How To Clean Dirt From Bottom Of Pool And Take Preventive Measure?

Having a ground floor is really congruent with your living. But the problems arise during the time of its proper maintenance, especially cleaning the bottom of it.

Usually, the best above ground pool vacuum makes this process easier.

But for the bottom of a pool, it can not be a particular solution. Most of the time, pools get dirtier, and water gets cloudy.

The method of cleaning your pool depends on what kind of dirt consists of such as large debris, leaves or acorns, algae or fine particles, sand, or oily substances left in the bottom of the pool.

So cleaning the bottom of the pool is a little challenging also. All types of pools can be cleaned by using the same methods, but you should take care to use the right tools for the pool’s surface.

Make sure that you have the right supplies.

How To Clean Dirt From Bottom Of Pool?

clean pool bottom

You need to follow some different steps for cleaning dirt on your swimming pool bottom.

  • Think carefully about where you place your pool                      

How do you decide where you will place your swimming pool? The location you choose is also essential for cleaning your swimming pool because the swimming pool has always been there.

Such as do not place your pool under or near a large tree.

And everything that drops from the tree will make dirt at the bottom of the swimming pool.

Always try to place the pool in a free environment position, where you can often get the sunlight that makes your swimming more enjoyable.

If you use SunnyTent as it covers your pool after swimming, you can place the pool anywhere or near the trees.

  • Skimming and Brushing

When you are going to clean your pool, make sure you have the right tools you need.

Firstly you must use a skimmer with a telescopic pole. You may want to remove the pole to make sure your pool is free of any debris that could contaminate it.

There is a smell net attached to the telescopic pole, which is an essential pool cleaning tool.

This net removes leaves and other debris from the surface level of the pool. If you have a leaf skimmer, it will be best to clean the surface of the pool.

After that you need a pool brush, make sure you have one. Use a brush to clean the sides, stairs, and steps of your pool.

Besides, brushes can get stuck with dust and debris, so that attach the brush with a telescopic pole and using some force to clean it over the area.

This should be done every week. And make sure you wash your pool brush from time to time to keep it clean.

  • Set up the vacuum.

dirt in pool bottom

A vacuum is the most effective device to clean the floor of a swimming pool perfectly. Take a pool vacuum that best suits your requirements.

Then attach the vacuum head to the telescopic pole, and you will slowly lower the vacuum head into the pool.

Make sure there is no air in the hose before attaching it to the pump that comes with most manual pool vacuum cleaners. It can harm the pump, connecting the pump to the hose before the air has been expelled.

There are several types of pool vacuum in the market depends on which one do you need? For example, an automatic pool vacuum cleaner and a manual pool vacuum.

Automatic cleaners are three types-

  1. Suction side cleaners: this kind of vacuum can harm your pool filtration system. Because it often accidentally suck up things like rocks. So we do not recommend it.
  2. Pressure side cleaners: it attaches to the return jet of your pool filtration system and removes debris from filtered water.
  3. Robotic pool cleaner: it is the best automatic vacuum cleaner. Its self-contained division drives around the bottom of your pool for collecting debris, all kinds of dirt and dead algae.

If you want to save money, you should use a manual pool vacuum cleaner. You can get one from the online or nearest hardware shop.

Make sure a vacuum how to clean dirt from the bottom of the pool? Vacuums should always come with individual manufacturer’s instructions and come with instructions for setting up and use.

A lot of debris, dirt, and bacteria build up on the bottom of the swimming pool, so you need to vacuum your pool at least once a week, and make your swimming enjoyable.

  • Use A Pool Filter And Pump Combo

The pool’s filter pump plays a vital role in cleaning your pool. You can use it for advanced cleaning. Keep your pump run for eight hours each day.

Follow the manufacturers’ instructions; you will have different options. These allow controlling what the pump can filter for.

Do know with the filter setting if you want to rid of the fine dust particles on the floor. There are different settings that mean the pump will focus on smaller and finer debris.

Before running the pump, make sure that the filter is clean, and there is no debris in your filter basket either.

You have a specific filter setting, so allow choosing which types of debris you are going to clean; set it before running the pump.

Final word 

It is always said that prevention is better than cure; this is absolutely true in swimming pool maintenance. You can make the job easier by preventive the amount of debris your pool collects.

Then you don’t have to keep wondering how to clean dirt from bottom of pool.

Swimmers and the breeze can also carry debris like dust; sand and dirt are carried on the pool by the feet. If the pool is not in use, always keep your pool cover on.

Before removing the pool cover, you should sweep all of the debris and dirt.

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