Hydroseeding: Pros And Cons (In Comparison With Sod And Seeding)

The fastest way of having a lush lawn is hydroseeding. In many ways, it’s even better than sodding and seeding. Among the 3, it’s cost-saving as well.

You can do it yourself by hiring such hydroseeding equipment. Alternatively, you can hire a professional service to do that for you. Many experts have recommended this method.

However, before you opt for it, you should know all the pros and cons of hydroseeding in greater detail. And this in-depth article will help you understand every ins-and-out about it.

What Is Hydroseeding?

hydroseeding in action

It’s a process of spraying a mixture of grass seed mixed with water, fertilizer, and mulch on a lawn yard. So, you are completing multiple tasks simultaneously to save time and money.

So, it’s not for the amateur to do it. Maintaining the right proportion of seeds, fertilizer, water, etc. requires an expert hand. Besides, handling the sprayer is not an easy task.

Spring is the ideal time for hydro-seeding but you need to consider the cold-season and warm-season grass as well.

Yes, you don’t have to prepare the turf for the seed to germinate as you would do for the traditional grass seeding, but there are other sorts of works to be done and some of them have to very precise.

Pros of Hydroseeding For A New Lawn

Whenever you plan to start a new lawn or fix the barren patch of your ugly lawn, you need to pick among the two: Sodding or Hydroseeding? It’s a very debated talk in the landscaping world.

Let’s see why so many people prefer hydro-seeding:

  1. Lush Lawn Faster

It’s insanely time-saving. Whereas basic grass seeding requires 2 to 3 weeks for the grass germination, hydro-seeding takes only 5 to 7 days. Imagine how faster you will have a lush lawn!

Just spray the seed mixture and wait for a few days. Within days, you will notice the seed germination. So, experts and professionals consider it the fastest way of establishing a new lawn.

  1. Budget-Friendly

Having a lush lawn involves spending a lot of various lawn equipment, grass, and many other things. Now, when I say hydroseeding is less expensive; I must say you won’t see it immediately.

But when it takes less time to see the grass germination, your overall cost will get lower. You will be needing to apply less fertilizer and water.

To give some real figures and these are just some estimated figures but very close: hydroseeding will cost you between $0.08 to $0.25 per square feet depending on where you live but the roll of sod will cost you between $0.30 to $0.50.

So, why sods cost a lot?

Well, sod is nothing but grass that is already planted. So, when you buy sods for your lawn, you are paying for the seeds, time, labor, etc.

Instead of getting a new lawn, if you try to repair some bare patches, you will see the difference on a massive scale.

Many lawn professionals have agreed to the fact that sods can cost more than 70% than hydro-seeding.

  1. Possibility of Seed Mixture

You need to have only one type of grass when it comes to sodding. But hydro-seeding lets you have a mixture of them to have a versatile lawn or you can simply pick only one for your smaller lawn. There is no limitation!

Having only one type of grass is commonly known as monoculture. And diseases and pests are attracted to such monocultures.

Now, if you are wondering why people get a mixture of grass on their lawn, let me explain why.

When you have various types of grass on your lawn, it will evergreen all year round. Your lawn will be more resistant to diseases and pests.

A lawn with different colors and textures of grass is simply attractive to many. The only way to have your preferred seed mixture is through hydroseeding.

  1. Healthy Lawn

It’s hard to have a healthy lawn if you are up to sods. Remember, when you buy sods, that means they are germinated somewhere else and you are planting them in a different environment and soil.

So, having a healthy lawn will be difficult. Hydro-seeding gives you a healthier lawn than sods simply because the grass keeps continues to grow where they are germinated.

  1. A Better Option For A Large Lawn

Having a lawn is both a time-consuming, labor & capital intensive hobby. It gets worse when you have a bigger lawn. Preparing your big lawn for sodding or seeding will be a nightmare.

Your cost will increase exponentially over time until the seed germinates. And don’t forget about the increased cost of soil preparation and sprinkling water to that large area.

To simplify the task and keep your expenditure in check, hydroseeding is your only bet. It lets you spraying seeds on the dirt and they will germinate pretty soon without much effort.

Cons of Hydro Seeding

hydroseeding pros and cons

If you are onto Do It Yourself Hydroseeding or even thinking about hiring a professional service, it’s important to know the full picture. Nothing fast comes without any side-effects.

Here are some problems with hydro-seeding that you should be aware of:

  1. Risky DIY Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding sprayer is very expensive. You can’t buy one just for your hobby and even hiring it will cost a lot. It takes a lot of work and you must have full knowledge of operating it.

Time is the essence here. If the seed stays in the sprayer longer than 1 hour, it will be damaged.

A little mistake like this can result in futile and your tons of hard work and money will be just wasted. Let a professional do it for you to stay on the safe side.

Too much rain can destroy a hydro-seeded lawn during the rainy season. So, there is always some sort of risks.

  1. Insane Amount of Watering Required

Your newly hydro seeded lawn will require watering 2 or 3 times a day. Of course, it depends on the location and soil type of the area you are currently residing in.

Seeding or planting sods require watering afterward. But there is plenty of hydroseeding before and after works. And I am talking about the huge amount of watering.

  1. Not So Fast Result

It’s faster than seeding but not sodding. You still will be waiting for the seeds to germinate patiently for a couple of days. Even after the germination, you will be waiting for several days before you can mow and enjoy your lawn.

This is the main distinguishing point between the hydroseeding vs sod. Sod can give you a lush lawn almost instantly whereas, through hydroseeding, it may take a year to see your lush lawn!

  1. Negative Environmental Impact

If you have a small lawn, you don’t have to feel bad about it. But hydro-seeding on a large field has some negative impacts.

Which One Is Right For You?

Well, that depends on how healthy a lawn you want to get within how much time. Every method has its own pros & cons.

If you want a lush lawn faster, you can buy sods and plant them on your lawn. If you want to give it a few days, go for the hydro-seeding.


After checking the pros and cons of hydroseeding, it’s clear why it’s so popular. If you are up to the cons and take the necessary steps, it can give you a healthy green lawn in no time.

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