Pull Out Spray Kitchen Faucet Problems: Reasons And Effective Solutions

If your kitchen faucet is a pullout, you are sure to be getting a highly versatile and flexible performance each time.

So, what happens when you start getting pull out spray kitchen faucet problems?

You will be glad to hear that for every kitchen faucet problem, we have a possible solution to the problem.

Stay tuned as we dissect the common issues and provide you with answers to the problems.

Common Pull-out Kitchen Faucet Problems & Solutions

pull out spray kitchen faucet problems

Here is a list of such problems:

  • Faucet Not Retracting Issues
  • Stucked Button
  • Spray Head Problems
  • Coming off Faucet Spout
  • Stucked Diverter

You can encounter various issues with such faucets. So, I have short-listed those in one place and provided effective solutions:

  • Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Not Retracting

This is a common pullout spray kitchen faucet problem that doesn’t always mean it is damaged. To solve this issue,

Look under the sink and find if the hose is still attached to the faucet. Most of the time, it could be that the spray hose has moved out of position.

If that is the case, reposition it to the correct place. Carrying the weight up and down will help reposition it.

You should do as said above if you find the spray hose or wright tangled on the water pipe’s valve. That could also be a reason why the faucet won’t retract.

The hose should have a small weight that is held in place by two screws. Use a screwdriver and adjust or add weight to the faucet’s hose.

If you can’t easily get a spray hose weight, you can purchase one on Amazon or your home improvement store. It usually doesn’t cost much.

  • Kitchen Faucet Spray Button Stuck

The spray button tends to get stuck when you most need the kitchen faucet to work.

Fortunately, there are ways you can troubleshoot the issue without having to call in a specialist.

  1. Below the sink, turn off the main water supply. If the faucet has shut off valves, however, you can also shut the water off there. Drain any water in the faucet by turning the faucet’s handle on.
  2. If you have a stuck spray button, a flat screwdriver will help you resolve the issue. Push down on the nozzle with your screwdriver so that it moves re freely. If it can’t move freely, add some oil, then repeat the procedure.
  3. Turn on the water supply and check whether it is okay. If it’s still stuck, then it could mean there is possibly an issue with the diverter.
  • Spray Head Problems

The Spray head might develop problems when using the kitchen faucet. The main issue, however, is usually a leaking spray head.

If your spray head starts leaking, it means it’s time to replace the faucet.

Replacing the spray head isn’t much of an issue. All you have to do is unscrew the old spray head with your screwdriver and take off the C-clip.

Attaching the new spray head is also relatively straightforward.

Replace the C clip, then attach the washer, and then use a screwdriver to screw the new spray head onto the hose’s connection. Easy enough!

At times dirt collects in the spray head, causing it to have issues dispensing water. Once Remove the spray head and clean it of any dirt with vinegar before replacing it.

You should only do that if the spray head isn’t passing water.

If the spray head has already started leaking, then there is nothing you can do, and you will have to get a new one.

  • Kitchen Faucet Spout Came Off

Of all the parts of the faucet, you will notice the spout first. The spout is what delivers water into the kitchen sink.

It is an important part since it allows the water to get to the sink uniformly without creating a mess.

So, what should you do if the kitchen faucet spout came off?

If the spout comes off, check whether it is in the right condition or whether you need to get a new spout. If it is still in good condition, you will have to reattach it to the faucet.

It is relatively easy to do that as all you have to do is firmly press it into place.

  • Kitchen Faucet Diverter Stuck Problem

The diverter is an essential component of your kitchen faucet. It is the diverter that directs the water to the hose from the spout.

That’s why you will immediately feel the effect of a faulty diverter.

The main issue with the diverter, however, seems to be in dirt clogging it up. That’s barring any damage on it. Unclogging is relatively straightforward and won’t take you that long.

How to Fix a Clogged Diverter?

Switch off the water valves, then loosen the handle’s screws with your screwdriver before removing the handle. Expose the faucet’s cam by turning the cap anticlockwise.

Remove the cam and the faucets ball assembly, then remove the spout with back-and-forth movement.

At the front of the faucet’s stem is the diverter. Remove it using needle-nose pliers. Clean the diverter using vinegar and return it to the faucet.

Replace everything else in the order you removed them and close the faucet tightly with your screwdriver.

It is imperative to ensure you clean the diverter every once in a while before the clogging necessitates its cleaning.

That is the only way you will manage any issues it might have because of dirt clogging it.

What To do When Kitchen Faucet Leaking from Sprayer Button?

kitchen faucet leaking from sprayer button

Several things would make the sprayer button leak water whenever you turn it on. That includes the loss of one or more o rings inside the sprayer head.

You will notice such faucet spray head problems as water droplets whenever you turn the faucet on.

The leaks can also be because of holes that might have developed on the hose. You will, however, notice any leakages from the hose under the sink.

You can solve this problem by tightening the connection between the hose and the sprayer head. You can also replace any defective o rings or washers in the faucet to prevent leakages.

To know where the leaks are originating from, you will need to check the spray head. You can check the spray head to see if the side nut is in the correct position or is loose. If it is loose, tighten it.

If the sprayer button still leaks, then it will be time to buy a new one. You can also decide to consult a professional before getting the replacement.

Water Handle Starts Sticking

The probable reason why the handle will stick whenever you try to use it is because of dirt or another clogging.

Solving this is relatively straightforward as it merely involves you removing it and washing it thoroughly.

Once you clean off the grime and dirt, the handle will stop sticking. That’s simple enough, isn’t it?


A faucet is any device that can deliver water from the plumbing pipes and into a waiting container or sink. There are several types, including some that can provide hot and cold water.

The faucet has the spout, lift rod, handles, mixing chamber, and water inlets. A faucet is quite an essential device in any home and can be significant either in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

That is why you should know how to fix any problems that might come up when you have one in your home.

Final Thoughts

We hope that helps you deal with some of your pull out spray kitchen faucet problems. For most of the issues, you can work on them yourself without having to call in an experienced hand.

With our guidelines, troubleshooting the problems won’t be that complicated. You can therefore use your pullout spray

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