How To Remove Roller Brush From Shark Vacuum Without Messing It Up?

Vacuums are the ultimate unflagging machine that needs no introduction. For their optimal performance, they need to be maintained properly too.

That’s easy if you know how to remove roller brush from shark vacuum, right?

Shark vacuums are complex house cleaning instruments. You will mess it up unless you have the right guide. This is where this guide comes in. Keep reading and let’s figure this out!

3 Steps To Remove Roller Brush From Shark Vacuum

remove roller brush from shark vacuum

Without further ado, let’s see how it’s all done. With our step-by-step guide, you will know exactly how to take off the roller brushes and clean them. Let’s see how to do these steps safely.

  1. Disconnect The Shark Vacuum From The Electrical Outlet

This is the first and most important safety measure that you must embark upon before you start washing the brush.

If you start taking off the roller brushes and cleaning them while having the device plugged in an electrical outlet, it will lead to severe accidents like electrical shocks.

Switching off the power isn’t enough; the outlet needs to be detached from the device. Even with the power switched off, much of the risks and hazards are still potent.

Moreover, when you unplug the device, the vacuum stays safer too. Since you’re taking out a part of the vacuum, it’s wiser for the engine to stop running.

This is why the most prominent breakage happens during cleaning processes if the brushes are still moving or if the machines are running.

  1. Locate The Roller Brush

Now, the tricky part here is that each of the model’s locations of the roller brush might differ insignificantly. However, generally, it should be placed right at the bottom of the Shark vacuum.

Suppose you have a hard time finding the parts; an intelligent way of starting the process is by laying down the machine. In this way, you can maneuver the screws and bolts better too.

If the bottom section of the vacuum is exposed in such a manner, you can get easier access while unscrewing the screws.

Notice if the screws have associated rust or corrosion over time. In severe cases, you might have to scrape off those rusty bits before unscrewing these parts.

Use your trustee screwdriver to remove the screws. The standard number of screws on the bottom plate is around four. However, that can easily change based on the kind of model you have.

Keep all the screws in a secured place, as you’ll need them when you have cleaned the roller brushes.

  1. Disengage The Roller Brush

The roller brush compartment must be enclosed in a safe faceplate or plastic cover. Once you’re done unhinging the screws, you need to unhook this faceplate to reveal the roller brush.

By now, you must’ve already located the brush. Pop it out and get it cleaned. One end of the roller brush will slide out smoothly, but you will have to tug on the other end of the brush to unhitch it from the belt.

In retrospect, sometimes users face a hard time with the other side of the brush, secured with the belt. This is a common issue that could arise as the belts get stuck to the device’s chambers.

If you come across such misfortune, simply turn the roller brush counter-clockwise until it slides out.

At this point, you must not vigorously twist or rotate the tires as it may lead to even more issues.

Keep in mind the initial state that the roller brush was set in. This will let you reassemble the roller brush back to its original position without hassle.

You can also refer to the instructions manual that Shark vacuums come with to fit them around neatly.

Now that you have successfully freed the roller brush go ahead and clean off those filthy gunks. Eww!

Removing Roller Brush From Shark Powered Lift Away Vacuum?

remove roller brush from Shark powered lift away vacuum

As we’ve clarified before, each of the Shark vacuum models has slightly diverse systems of removing the roller brush.

As each of these functions conversely, the roller brushes placement and the rate of difficulty to remove them differs too.

Users often love to utilize the Shark Lift-Away Roller Brush to keep their house shiny and crystal clear. Therefore, you must wonder how to maneuver this model when it’s time to clean out the entire gunk from the roller brush.

We’re here to unleash these secrets too. Hold tight and skim through the steps for all the know-how!

Before we hop onto knowing more, you must know when to clean out the roller brushes.

Generally, when you face complex maneuvering the device or notice that it neglects to pick up evident dirt, you must examine the roller brush. These errors occur due to grime and dirt clogs, and obstruction.

  1. Disassemble The Shark Lift-Away Vacuum

Locate the ‘lift away’ button on top of the machine and push it down. Pull the handle afterward to release the wand from the device’s body.

Next, you must press on the ‘lift away’ button that’s located on the rod and lift the handle so that it glides off smoothly from the rest of the vacuum.

If you seem to have trouble dissembling the two sections, you can try wiggling the wand back and fro a couple of times.

Energetically handling the wand at this point will only cause further damage.

  1. Separate The Nozzle Head

Turn the head of the vacuum on its side. Look for the three gray circular taps that lock the nozzle head in place. You have to rotate these gray taps to unlock the nozzle head.

Once you get that done, you must be able to pull out the roller brush’s cage freely. Pull and pry on the cell so that it comes out neatly.

Next up, you must remove all of the thirteen screws around the head of the vacuum. Utilize any T20 screwdriver to unscrew them. Make sure that you can keep track of which screw belonged to which hole.

You will find the Torx screw at the top covered in a rubber gasket if you notice closely. Lift the gasket to reveal the screw and unscrew it.

As soon as you’re done removing all the screws, you’re free to take off the top cover. If you are in doubt, follow this guide on taking apart a vacuum cleaner.

Keep all the unhooked screws in a pot or any other enclosed place not to lose them.

  1. Discard The Plastic Cover:

At this point, you will notice that the roller brush is safely tucked inside a white plastic coverage. Employ a flathead screwdriver to undo the cage first.

On the side, you will notice a gray circular piece that the belt encircles. You have to push in this piece gently to coerce it open. Once done, pull down that compartment and straight out of the plastic container.

  1. Remove Roller Brush:

Now that all your screws have been unhinged and the cage is securely taken out, you can finally turn over the vacuum head and take out the brush.

All you’re left to do now is clean up this bad boy and get ready to play the field again.

Pro tip: Try to remember which parts go where, as you take them out in each of these steps. Hence, once you’re done cleaning, it will take no time to coordinate them back together.

Now, watch this video to take your skill to the next level.

Why Should You Remove The Roller Brush?

Not only will these supersonic devices keep your house squeaky fresh, but let’s get real – it takes plenty of hard work and stress off homemakers too.

However, these relentless cleaning workhorses often need to be cleaned for consistent performance and maintenance.

Most of the focus goes into taking off the vacuum’s parts and diligently cleaning them. But you already know how to do it, right?

The most obvious reason for removing roller brush from Shark rocket vacuums is that they will accumulate an overbearing amount of debris and dust with time.

Remember that the Shark vacuum is made with top-tier quality materials like plastic, wood, metal, etc. All these functions simultaneously deliver top-notch results of a freshly cleaned home.

On the contrary, when you see a slight change or deplete in the Shark vacuum’s performance, you must pop it open to check the roller brushes.

When the roller brush gets attached with an overpowering amount of dirt, the entire mechanics will have a downfall, hampering the vacuum’s performance.

Thus, cleaning the Shark vacuum’s roller brushes is exceptionally crucial in maintaining their efficiency.

Furthermore, as older your vacuum gets, the more it’s prone to fall under the traps of ordinary wear and tear. As time goes by, the roller brushes tend to get a little scuffed and lose their standard potential.

Whereas washing the roller brushes in most cases can work wonders, in other severe scenarios, the roller brushes may need to be replaced entirely. It all boils down to if the conditions of the roller brushes are recoverable or not.


The dust and gunk that your powerful Shark vacuum sucks up will have a lot to do with how many times it needs to be cleaned.

But, that shouldn’t be a problem for you any longer. With our tips and tricks on how to remove roller brush from Shark vacuum, you can get rid of any pet hair, dust, and grime in no time.

Just pop them out to clean, and they’re ready to suck up all the filth around your house unforgivingly!

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