Cuisinart Twin Oaks Pellet And Gas Grill Reviews: Should You Have It?

Torn between which pellet gas grill you should pick? What if we told you we know exactly which product would be a banger for your outdoor grilling experience?

Sounds good, I’m sure.

Amongst the gust of pellet grills consuming the market, you will notice that all Cuisinart twin oaks pellet and gas grill reviews, including ours as the best eye-catchy alternative.

It will win your hearts and grumbling tummy with remarkable capacities, features, and the best part – an impressive price point!

Review On Cuisinart Twin Oaks Pellet And Gas Grill

cuisinart twin oaks pellet and gas grill reviews

As an avid fan and occasional user of this magnificent smoker griller, has said – ‘Cuisinart, keep them coming!”

But sometimes, skimming through a few reviews isn’t enough, and you need the full deets!

We get it, and we have your back. Let’s describe why this Twin Oak grill will let you have the best of both worlds.

The chef inside you must be erupting with joy, but yes, you’ve guessed it – the dual-fuel multi-functional section will deliver an elevated cooking experience.

  • Look & Appeal

It’s love at first sight for many, but the Twin Oak can also look quite intimidating, giving off a professional appeal and scaring amateurs.

But in all honesty, it can take up any task, major or minor, that you require. The overall assembly shouldn’t take any user more than an hour.

With some manual and instructional assistance, you can identify each of the placements correctly.

  • Cooking Space

With dual power fuel grills, generally, people don’t expect an enormous cooking space. But to beat that delusion, Twin Oak presents users with this 900 square inches total cooking area.

Not only does it outperform all odds, but it lets you submerge in cooking numerous items or in large quantities at once.

The cooking space also comes with two flip-up heating racks, and surprisingly, you’ll still be left with a total of 685 square inches if you omit those.

Even if you split the area in half, you’ll be left with immense space. To give you a clearer picture – enough expanse to smoke a brisket or place around ten skewers atop the grilling station. Sounds good? We bet!

  • Dual Functionality

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room – the dual independent functions, shall we?

Cuisinart has surpassed generic expectations with its design and intuitiveness with this product. It’s worth every penny of users because the design and quality are top-notch.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the unique independent grilling and smoking function tailors to every user with the highest convenience. How, you may ask? Good question.

If you’re planning to go all out with a hefty menu list, don’t lose hope and all your energy running around outdoors and in the kitchen.

Due to the independent dual functionality, you can plan out burgers during lunch and make time to smoke up a brisket by dinner time. I know – amazing!

  • Commercial Grade Gasktet

What this technology does is beyond regular smokers’ and grillers’ capacities. As the yummy smoke builds up and doesn’t escape, you can finish up other items in the griller in an open flame.

Cuisinart Twin Oaks Grill
Cuisinart Twin Oaks Grill

Besides, you know what they say about half the taste being in the aroma, right? Your cooking time will shorten, and convenience will shoot through the ceiling.

Another banger in this all-rounder package is the commercial-grade gasket which produces unbelievable insulation, heats the interior of the griller and smoker, traps, and seals the smoke accordingly.

It’s a no-brainer that slow cooking delivers the juiciest treats that we could savor.

Thus, this conventional feature helps in maintaining proper balance and stable temperature during cooking.

And the best part?

Even if you’re planning on enjoying a full-blown BBQ during winter or cooler days, the commercial-grade gasket will act as your sue chef – maintaining the temperature, letting the meat tenderize and cook thoroughly, and performing the entire gig.

  • Dimension

We know you might be mortified thinking that the colossal size and dimension would cause inconvenience during mobility. In total, the Twin Oak measures around 67 inches in length and weighs approximately 200 lbs.

Sure, it will take up some space in your backyard or outdoor kitchen but, we believe that no other griller and smoker can accomplish so much simultaneously as this big guy.

Luckily, even with its intimidating dimension, the Twin Oak smoker and griller comes with four extremely heavy-duty swivel casters that can be locked in place.

So, as effortlessly you will be flipping burger patties on the stove, maneuverability and changing your cooking scene will be no less unconventional.

I think we can all agree at this point that this Cuisinart model is truly a masterpiece and has reached above and beyond to ease up everyone’s cooking hassle. But wait, we’re not done yet.

  • Cast-Iron Griddles

To take out the hassle from cooking hassles, chefs and amateur cooks have been appreciative of the cast-iron griddles that this do-it-all stunner comes with.

The adaptive cast irons can be safely placed atop the grill gates or even utilized to smash out burger patties.

The best catch? With the settings adjusted to high, the griddles will heat up in a breeze. Not only will you be able to whip up quicker breakfast and outdoor meals now, but setting everything is made more accessible too.

As you clean up the counters and griddles, simply hang them beneath on the left bottom of the Twin Oaks when you’re done. Voila!

  • Express Clean-Out System

Let’s talk about its ostentatious cleaning system. The express clean-out mechanism in this whopping deal is one of the most renowned attractions to this day.

It collects all the remaining ashes, which were formerly pellets, in a firepot. There’s a handle on the left section of the grill and as you lift it to unveil the filth, pull it out to let the ashes gather into a drawer.

Simply take out the trash and empty it as required.

How peaceful is cleaning now? We bet Twin Oak has already made your day with this quick scan of its features. But to feel the relief and post-cooking stress drip down, even more, you must work on this God-send product!

  • Grease Tray

In case you want more of that magical cleaning element. Here’s another. The Twin Oak grill comes with a grease tray for both the griller and smoker.

There’s a pan placed beneath the smoker grill so that it can catch all the grease drips. Hence, your cleaning times have been shortened by another half. Simply take out the pan, rinse it and install it back.

Remember back in those days, when you had to spend half of the day grilling outside in beautiful weather and the other half in the kitchen scrubbing with all your willpower to get the grease stains off the grills and pots?

Bid your goodbyes to such horrifying experiences; your day and hands have been saved from excessive scuffing. Yay!

So, what are you waiting for? You’re only a few clicks away from experiencing elevated convenience and banging flavors all in one product. Don’t miss out!

Specifications & Highlight

  • Propane gas grill.
  • Removable grease cups and trays.
  • 1200-watt electric plug-in smoker.
  • 3 peg hook accessory.
  • Temperature gauge on porcelain-enameled lids.
  • Each burner has independent ignition.
  • Stainless steel heating tents.
  • 12000 BTU side burners.
  • 3 ceramic burners worth 27,500 BTUs.
  • Easy storage.
  • Low pellet sensor
  • Express ash clean out.
  • Bluetooth connectivity to Cuisinart Easy Connect BBQ app.

Features of Cuisinart Twin Oaks Pellet And Gas Grill

  • Cooking Area: Total cooking area; 900 square inches, secondary cooking area; 216 square inches, primary cooking area; 684 square inches.
  • High-End Specialty: Stainless steel warming rack with flip-up benefits, cast-iron cooking grates, commercial graded gaskets to capture in smoke,  2 10-watt halogen bulbs on the inside, insulated firebox and lid, appliance-grade viewing window.
  • Dual-Fuel Functionality: Gas-grill delivers carefree cooking convenience, versatile cast iron skillet, and allows slow cooking.
  • Easy Clean-Up: 1- Cleaning will be as easy as 1-2-3. Simply, lift the lever lock, 2-pull out the lever, 3- remove ashes.
  • Enhanced Technology: Allows connectivity with a mobile app. Lets you track cooking progress, searching recipes with the help of large LCD and controller and 2 meat probe readouts.
  • Locking Swivel Casters: Safely maneuver your grill around small areas with four accessories, the heavy-duty locking swivel casters.

Pros: Why Should You Have It?

  • Extremely sturdy built and design.
  • Incredible value compared to price.
  • Easy to operate and great even for slow cooking.
  • Friendly to beginners and pros.
  • Value and performance don’t deteriorate with everyday use.


  • Probes only work when the pellet section is on.
  • The Bluetooth range signal is limited.
  • Users thought that the app should’ve included cooking temperature controls.

Now, watch this video to understand why you need this smoker grill.


Impressed with our Cuisinart twin oaks pellet and gas grill reviews? What’s holding you back from feeling impressed with the product itself? That’s right – nothing!

You can hit the jackpot whether you’re an amateur or professional chef craving to get your hands on an exquisite yet, budget-friendly item.

I mean, just comparing its gigantic size with the price tag speaks volumes. If you’re looking to grill occasionally without the pellet grill performing no lesser than it did the first time – look no further.

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7 thoughts on “Cuisinart Twin Oaks Pellet And Gas Grill Reviews: Should You Have It?”

  1. Got mine all put together today. Looks like it is a quality grill but unfortunately the auger doesn’t work so I can not use it. Did all the troubleshooting in the book, and vacuumed the pellets out to make sure the auger wasn’t jammed. It is free but has never moved even after 3 hours of trying different things. Loaded pellets and vacuumed them out twice, still does not try to feed pellets. Called customer service and had to leave a message, doubt that I will hear back from them and will wind up hauling it back to the store I bought it from.

  2. Frank Lewis Phelps

    I like my Cuisinart very much except for one thing…. I noticed when I got it as I was putting it together the instructions saying not to let the pellets set in the Auger Tube for very long or they would Draw moisture, swell up, and cause the auger not to function properly, so I kept an eye on the hopper full of pellets to see the kept dry. The other night I thought I would smoke a brisket and fired up the smoker only to find the auger tube was clogged up and I couldn’t get it to ignite, and I could find no help in the manual to get it unclogged. This is definitely a design flaw. It took me several hours of poking and prodding and vacuuming to free up the auger and get my brisket cooking. There should be an easier way to clean out the auger tube. Other wise I like my Cuisinart.

  3. Robert Gillespie

    I bought mine 6 months ago used the pellet grill twice put it away for winter in garage after cleaning it brought it out this Memorial Day weekend went to sue it got erp error code did everything Manuel said nothing waited till after holiday weekend called got answering machine 3 days in a row now calling a couple times Aday at all different times. I can’t take it back to store for a refund.
    I can’t believe that no one can answer the phone so i stuck with something I can’t use or get answers from the company to repair. Now when i go to their website it will cost me to get answers to fix it .

  4. I fired up my pellet side for the first time yesterday (it’s a month old). I set the temp at 200 and it kept climbing to over 400. I’m awaiting a response from Cuisinart and I hope I didn’t make a mistake passing on the pit boss for this one.

  5. I’ve had this combo unit just under a year. It does NOT work well. The smoker has a known defect admitted by Cuisinart rep. which beeps low pellets all the time. They admitted its a known issue.
    The rep asked to upload videos, photos etc. Don’t respond to emails. Make it so onerous and unreasonable for a known defect.

    Then after a few months. The smokers does not heat up consistently. The rep wanted a video via email. That’s impossible because the file becomes too large to send. Asked her for a Zoom session to demonstrate. Didn’t respond.

    Due to my awful experience. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND this product. Defective and poor customer service.

  6. Agree with review. Bluetooth needs to work better, need to be able to change cook temp with app, and wish probes could be used with gas grill. Otherwise it’s been a good purchase. It holds set temp better than my traeger. Boston Butt’s, Baby Back Ribs, Cornish Hens, they all cook to perfection.

  7. I love the concept but it has been very unreliable. Be sure to always keep it covered when not in use. I bought mine in March of 2020 and I think I have had all the problems listed above: 1) can’t regulate the temperature, 2) low pellet beep won’t stop 3) auger won’t and 4) fan stopped working. So I have replaced on separate occasions 1) the circuit board, 2) the low pellet sensor and 3) the fan. Now that the auger is not working I’m trying to decided if I fix it again or just throw it out and get a different one. If you already own one, be sure to keep it covered at all times when not in use. Left over pellets and the pulp/dust from pellets soak up moisture and turn into cement jamming the auger. I empty the hopper after every use and run it to burn up the remaining pellets and pulp/dust. It seems the electrical problems above all came after it was left uncovered and it got rained on. Yes, I know it says to never leave it uncovered in the manual, but I’m not perfect and it’s an outdoor grill for gosh sakes.

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