How To Prevent Cockroaches In Bedroom?

Have you already tried the glue traps method to capture and kill them or sprinkle boric acid around your bed to prevent them?

If they are still there, you got deep trouble and you are still wondering how to prevent cockroaches in bedroom. I have some temporary (for emergency) and permanent solutions for you.

Yes, when you try it yourself, there are many ways to prevent them. You can make the deadliest cockroach repellent out of the water, peppermint oil, and salt.

But your ultimate goal should be to get rid of them forever! And trust me you can do it!

3 Steps To Prevent Cockroaches In Bedroom

Like you, I feel sick whenever I see them in my bedroom. They also pose serious health hazards as well. They are the medium to transfer germs and diseases and the least harm they can do is poisoning your food.

So, I had to come up with an emergency plan to prevent them from my bedroom. You are welcome to follow the exact steps mentioned-below I followed. After that, I talked about how to get rid of them permanently.

  1. Clean Your Bedroom: You have a cockroach infestation in your bedroom or only a few of them, you have a dirty and cluttered bedroom. Just admit it and get started to give your bedroom a clean look. Make it totally clutter-free and remove everything from your bedroom that you don’t really need in your bedroom.
  2. Seal Entry Points: They enter your bedroom using such cracks and leaks. Fix those ASAP! Leave no room for them to get inside making your windows weather-sealed.
  3. Use Insecticides: There are a number of cockroaches’ repellent you can use. Of course, they have to be pet-safe and baby-safe. You can use some of them as baits and some of them to be used as a spray.

For the best solution, you can get professional help from any exterminator. I have some recommendations for you as well. I found great results using the diatomaceous earth (DE). It’s totally pet and human-safe.

Alternatively, you can use catnip as well. Catnips have a chemical like nepetalactone which acts as a great roaches’ repellent. After you simmer a small amount in water, let it cool down and pour it in a sprayer bottle.

Whatever bait or sprayer you use, place or spray them in your closet, dressers, and under your bed.

Ways To Prevent Cockroaches FOREVER!

prevent cockroach from bedroom

Even if you notice a single one of them, it indicates an unhygienic condition of your home. And this is the ideal condition for them to breed. Once your home becomes a breeding ground for these creepy insects, they invade everywhere including your bedroom.

But don’t panicked!

Out of so many ways, I will talk about only the most effective methods. But the permanent solution to get rid of these skin-crawling insect infestations requires a little change in the way you live in your home. Here are all the techniques that you need to know!

  • No Alternative To Cleanness

That goes without saying for pretty much everything like preventing ants from your bedroom, you have to keep the kitchen and other rooms clean.

Just keeping the bedroom clean won’t prevent them. Anywhere inside your home there should not be anything that lures them inside.

Cockroaches feast on pretty much everything. From food to wood, they eat leaves too! So, not just your bedroom, they invade restaurants, neat and clean commercial spaces, and almost anywhere they find a food source.

So, the permanent solution to get rid of cockroaches is to keep every room including the bedroom clean always. That way, not just the cockroaches, you will be preventing a lot of other unwanted insects too.

This is where you should pay attention…

Maintaining complete sanitary is the secret key. Look everywhere in the kitchen first for food crumbs and give it a thorough cleaning.

Have a look at the stovetop in the kitchen. You will find some cooking spills there. Check the microwave too. Use disinfecting wipes to clean them.

Also, check all of your cupboards too. Make sure all the foods are properly packaged and sealed. No lids should be open and all the containers should be stored properly.

If you smell something when you open the cupboard, there is definitely something wrong. So, check the issue seriously.

In a nutshell, there should not be any food trail there. But this is somewhat difficult to achieve, so it requires hard work from your end.

There should not be any food traces stick to your toasters, refrigerators, any other home appliances. Sterile them pretty good to avoid unwanted invitation.

  • Get Rid of Damp & Dark Environment

Although you notice them in your bedroom, their preferred place in your home is your bathroom and kitchen. Do you wonder why? Because they are almost always dark and damp. That’s where they love to live! That’s where other pesky pests like the bed bugs live!

To live, they are dependent more on water than food. Without food, they can live up to weeks, but without water, they will die in days. So, you have to keep those places dry and make sure there is enough light.

  • Be Determined & Strong!

It should be pretty clear to you now that if there are cockroaches anywhere in your home, some of them will eventually end up in your bedroom. So, you gotta be disciplined and strong to follow some cleaning rules.

Never leave uneaten food on the table or kitchen counter. You have to be determined to store them in the refrigerator without fail. There can’t be any exception even for a single day.

Never let the dishes pile up in the sink. The dishwashing schedule always has to be maintained and followed. Never have snacks in your bedroom and don’t allow your partner to have snacks there too.

It may sound a little bit crude, but that’s something that you need to be to solve the problem.

Just like your bedroom floor, mop cleans the kitchen floor to get rid of food residue. The mop or vacuum cleaning should be a routine task and you have to ensure the routine always.

Cockroaches can smell the food from a very remote distance. They can smell food from the trash can always. So, make sure the lids are on there and leave no room for them to invade your home. When they are full, empty them promptly!

Summing Up

You can get rid of cockroaches from your bedroom with the help of an exterminator easily, but they will come back after a while if you don’t take preventive measures. For the long game, taking preventive measures is something I always prefer.

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