Stihl MS 271 Problems And Complaints With Possible Solutions

Stihl MS pro saw was recently introduced in the market as an upgrade because of some Stihl MS 271 problems.

It boosts in a more efficient engine whose runtime is 20% more than its previous version.  

Nonetheless, there have been many concerns about this tool, mostly on its engine and the chain. Well, we will look in detail at those issues and, even better, give solutions where possible.

Stay with me for a while.

Common Problems of Stihl MS 271 Chainsaw

Stihl MS 271 problems

Here is a list of its common complaints:

  • Chainsaw won’t start.
  • Chainsaw tension failure
  • Fast dulling chain
  • Chainsaw runs rough.
  • Brake fails.

Having gone through the construction design of this saw, you are now in a better position to understand its problems.

Also, it will be easier for you to resolve them. Let’s now go through their problems and offer some solutions to them.

  • Chain Tensioning Failure

Chains of a saw are constructed to have a specific tension to penetrate through the wood. However, chain saws are likely to lose their tension after some time.

Although this powerful saw has a self-chain tensioner mechanism, you will sometimes have to adjust the chain to correct the tensioning manually and get the chain direction of the chainsaw right.

How do you do that?

Carefully pull the chain away from the bar until you feel it is tight enough. If you can’t attain the right tensioning, you likely need to replace the tensioning screws.

  • The Chain Saw Won’t Start.

If your chainsaw is not starting, the engine is not supplying any power, meaning it is faulty or the switch is in the wrong position. So first, check and ensure that the switch is in the correct position.

Next, check the fuel and ensure that it is enough to power the machine. Another thing, while adding the fuel, another thing ensures that it contains oil and gas in their correct ratios.

Yet, your Stihl saw won’t start if the plugs are damaged or else coated with soot. Plugs cannot be repaired, so you will have to replace them.

  • The Chainsaw Is Running Roughly

Chainsaws are meant to run smoothly to maintain precision. Specifically, accuracy is critical in Stihl saw if you will be using it on woods with a large diameter.

A Stihl saw would run roughly if the fuel flow is not consistent due to air in the fuel tank. That is why you should always drain out the fuel before storing the machine.

If the saw cuts roughly, drain the fuel and add the gas and oil mixture in their correct ratios.

  • The Chain Dulling Fast

Typically, saw chains are approximated to rust after several years of use. However, in this case, most of the users have complained that its chain is dulling quite fast.

The good thing is that it is super easy to sharpen the Stihl saw chain. You only require a depth gauge, and you can sharpen it all by yourself.

Also, avoid applying excessive pressure while filing to prevent the edges from becoming too thin.

  • Leaking Gas

The Stihl saw will leak if the fuel lines or the carburetor are faulty.

The faulty fuel lines can be replaced in the same order of configuration as the old fuel lines.

Also, you can repair or replace the carburetor if it is faulty. However, you might require some expertise to replace it.

Similarly, if the gas is leaking from the fuel tank cap, you should replace it if it is damaged or place it tightly.

  • The Chainsaw Is Not Cutting

Chainsaw uses the chain to cut the woods. Thus if your chainsaw is not cutting and the engine is running perfectly, then the problem is the chain.

If the chainsaw is producing powder rather than chips of the tree, that means it is too dull to penetrate the wood. The issue is pretty similar to the Husqvarna chainsaw problem.

Consequently, it would help if you sharpened its chain.

Also, avoid hitting stones if you want the sharpness of the chain to last longer.

  • The Brake Failed

This machine has a brake system connected to the chain. It is essential to ensure that the brake system is in good condition to promise its safety.

Stihl MS 271 brake will fail to turn if the spring that holds the brake system is not working. Unfortunately, you will need to hire an expert to help you correct that.

  • The Chain Does Not Oil

The oil is supposed to move from the guide bar and move around the chain to grease it. A blockage on the passage tubes will prevent the oil from flowing to the chain.

It could be a result of wood shavings blocking the tubes. That is why it is always important to store your machine clean.

Stihl MS Construction Design

design of Stihl MS 271 chainsaw

To help you understand the origin of the problems of this fantastic tool, let’s first look at its design.

First, this tool has a two-stroke engine that incorporates the 2-MIX technology. As a result, its engine saves up to 20% of the fuel compared to the previous model with increased runtime.

Next, it has a side-mounted tensioning. This design makes it relatively easy to tension the chain. Moreover, its air filter is the best to keep away air from getting into the fuel.

Air in a saw system hinders the consistent flow of oil, which impedes the chain from oiling well.

Apart from that, its fuel tubes, spark plugs, screws, and bolts are all made of high-strength materials. In other words, its construction does not compromise durability.

Lastly, this saw has an anti-vibration system. Its buffer zones have a unique design that minimizes the transfer of vibrations to the handles. Consequently, it significantly reduces fatigue on the user.

How To Prevent Stihl MS 271 Chainsaw Problems?

With all that said and done, the best thing to do is learn how to prevent some of the common problems in Stihl MS saw.

That will allow you to enjoy its gigantic cutting power for a longer time. Some of the things you can observe to prevent these problems are:

  • Store your chainsaw clean. Cleaning the chainsaw removes any possible clogging on the fuel tubes
  • Clean and replace spark plugs- You don’t have to wait until the saw is not functioning. It will help you if you regularly check on its system and replace spark plugs if you notice any form of inconsistent working
  • Regularly drain out the fuel- the fuel flow is altered with the presence of air. Thus, you should periodically drain the fuel to avoid the presence of air.
  • Fill in the gas and oil mixture in their correct ratios. That will help you achieve the needed density for a consistent flow of fuel.
  • When refueling the tank, the filler caps should be quite tight and replace as soon as they are cracked.
  • Always keep the air filter system free from dust, dirt, or debris
  • Before you use the chainsaw, ensure all the screws, bolts, and nuts are tight.

Looking at the consistently high performance of the  Stihl Ms271 saw, most people agree that this tool has revolutionized the woodcutting industry.

It cuts the deepest diameters and has an anti-vibration system which lessens user fatigue.

Nonetheless, this tool comes with its challenges too. The Stihl MS 271 problems can make you detest this tool if you are not aware of solving them.

Fortunately, we have highlighted some of these problems and also given a solution to them.

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  1. Your bar is locked up on the tip. Remove chain from bar. And work in some bar oil on the tip of your bar where the teeth rotate on the tip. You’ll need to work in the oil, manually, once lubed real well and spinning freely you can resume operation of saw.

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