It?

Yes. This tool is so versatile that even buying the most expensive one is still a great investment.


Since choosing the winner of immersion blender vs hand mixer is nearly impossible, here is a wild idea: buy both. The more kitchen utensils you have, the better! This way you can blend ingredients for soup and mix the dough for bread at the same time.

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