No Water Coming Out Of Hot Water Side Of Faucet: Reasons & Fixes

Hot water is very important in our day-to-day lives. Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where no water coming out of hot water side of faucet.

Not having hot water results in a lot of inconveniences. A lot of the daily household tasks become impossible to be done without it.

You may think that you need a plumber to fix it. Luckily, solving this problem is easier than you think.

We’ll be discussing how to fix this problem by yourself in this article.

Why Hot Water Is Not Coming Out of Faucet?

no water coming out of hot water side of faucet

Let’s imagine, you need to take a bath but there’s no hot water in the house. Now that’s a problem!

The first step in solving any problem is to figure out what is causing it. The problem could vary according to the type of boiler you use or the type of water system installation you have.

Some of the common reasons are listed below:

  • Turned off Water Valve

One of the easiest ways in which the hot water gets blocked is when someone turns off the water valve. The water valve controls the flow of water.

If the water valve is turned off, then hot water will not come out of the faucet.

  • No Power Connection

The gas boiler or electric boiler in your house may be disconnected from the power supply. The gas boiler or electric boiler may also be switched off by someone.

  • Wrong Thermostat Setting

If you find no hot water coming out of kitchen faucet, but only cold water, then your thermostat is probably set to the wrong setting, which could result in water coming out of the faucet at a low temperature.

  • Suspended Water Supply

It is also possible that your water supply has been suspended for some reason. It could be due to plumbing work nearby or it could simply be a mistake.

  • Wrong Timer Setting

Boilers can sometimes act up if the timer on the boiler is not working properly.

If the timer has not been set correctly, then the boiler will not heat the water.

  • Trapped Air Inside Pipe

A very common problem that results in no hot water in house is when air gets trapped inside the water pipes, which causes an airlock.

An airlock can block the hot water completely.

  • Unwitting Boiler Restart

Power cuts can cause electric boilers to restart. When the power comes back, the boiler gets reset to default settings.

This could be the cause of your problem.

  • Leaked Water Pipe

If there is a leak or blockage in your water pipes, that could be the reason why the hot water is not coming out properly.

Not cleaning the pipes for a long time can cause blockage.

  • Rusty Faucet

Broken or rusty faucets are very common. If your faucet has become rusty, then the rust can be the cause of water blockage.

Rust gathers around the sides and inner parts of the faucet and disrupts the normal flow of water.

  • Frozen Water Pipe

If you leave in an area that gets really cold, then it is possible that the water pipes have become frozen.

The condensate pipe is the one that gets frozen in most cases.

  • Faulty Installation

The problem may occur if your installation has not been done properly. If the water system has been installed unprofessionally, then it is possible that the hot water from the boiler is not reaching the faucet.

  • Low Water Pressure

Sometimes, because of low pressure, hot water cannot come through the faucet. Low pressure can be caused by leaks in the water pipe.

Solving The Problem of Hot Water Not Working

hot water not working - valve and pipe issue

To solve the problem of hot water not coming out of the faucet, you should first identify the cause of the problem.

Sometimes there can be two or more problems together. The solution will be dependent on the cause.

Solutions to the most common water faucet problems will be discussed in this section.

  • If The Water Valve is Turned Off

The water valve is a valve present under the basin. It is possible that someone may have accidentally turned it off.

If that is the case, rotate the water valve counter-clockwise to turn it on. It is one of the most common problems that you may face.

  • If The Water Supply is Suspended

Your water supply can be suspended due to unpaid bills, faulty plumber work, or simply a mistake by the authorities.

Check all the other taps and faucets in your home. If they are not working either, you can be sure that the supply is suspended.

You should then contact the proper authorities.

  • Specific Problems with the Boiler

There are a few different kinds of problems that may happen in the boiler, which can cause hot water problems.

Make sure that the power supply is properly connected to the boiler. The power supply can get disconnected in events such as storms or bad wiring in a nearby location.

You can try switching the boiler off and on again. Sometimes a simple restart can fix the problem easily.

There is a reset button in your boiler which you can press to reset it. You may need to follow the steps included in the manual.

If a restart didn’t do the trick, check the temperature dial in your boiler. The temperature settings may need to be reconfigured.

You could try to turn the dial to the maximum for a few minutes before lowering the temperature.

The timer is also a good thing to inspect. The timer needs to be set at specific hours. If the timer is set to midnight, then water will only be heated at that time. You won’t get hot water if the timer is wrongly set.

As mentioned before, power cuts can reset a boiler to default settings. Inspecting the settings on your boiler after a power cut is a good way to fix and prevent any further problems.

These are some specific problems that can occur to your boiler. If you find these problems, try to fix them according to our guide.

But if you are unsure about how to fix it or if you find some other problems with your boiler, contact an engineer.

  • Problems with The Pipes or The Faucet

The pipes are very commonplace to inspect in the case of water problems. Hot water not working can be caused by a leak in the pipes. You should thoroughly check for any leakage in the water pipes.

If the water pipes have not been cleaned in a long time, a blockage can occur and cause problems. If you cannot find any leaks, try to get the water pipes cleaned.

In cold areas, the condensate water pipe often gets frozen. Frozen pipes can damage the regular water flow from the boiler.

To solve this, pour hot water over the condensate pipe. Make sure the water isn’t too hot or it may damage the pipe.

The faucet itself can cause hot water blockage if it becomes rusty. The rust blocks the inner workings of the faucet and stops the water flow. If your faucet is rusty or broken, you should change the faucet.

If your boiler and water system have not been installed properly, that could cause a problem.

Make sure not to have the work done by an unprofessional plumber. Always hire a professional plumber to do your plumbing.

  • Airlock Inside the Pipes

If air gets trapped inside the water pipes, then it can stop the flow of hot water. Air is not as dense as water and so it causes blockage in the pipe. Airlock inside the pipes is very common.

To solve an airlock, you will need a hosepipe. First, attach the hosepipe to a working cold water faucet. Then attach the other end to the hot water faucet that you want to fix.

Turn on the hot water faucet. Then, turn on the cold water faucet and let the water flow. The higher water pressure of the cold water will force the air out.

This is a common way to fix an airlock inside pipes. If this method does not solve the problem, complete system draining may be required. In that case, contact an engineer.

  • Low Water Pressure in the Boiler

Your boiler works in a specific pressure, which is called 1 bar of pressure. The pressure gauge in the boiler shows which pressure it is working in.

There is an indicator in the pressure gauge that shows the installation pressure. If the current pressure is lower than the specified pressure, the boiler will not function properly.

Low hot water pressure can be caused by leaking pipes. Fixing the leaks should also fix the pressure. You can follow the manual to fix the low pressure of your boiler.

Sometimes, opening the boiler panel may be required to fix the water pressure. It may be difficult to do by yourself at home.

If you are unsure about how to do it, or if you cannot remove the boiler panel, contact an engineer or the manufacturer. Now, watch this short video for a quick fix.

Things to Keep in Mind

Before you get started, here are a few things you should keep in mind while fixing your hot water problem.

If you start changing the settings on your boiler without knowing the exact problem, you might damage the boiler further. You have to be sure of the problem first.

Sometimes, these problems are not caused by internal factors. The water supply may be suspended. There could be damage to the main water line. Contact the authority in these cases.

The power supply can also be a factor. If you have an electric boiler, check the wiring. If the wires are damaged, the boiler will not work.

It is also possible that your boiler is faulty. Irregularities such as the timer not working or the thermostat not working indicate that the boiler is damaged.

If you’re unsure about the problem, contact a plumber. If you’ve tried all the methods and still the problem is not fixed, contact the manufacturer or an engineer.

Be advised, there is no solution that will solve all types of problems. Sometimes, there may be more than one problem. So, take the necessary steps after figuring out the problem.


Hot water is a necessity to us. Some people cannot continue their daily routine without it. But if it is not available in emergency situations, it may be disastrous.

Next time you find out that no water coming out of hot water side of faucet, you won’t have to worry.

By following our guide, you will be able to easily solve this problem and carry on with your day.

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