Starting a Vegetable Garden from Scratch

There are very many things to do with any extra space in your backyard or another area that is not in use. One of the reasons people consider to turn their spaces into garden spaces is because of the unpredictability of market vegetables which are either expensive or contaminated. They cannot be trusted.

Therefore, one of the things you can do with your space is to convert into a vegetable garden. However, making a vegetable garden is not as easy as you would think. It is a task that needs a lot of dedication, effort, and knowledge. Furthermore, the impact of creating a garden is substantial and worth the effort.

No need to worry because in this article, we are going to explain to you in detail what is involved in making a vegetable garden from scratch and you will only add a little effort.

Reasons for making a vegetable garden


If you are not convinced on the reasons you should make a vegetable e garden, here are some reasons on why you should consider making one and its benefits.

You understand precisely what you are eating

When you commit to farming your vegetables, it is up to you to care for them. This means you are the one to decide whether to farm organically or conventionally and if you do it conventionally, you know the additives you place in the plants.

Furthermore, you can choose to spray the right chemicals to prevent from consuming any harmful chemicals. Unlike buying food from the grocery or market where you do not know where the food came from, and if it is safe, here you have all the choice in your hands.

Growing your food is cost effective

Taking a trip on the journey in itself is spending the time you would use to do other important things. Time is money. Furthermore, the prices of vegetables in groceries are rising steadily leaving you with little or no option to avoid other vital vegetables, while the amount of vegetables remains the same.

When the weather does not favor the growth of the plants, and the production dwindles, the prices spike up to almost double.

Gardening improves your overall Health

Not only does gardening have the benefit of being safe from chemicals but also it gives you the opportunity off exercising thereby relieving emotions and burning calories. Your mental, emotional and physical functions are well catered for by these activities.

Connection with Family and friends

Gardening gives the opportunity and bonding. You can do it as a way to unite with your family and to work in cohesion with one another. You can share knowledge, challenge each other, and tell stories while you are working in the garden. Gardening is also a way to teach your children about the importance of responsibility.

How to make your vegetable garden from scratch

The process is not laborious, but it is not for everyone. It needs someone with a passion for creating and exploring, and also someone with the will to work harder as a garden requires great responsibility.

Step 1: Selecting the Most Ideal Location for your Garden

Ensuring you set up your first garden in the right location because when you set up the garden, it will be somewhat permanent to some point and changing the situation is quite tasking. The benefit of doing this is so that you can decide whether to plant vegetables alone or they will match-up with herbs.

Consider the sun

Some or rather most of the vegetables need sunlight for most of the day to conduct photosynthesis. Therefore, it is essential to find the location that will provide the most extended amount of sunlight during the daytime.

If you are planting indoors, you should consider using mirrors to allow light and white walls to reflect the light to the maximum. Trees and roofs are the biggest obstacles to plant light, and you need to avoid such locations.

NOTE: The point with the most sun time is probably the driest, and it is, therefore, vital to place enough measures for watering and mulching your plants.

Consider the Rain

Avoid locating your garden under gutters because when it rains, it is terrible for the plants because they do not work well with excess water. The plants will need the rain because they cannot grow without it.

Therefore, you need to know how to water the plants and if the water sources can provide the water required for such watering. The garden should be on an even surface to avoid water stagnation which may lead to rotting the vegetables.

Consider the wind

Strong wings are bad for the vegetables and may cause uprooting. On the other side, if your plants need open pollination, then it could be better to work with a location that allows a limited speed of the wind.

Step 2: Gardening on Raised Beds or Planting Directly in Containers

This is the technical part of the process where you have to use some science to decide whether your plants need a bed, container or normal planting.

Plants like cabbage cannot work well n containers, and it would be economical to do so while tomatoes work well in containers, beds or directly on the ground level. One thing to note is the importance of using containers and raised beds in controlling the growth of the plants.

When planting directly to the soil, you have to check on the history of fungal infections of the garden and the fertility along with the size of the garden space.

For raised beds, you need to make edges of the bed with wood and the sol you fill in space should be fertile and fungal free. The height of the bed should be one you are comfortable.

On containers, you need to make sure they are flexible and can be carried from place to place. You can also plant more than one plant in the containers.

Step 3: Plant what you want

Vegetable Seedlings

The priority of the plant your garden should be based on your preference. It is important to plant a vegetable you are fond of eating before considering other option.

Follow instructions on how to grow the individual plant because not all plants follow the same procedure of planting. Also, consider the environmental requirements.

Finishing Up Your Vegetable Garden

With all the knowledge provided above, you will find it easier to make a garden from scratch without the need of consulting a gardening company.

When you have your grown vegetables and spices at home, you will have the satisfaction of eating the food you want at the time you want without having to pay a dime for it.

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