How To Waterproof A Window In A Shower Effectively?

It’s a good thing to have a window in your shower. It greatly helps in ventilation and keeping the shower brighter than usual.

But one issue that you may encounter with a window in a shower is the water dripping on the window. Eventually, it will damage your windows.

That’s why it’s critical to know how to waterproof a window in a shower. And you will learn exactly how to do that in 4 methods!

4 Methods To Waterproof Your Window In The Shower

how to waterproof a window in a shower

There are several ways you can waterproof your window in the shower. Some of them are easy and require few tools and some of them are a bit complicated. Go for the one that works for you the best.

Method 1: Using Waterproof Window Curtains

Let’s get something clear here; when you opt for this option, you have to give up on the idea of looks.

Because in this method you will be using waterproof curtains for your window to protect them. And these types of curtains typically don’t have very appealing looks.

Having said that, this method is a very much cost-effective solution to this problem. You can even make a waterproof window curtain out of plastic if you try things out.

The solution is pretty simple, and here’s how you do it.

You can either buy or make a window curtain of plastic. Then instead of hanging your regular curtains, you will have to hang the plastic curtains on your window, and that’s it.

It should protect your windows from all sorts of water damage.

However, if you don’t have a place to hang curtains, you can use a rod and place it on the grout lines of your tile wall.

If your tile walls don’t have grout lines, you will have to opt for drilling holes and creating a place to hang your curtains.

Now, one simple issue with this method is the lack of privacy. Most of the time, a plastic curtain will be transparent.

While this helps you get the scenery from the outside, it also takes away your privacy in the shower.

Method 2: Using Waterproof Shutters For Shower Window Rotting

waterproof shutters for shower window

Instead of covering up the showers, you can also try covering up your windows with blinds. There are many types of window blinds that protect water.

For this particular purpose, I suggest using vinyl window blinds to provide the best water protection.

Also, you have to worry less about maintenance with vinyl blinds, and that’s always a plus to have.

When you opt for a vinyl blind, you will always have to go for the size that can cover up the whole window. Otherwise, there is no point in using a blind.

Now, there are two ways you can install waterproof blinds for your windows. You can either use the grout lines on the tiles and make sure it’s stable.

Or you can go for a permanent solution and drill some holes on the wall.

Method 3: Using Glass Blocks Instead Of More Wood Windows

using glass blocks to waterproof shower window

For the most premium and stylish look in your shower, this is the best method to follow. It will completely change how your shower looks and give you that premium feel.

And you won’t have to worry about water damage as there will be nothing to damage there in the first place.

While this is good-looking and premium, it’s also the costliest solution. So, keep that in mind before you opt for it. Also, the process requires professional handling; you can do that yourself.

You can find many online stores providing you with glass blocks. And for the installation method, you will need to fill the window spaces with glass mortar.

Then you have to install the glass blocks in places of the windows.

Now, if you want privacy added to the mix, you can opt for vinyl blinds to complete the look and get privacy simultaneously.

Well, yes, this method involves many things, but it also makes your shower look unreal, and you will love it for sure.

Well, it’s tricky to choose the best method for your needs, and you may not be sure about which one to go for. So, to help you make a decision, here are some tips that you should check out.

Method 4: Using Shower Curtains

Shower Curtains

The first and most straightforward method to secure your window in the shower is to waterproof it. With this method, you not only protect your windows, but you also get privacy in the shower.

You don’t need to cover the windows separately, which gives you better lighting in the shower.

So, to follow along with this method, all you have to do is install a metal rod around the shower. And then hang a shower curtain, and that’s about it.

These aren’t that difficult to do if you have a drill machine at home along with some nuts and bolts.

You can also opt for professional installation. That way you install the curtains is up to you. But this can be a very effective solution to the problem.

This way, you don’t have to worry about the privacy of your shower while having proper air and light coming through the window.

Now, watch this video to learn another idea on waterproofing your shower window.

Choosing The Best Solution For Your Shower

To choose the best solution for your needs, you have to go through the following considerations.

  • Shower and window size

The available space of your shower will have a huge impact on the solution you choose. Some solutions will require more space than others.

So, if you don’t have that kind of space to cope with the solution, then there is no point in even thinking about it.

Look at your shower and the window sizes. Then check out the different solutions and their requirements. For example, going for vinyl blinds will require a bit more space than using plastic curtains. And you have to get prepared for that.

  • Privacy concerns

As you already saw above, some methods are great for letting in light and air, but they meddle with your privacy.

Although, it’s not necessarily a deal-breaker since you can always cover up the area with something when you shower.

Nonetheless, it’s just not convenient to do so either. So, you have to decide and check if having no privacy puts you in a difficult position or not.

And sometimes, it’s just about choosing lighting and air or privacy of your shower.

  • Permanent or temporary

Now, this is a choice you can make based on your home condition. If you move around a lot or a temporary tenant, then a permanent solution isn’t a good idea.

On the contrary, if you are in your own house, a permanent solution can be the best way to go.

For example, you can’t opt for a glass block when living in someone else’s house as a tenant. However, for your own home, it’s such a great idea to adopt a better-looking shower.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you cover a window in a shower?

Yes, you can use shutters or shades to cover your window in the shower.

What is the best sealant for windows?

There are many but Loctite PL Window Door & Siding Polyurethane Sealant is the best being both water and weather resistant.

Why is rain coming through my window?

There may be leaks from improper flashing or you may have a improper construction.

Where can windows leak from?

When the sealant around the window gets old, windows can leak from top, bottom, or sides.

How do I know if my window is leaking?

If your windows become cloudy or if they are dripping, you can be sure of leaking windows.


In short, there are several ways on how to waterproof a window in a shower. What way you choose is up to you and your needs.

Some may cost more money than others, but they also have their merits, so every option is worth it.

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