Symptoms Of Bad Oven Temperature Sensor & How To Replace It?

So, the sensor is supposed to change according to the oven’s temperature. But it becomes defective sometimes and the oven may overheat.

That’s why it’s important to observe the symptoms of bad oven temperature sensor. That way you can take corrective measures accordingly.

In this article, I will talk about all those signs, testing the sensor, and what to do about those symptoms. Keep reading.

Bad Oven Temperature Sensor Signs

fixing bad temp sensor of a oven

The reason why is your electric oven not heating up is most likely due to a faulty temperature sensor. So, your food will be either undercooked or overcooked.

Here are some defective oven temperature sensor symptoms:

  • Undercooked Foods

Suddenly having undercooked foods is a symptom of a malfunctioning oven sensor. Maybe the sensor is working but it’s most likely giving you inaccurate temp reading.

Your foods used to be perfectly roasted every time and suddenly having almost raw food indicates faulty sensor of the oven among other reasons.

A malfunctioning temp sensor will give you the wrong reading of the required cooking time. It will show you the temp as correct but the oven is working otherwise. Hence, the undercooked foods.

So, undercooked food is a sign you should take into your account.

  • It’s Overheating!

When the sensor is defective, overheating will be more frequent. You set the temperature at 300-degrees F. but the heat quickly reaches 450-degrees F.

So, a serious problem like overheating is a surefire symptom of a bad sensor.

And the first thing you should do to deal with the overheating is to shut the oven off quickly before it leads to a more serious problem.

You can run a simple test to figure out whether the sensor is misreading the heat or not. Install a separate temperature gauge in the oven and set a low temperature on your oven (say, 250-degree F.).

Now, watch the independent gauge. If the independent temperature gauge is reading a lot higher than the oven sensor, you need to replace the oven sensor quickly.

Just keep in mind that your oven might be overheating due to other reasons like faulty selector switches or problematic heating elements.

Also, if the knobs and bulbs become faulty, you may face the same problem. Food residues can be another overlooked reason.

The heating sensor can be covered with grime and in that case, it can’t maintain the proper temperature. Besides if the fan works at an incorrect speed, the oven may overheat quickly.

  • Longer Cooking Time

The opposite of overheating is another sign of a bad sensor. You have noticed it already like the many where the oven is taking longer than usual time to cook your meal.

You know how long it should take to make a cake or cook a chicken. But when the oven is taking longer than the standard time, the temperature sensor of the oven may be defective!

The sensor is connected to the oven’s thermostat. The job of the sensor is to sense the inside temp of the oven as the element heats. It sends a signal to the oven to turn off the element as soon as the oven reaches a preselected temperature.

So, it will take a longer time to cook your favorite dish if the oven has difficulty t reach your preselected temperature.

A defective sensor may also work intermittently because it’s not working consistently. You should replace the sensor if your oven is taking significantly longer times (more than 10+ minutes).

  • Uneven Cooking

We all have faced this issue. Probably, you too where part of the food is overcooked while part is still raw. It means your oven is delivering uneven cooking.

This simply indicates that the oven’s internal temperature is not matching the temp dial setting.

We face this problem when there are wear and tear of the oven’s thermistor. Replacing the sensor should fix the problem.

You can use an ohmmeter to test whether the sensor is working properly or not. If not, replace it with the help of a professional technician.

Testing The Oven Sensor

symptoms of bad oven temperature sensor

All of the above signs indicate a bad oven temperature sensor. If the sensor touches the interior wall of the oven, it won’t work because it’s affecting the accurate measurement.

When it works fine, the sensor resistance should rise with the temperature. The sensor may stop working properly due to so many reasons. But most likely it wears out over time naturally.

You can be 100% sure whether your oven has a faulty sensor or not by testing it with an ohmmeter. Here is how to test the sensor with the ohmmeter:

I learned this trick while dealing with my GE oven temperature sensor problems and now you know it! The test will work on any electric oven irrespective of the brands.

How Do I Fix My Oven Temperature Sensor?

There should be specific instructions in the manual and you should stick to that instruction. However, if you have done these kinds of stuff before and you are confident, follow these steps carefully:

  1. Disconnect power to the oven. In fact, shut off all the electricity to the oven. These is the most vital steps!
  2. Unscrew the mounting screws and remove the oven racks.
  3. Now, access the wire connecting the oven and pull the sensor probe forward into the interior of your oven.
  4. Disconnect the oven’s wire harness and install the new temp sensor probe. If you are wondering where to buy an oven temperature sensor, check your local store or any renowned online store.
  5. Restore the electricity and test your oven.

A Footnote on Oven Sensor Repairing

Of course, you can fix lots of problems when your oven is not working or heating up yourself. It’s good to be handy about such stuff.

Just make sure to disconnect the power before you attempt to fix your oven or any electrical equipment. If it’s gas-powered, disconnect the gas supply.

Now, refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer of your oven. That manual should explain this situation and what you should do. Follow those instructions.

If you lost the manual, go to the website of the manufacturer and get a copy online.

But for some people, figuring out why the electrical oven is not heating up may be too technical. It will be even harder to replace the sensor themselves.

A bad sensor is not the only reason why your oven may not heat up. It could be due to the igniter of the oven, broil elements, etc.

Whenever things get too technical, it’s always good to hire an appliance technician. Without the qualified tech, you may even damage the oven further—let alone fix the problems yourself.

Getting help from an expert is always a good idea to keep your appliance working and to keep yourself safe. So, how much does it cost to replace an oven temperature sensor?

Well, it should be within the $100 to $250. But you can reduce this cost if you hire an expert online. You can check the rating online and send your troubled oven to them through the mail.

Once finished, they will send it back. You will be saving precious time, labor, and trip cost. Believe it or not, for most households, online service is way better than a physical service call.

Final Thoughts

When the oven sensor is faulty, you keep asking yourself why is my oven not getting up to temperature, right? Well, you just learned all the reasons.

Just replace the malfunctioning temperature with a new one. You will start loving your oven again.

Happy cooking!

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