Ariens Zero Turn Mower Problems: Should You Still Have It?

Ariens is a well-known brand for mowers. Plenty of reasons to have one of those. But still, you will come across certain Ariens zero turn mower problems.

If you are considering buying an Ariens mower, then you can check out these problems. I have shared some reasons to trust the brand for a top-notch zero-turn mower too.

In this article, I will take you through some of the most issues. So, let’s get started right away. 

Common Problems of Ariens Zero Turn Mowers

ariens zero turn mower problems
Ariens Apex 52″

Here is a list of those problems:

  • Steering Problems
  • Problematic decks
  • Maneuverability Issue
  • Not Comfortable To Ride
  • Difficult to control.

The problems I am about to talk about are not unique to Ariens. The severity may be different, but such issues are common to other mower brands too.

Likewise, even with the quality and heritage Ariens have, they still come with some flaws. These flaws restrict them from going on the top of the list for the best zero-turn mower.

  • Major Steering Problems

In reality there the steering on zero-turn mowers should be the best thing. However, in some Ariens zero-turn mowers, it’s quite hard to steer on bumpy surfaces.

Going through uneven terrains feels like a nightmare with them. Also, on mushy grounds, you will find the wheel slipping now and then.

This is a major issue with Ariens zero-turn mowers, and it’s not something negligible.

  • Many come with problematic decks.

The decks of Ariens zero-turn mowers are troublesome. Sometimes they have issues with the sizes, and sometimes there are issues with the placement. For a brand like Ariens, this is a petty issue to have in their line of products.

As you can see, these are the issues with Ariens zero-turn mowers. However, they are still a better choice than riding mowers in terms of comfortability and maneuverability.

They don’t stand on top when it comes to competing with other zero-turn mowers you can find. 

  • They Aren’t Comfortable

Through a lot of research, I found that people complain a lot about the comfort of this mower. The first issue with comfort is the higher gravity center.

With the higher gravity center, you have placed yourself in a peculiar position. This causes you to sit with discomfort.

In some of the stand-behind versions of Ariens mower, it gets worse. Because on those you have to stand on the back. From that position, you might have fatigue after a while. 

  • Mowers Can Be Unsafe At Times

The seat of most Ariens mowers is placed in a very unsafe position. Most of the time, it’s over the rear wheels of the mower.

So, when you are changing terrains, you must be careful. Otherwise, you may either damage the mower or hurt yourself in the process.

  • It’s Not Easy To Use At The Beginning.

If you are a beginner or your first mower, then it can be a bit difficult for you because Ariens mowers aren’t that easy to use.

First of all, the controlling parts of this mower are placed in very tight places. And with the seat in the back part of the mower, it can be tough to reach the controls. 

So, this is an issue Ariens should work on. Because without the ease of usage, mowers can be very daunting to use. 

  • Hard To Control

This might come as a shocker to many people out there. But there are issues of maneuverability with many Ariens mowers.

Why am I saying that?

The reason is quick responsiveness with extra speed. Well, surely for an experienced user this can be a great option because of this reason.

But when it’s coming to an inexperienced driver, things can get out of hand.

That mostly happens because of the hydrostatic technology they use on the wheels. Even the slightest touch in the controls makes the mowers react to it.

This is mostly for the models where you have to seat to sit on. 

On the stand behind models, there is another crucial drawback. As the deck of the mower is just a foot above the ground, you can have difficulties going through the low-lying branches of trees.

In short, moving around with the mower can be difficult for you. 

  • Ariens Mowers Come With A Lot Of Expense.

First of all, the initial cost of buying an Ariens can go somewhere around $3000 to $10000. And this is just for the mower. You will need fuel and maintenance costs on top of that.

You will have to at least consider 3 gallons of gas for every time you mow on the gas-powered ones. Now, depending on the price of gasoline, you can estimate how costly it can get. 

This will provoke many people to go for the electric mowers. But you will still need to have a lead-acid battery to keep using the mower.

Most batteries can serve up to 200 charges. And you have to replace them once they run out. So that comes with some extra costs as well. 

Are AriensZero Turn Mowers Worth It? 

Ariens Apex 52 INches Mower

Now the question is, are Ariens riding mowers worth it? This question is a bit difficult to answer. It comes down to your want from a mower.

Unlike Ariens riding mower transmission problems, these aren’t the problems that you can solve yourself. It has to come from the company, and you have to consider that. 

But if we ignore these problems for some moments and focus on the positives, you can see these mowers’ value. 

  • Rapid mowing action

One of the best features of Ariens zero turn mowers is the fast operation. You can clear up mowing an acre of land within an hour without any worries.

This is the sole reason many that convince many people to buy this lawnmower. In the expert’s hand, this thing can be a beast on the lawn. 

  • Quality build 

These mowers come at a price, that’s for sure, but they don’t lack in performance or durability. The build quality of this one is excellent.

You won’t have to worry about damaging or breaking it anytime soon. As for the performance, it’s surely up there in the top mower category.

And that mostly comes from the high-quality parts they use in making these mowers. 

  • Compact And Space-Saving

Some of the models of Ariens mowers can be compact. They don’t take much space in your garage. So, you can save up some space for your other stuff in your garage. 

So, these are some great aspects of all the Ariens zero-turn mowers. They aren’t the worst choice at all. You can still consider Ariens as the top three for zero-turn mowers.

However, if you don’t want to get one, you can check out some other brands. 

Alternatives For Ariens

A popular choice for lawn mowers is Husqvarna. They also come in with a heritage of their own. They come with large deck sizes and comfortability for the user.

Also, the quality is as good as the Ariens. You can check out the different models they offer. 

Another option for you would be Troy-Bilt. Some of their models come at an affordable price with good performance. You can look up these mowers as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Ariens mowers made in USA?

Yes, Ariens mowers are made in the U.S.A. They have a manufacturing plant at Brillion, Wisconsin.

Do Ariens make commercial mowers?

If you need a commercial mower from the Ariens, you can get the Ariens EDGE made of welded steel frame.

Which is better Ariens or Cub Cadet?

Both the brands have good and bad features. But according to many homeowners, Ariens is better than Cub Cadet. But if you need a good but cheap mower, Cub Cadet would be a good choice.

Are Ariens zero turn mowers any good?

Yes, it’s a good brand for its superior power and capacity of mowing good on high hills.

Final Words

To sum up, there are some Ariens zero turn mower problems that remain from the manufacturers. If they can eliminate these problems, they can easily obtain the top position for the best zero-turn mowers.

Because they already have quality and performance packed up in all of their lawnmowers. And to be honest, they are still one of the best choices you can pick for your lawn. 

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  1. Ikon xd 52 keeps throwing deck belt only 44 hours on mower checked spindles and Tensioner Spring pulleys look level and no rough spots on them I even replaced the deck belt

  2. I too have been having ignition troubles. Key will or won’t turn, then found out I was given wrong Key. Now I have right key and it has started only twice. I take some comfort knowing I’m not the only one.
    Now off to change switch.

  3. I have trouble with the rear wheel seals leaking ,what do I do to keep that from not happening I have had them replaced several times

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