Roundup Super Concentrate Vs. Concentrate Plus For Grass And Weed

Are you confused about how to choose between roundup super concentrate vs. concentrate plus as they’re both well-equipped with almost the same kind of features?

Read on further in this post to find out which one is for you to control your weed problem.

Even though they are used for the same purpose, there are still several differences among them that you may find useful.

Here, you’ll also understand which one is the front runner among the two. So let’s compare and understand the difference.

Concentrate Plus Vs. Super Concentrate: A Quick Comparison

roundup concentrate plus vs super concentrate

Roundup super concentrate is used best for widespread weed problems.

It is absorbed by the leaves till the roots.

Roundup concentrate plus also kills the toughest weed right from the roots.

It is sprayed by a tank sprayer.

Both the products, i.e., Super Concentrate vs. Concentrate Plus, are great and reliable in their ways, but both have significant features that are different in between them.

Here, we’re going to draw comparisons between both the products based on their usage areas and performance, specifically visible result time, rain proofing ability, weed killing ability, weed prevention timing, and the area where they are used.

Based On Usage Area

AreaRoundup Super ConcentrateRoundup Concentrate Plus
Driveways. Patiosyesyes
Vegetable gardenyesNo
Poison ivy, woody brushnoNo
Fenceline & FoundationyesYes
Lawn renovationyesyes

Apart from poison ivy, woody brush & vegetable garden, both of them can be used for all the common areas.

The difference lies in the vegetation process and how the formula would affect it. You should read the label and the ingredients that are in there before you buy the product.

SpecificationRoundup Super ConcentrateRoundup Concentrate Plus
Rainproof30 minutes30 minutes
Visible results24-48hrs12hrs
Weed killing abilityyesYes
Weed prevention time2-4 days1-3 days

There are minute differences in both of them, but you need to check up close which one suits your garden or whatever kind of establishment you are trying to maintain the weeds away from.

Differences Between Roundup Super Concentrate Vs. Roundup Concentrate Plus

Now that we have a basic Roundup Super Concentrate reviews and we’re familiar with its usage and performance, let’s get down to learning about what exactly these differences are.

First, we’ll understand the comparison based on usage area:

  • Driveways. Patios: Both the products can be used on driveways and patios.
  • Vegetable garden: Only roundup super concentrate can be used here. Concentrate plus would not work here.
  • Flowerbeds: Both the products can be used in flowerbeds easily.
  • Poison ivy, woody brush: Only super concentrate can be used on poison ivy or a woody brush.
  • Fenceline & Foundation: Both super concentrate and concentrate plus can be used on the fence line and the foundation.
  • Lawn renovation: Both the products can be used for the renovation of the lawn to protect it from weeds.

Now, let’s see how roundup super concentrate is different from roundup concentrate plus based on their performance.

  • Rainproof

Both the super concentrate formula, as well as the concentrate plus formula get rainproof in 30 minutes.

It means that the grass gets waterproof in 30 minutes and works on the weed in case of any sudden rain showers. Therefore, they hold the same rainproofing ability.

  • Visible Results

You can see the visible results of the roundup super concentrate in 24-48 hours, i.e., 1-2 days; therefore, it needs to be monitored.

Whereas roundup concentrate plus can get results in just 12 hours. Therefore, concentrate plus is quicker than super concentrate in yielding results.

  • Weed killing ability: Both the products can kill weeds guaranteed. 
  • Weed prevention time: After the formula is used, the concentrate plus formula can keep the weeds away for 1-3 days, whereas the super concentrate formula can prevent the growth of weeds for 2-4 days. Therefore, the super concentrate formula can keep the weeds away for a longer period.

To Summarize The Key Differences:

  • Super concentrate keeps the weeds away longer than concentrate plus.
  • Concentrate plus formula works quicker, i.e., in 12 hours than super concentrate.
  • Concentrate plus is used by a tank sprayer as it is, whereas super concentrate can be used by adding some amount of water. Therefore, the super concentrate can be used for a longer period than concentrate plus.

Similarities Between Roundup Super Concentrate And Concentrate Plus

While there are differences, there are also some commonalities that need to be noted before buying from the two weeds killers.

Rainproof:  Both can keep the grass rainproof in 30 minutes.

Weed killing ability: Both are guaranteed to kill weeds effectively.

We can also see similarities in their usage areas, such as both can be used in:

  • Driveways, Patios
  • Flowerbeds, 
  • Lawn renovation and 
  • Fenceline & Foundation.

Which Formula Stands Out The Most?

We saw that both the products had some differences as well as some similarities but which one stands out the most than the other.

Well, I would personally choose super concentrate as a better option than concentrate plus as it keeps the weeds away longer than the other.

Also, it is easier to use as concentrate plus is used as it whereas super concentrate is mixed with water. Therefore, the formula is used judiciously. To summarise,

  • Super concentrate keeps the weeds away for a longer period.
  • Easier to use, and formula can be used for a longer period.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between Roundup concentrate plus and super concentrate?

Roundup concentrate plus has 18% glyphosate whereas super concentrate has 50.2% glyphosate.

Are there different strengths of Roundup?

Yes, there are different strengths of Roundup with different levels of Glyphosate concentration.

Which Roundup concentrate is best?

If you need something powerful and you need a FAST result, with 50.2% of glyphosate, Roundup Pro Concentrate will be best for you.

How long does it take for Roundup Super Concentrate to work?

It takes 7–14 days for Roundup Super Concentrate to kill weeds and unwanted grasses. So, allow this time period before you pull or cut the weeds after spraying it.


In the comparison between Roundup Super Concentrate Vs. Concentrate Plus, it can be concluded that both of them are the best option, and you can use either of them.

They have more similarities than differences. Therefore, they both are likely to be used for the same purpose.

However, if you still feel like you don’t understand which one to choose, you can always go for the Super concentrate formula as it keeps the weeds away longer than for concentration plus.

This is a highly beneficial factor when it comes to keeping the weeds away.

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