How To Use Immersion Blender Without Splashing?

We all know how to use a handheld blender, but most of us don’t know how to use immersion blender without splashing. Luckily, you are on the right spot!

Let’s read further to learn more about the handheld and immersion blenders and get tips to avoid food splashing! But before that, are you in search of the best immersion hand mixer with no cord? Give a check right here to get fantastic cordless immersion blender reviews!

How To Use Immersion Blender Without Splashing?

how to use immersion blender

Immersion mixers have now taken over the kitchen counters for multi-purpose use. But many of my friends and relatives pointed out an important thing that all mini blender users face. A splashing mess, right?

As an expert user, I came up with every possible blending step that can help you mix it right with no splashing at all! Let’s give it a look at all the dos and don’ts:

  1. The size of the container

When you have decided to blend using the hand blender, the first thing you need to notice is the size of the food bowl. If you are using quite a large container with no side covers, you are sure to get messy.

Instead, I would suggest you get a high covering vessel with a suitable size. Not too large, not too small. Taller but less wide is the best. This way, you get less splatter for sure!

  1. Right hand movement for blending

While working with an immersion mixer, an essential rule is the hand rule. A single wrong motion can ruin your entire blending. So, are you wondering what the perfect move is?

Well, I would say a no to horizontal and round motion. Just grip your blending machine tight and give a vertical movement! This way, it won’t make any food cleaning mess.

  1. The depth of the bowl 

If you are using a small height bowl, you will find a food scattering as you start mixing with a stick blender.

So, I advise taking a deep bowl for perfect blending. It gives you blending access that makes enough room for your batter not to splash! Such splashing may cause kitchen hazards too!

  1. Stick holding angle 

Keep your blender in a perfect position so that it goes near the bottom but doesn’t touch it. Thus, it keeps your entire liquid soup inside the jar and stops the mess from getting spread. Hold it deeper.

Holding too high and up, creates a pull. So, avoid such an angle. For easy blending, tilt your shaft a bit.

  1. No vortex motion

By vortex moving, I mean a circular rotating whirl. Try to avoid moving your wand blender in a vortex motion. It is all because the quick rotating swirl is sure to create a fling of your food all over the kitchen walls.

The repeated rotation gives an extra acceleration to your liquid type of foods. Hence it becomes tough to stop the mess that is on the way.

  1. The diameter of the jar

The more the width, the more the splatter. That’s why you better use the beaker with a smaller diameter.

When you are taking a cozy blending jar with a small radius, it is easy to move the handheld stick around the pot. You won’t need to cover a long distance and get no chance to spatter your batter or liquid!

  1. Proper control on blending speed

Remember never to turn on the immersion mixer before you submerge it in the batter. First of all, check all the speed levels on your stick blending tool. Turn on when you fully immerse the stick and start slow.

When you get a uniform and chunk less mixture, you are ready to the roar high! It is all because the fast speed at the beginning may leave lumps and raise the risk of a splash.

  1. An accessory like the lid

Even after following all the steps, can’t get control over a spatter mess? No problem. I have an excellent idea for that too.

Bring a paper plate and make a small hole in it. Put your blender shaft within the gap and make it act like a swash protecting lid!

Why Do You Need An Immersion Blender?

immersion blender tips

Are you planning to go for the holiday meal prep? I would say it’s the perfect time to bring on the homemade savories for you and your family.

Do you have to spend hours with tons of effort to make all the dishes with your traditional jar blender while others enjoy it? Well, that’s an irony.

But wait, what if I say there is a kitchen gadget to aid you with quick and multi-purpose functioning? Can you put a guess? Well, it is the mini immersion mixer! You can try soups, latte, sauces and dips, smoothies, and many more using them with no fuss.

Wand blenders give your hand rest from the hours of whipping with the perfect texture. And to surprise you a little more comes its mini size that won’t eat up unnecessary kitchen space. This handheld blender can bring a variety of dishes in a jiffy to your dining table!

But as a novice, do you face the splatter mess while blending and don’t know how to use an immersion blender for smoothies? I’ve been using an immersion mixer for years.

So, I know how the splashing troubles. That is why I planned to come up with the right ways to use the stick blender with no splashing. Here is a video explaining why you need such a thing and how to use it!

Why use Mini Handheld Blenders?

Are you thinking, why is the immersion mixer different from the regular blenders? Let me answer. It is because:

  • Unlike the usual blenders, the hand blenders come with no extra jar. You can directly immerse it in the food bowls!
  • The rotating blade of the stick blender gives you a smooth mixture with no lumps.
  • It can give you an adventurous cooking style saving your time and cleaning problems.
  • Whip, puree, blend, beat, froth, grind, mix and emulsify using the all in one blender!
  • Minus your extra efforts and adds to your comfort.
  • Easy to grip. Thus, you get to rid of applying extra blending pressure.
  • Three steps to work: Turn on, Push a bit, and Blend!

Out there you would find two buying options for an immersion hand blender:

  • Cord containing mixer
  • No cord mixer

Talking about mixers with cord, the first thing that comes to mind is the cord length issue. Why get wrapped in the cord trouble when an easy to handle cordless hand blending tool can help? Even I prefer using the cordless one.

Bonus Tips

Have you bought an immersion mixer and moving to the kitchen to make delicious meals? Let me make blending using a handheld mixer easier for you with my advice:

  • Sometimes, food stuck in blender blades may cause swashing. So, unplug and clear it first.
  • I would ask you to use a low suction mode while using immersion stick blenders.
  • Start slow and remove the lumps.
  • If nothing works for you, got a secret to share. Use a spatter guard!

Concluding Words

So, how to use immersion blender without splashing? By now, I’m pretty sure you know that right. Say a harsh bye to all those stained kitchen counters and walls ruined because of your wrong blending.

And, get started with the meal prep you were dreaming of with no spatter mess at all. An immersion stick blending tool gives you an all-rounder cooking effect with its high performance. So, bring out your mini blender and swirl!

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