Keurig K Cafe Frother Not Working: Reasons And Effective Troubleshooting

What is the first thing you eat/drink when you wake up in the morning? The chances are that you drink a cup of coffee.

Having a good cup of coffee can charge you up for the whole day. And the best way to make the perfect coffee is using a Keurig K Cafe frother.

But like every other device, it might run into some problems sometimes. Here’s what you can do if your Keurig K Cafe frother is not working.

What To Do When My Keurig Milk Frother Is Not Working?

keurig k cafe frother not working

As shocking as it may sound, your Keurig milk frother may run into some problems from time to time and you can learn a lot about them from the MilkFrother site.

But don’t worry, there is no need for you to panic as those problems are very easy to solve. We created a list of solutions that can help you in your quest to fix your frother.

  • Ensure The Kick start

When making a cup of Frappuccino, cappuccino, or latte, make sure you turn on your frother first and begin the brewing process afterward instead of the other way around. This will help you in kick-starting your device.

  • Follow The Instruction Orderly

At first, you need to bring out the milk and turn the small circular ring upside down inside of the machine. Then, pour a small amount of milk.

Make sure the amount of milk is a little less than the amount required to make a cup of latte. Do not cross the amount that your milk frother suggests.

Finally, keep a little patience until the coffee is done with its blending. Please pick it up after it is done and enjoy your latte.

  • Is The Frother Cup Installed Properly?

There is a chance that your frother cup keeps moving away from its original place. That is why you need to check the cup is installed correctly.

If it is away from its designated spot, then you should force the cup further inside the machine and ensure that it is connected with the button.

This will help you if you are in such a Keurig K-Cafe troubleshooting situation.

Troubleshooting Tips If Keurig Rivo Milk Frother Is Not Working

The first thing that you need to do is – add your ideal measure of milk inside that Frothing Pitching & place the cover on top of it.

Once that is done, put the Frothing Pitcher in the right-hand part of that brewer. Make sure the handle is looking out here.

Once embedded into the foaming station, there will be a delicate snap and a beeping sound.

On the off chance that the frother isn’t locked effectively, there will be three short beeping noises. Then you need to watch if the Frothing Pitcher is completely set inside and have a go at frothing once more.

It would be best if you held the foaming pitching for a couple of moments while the foaming component locks in after you hear the snap and signal.

Then you need to choose your ideal type of froth. Before you pull out the Frothing Pitcher, wait for a few moments so that the framework can finish frothing.

Finally, pour that frothed milk into your coffee mug, and there you go, you have the perfect coffee!

Why The Keurig K-Cafe Frother Keep Beeping?

If your K-cafe frother starts beeping without any prior notice, generally, it is to alert the user that there is some kind of problem with the machine. Depending on the issue, there might be different kinds of beeps on your device.

For every problem, there is a unique method of solving it. You must follow different sets of instructions for every different situation.

If there are three consecutive beeping sounds that are very short, it means that the frother is not placed on the machine properly. You need to insert it in the correct way and try if it froths now.

In order for the foaming component to work effectively, it is advised to hold the frothing pitching for a brief period of time after the beep is heard.

If the buttons are flickering in a circular pattern, then it regularly implies that the brewer has no water left inside it.

After you refill the Water Reservoir, it will work again. Then you may continue brewing your coffee by squeezing the last chosen mode.

Keep in mind that your brewer will shut down itself when two minutes have passed. If you want to restart the brewing cycle again, all you have to do is click the power switch and stand by until the brewer gets prepared.

In the event when the switches keep on flickering in a roundabout pattern even after you refilled the Water Reservoir, do not hesitate to reach out to the Customer Service group for additional help.

You should watch this video to deal with the beeping problem.

What To Do If My Keurig Frother Is Not Frothing Almond Milk?

You should try the troubleshooting tips mentioned-above first. If that does not solve the problem, keep reading!

Every kind of milk has some unique ingredients that set it apart from others. That is why it is essential to know what type of milk you are using in your Keurig Frother.

Some of the milk might react differently when it is put inside the frother. If it is not suitable for the frother, then you should probably consider replacing or changing the type of almond milk you are currently using.

Chances are, this small decision might solve your current problem.

Another thing that you can try is – wash your whisk after a certain number of usage, and when you re-apply it after washing, do not leave any space under the whisk.

This way, there will be little to no room under it, and it will froth your milk just the way you like it.

What To Do If My Keurig Milk Frother Won’t Turn On?

If you are an owner of many electronic devices, then you are already familiar with the frustration of a device not turning on when it is needed the most.

This is the most common and frequent problem in the world with electronic devices and sadly, Keurig milk frother is not immune to this as well.

If that fateful day comes when you see that your Keurig milk frother stopped working, the first thing that you need to do is – ensure this is anything but a human mistake. Very often, we forget to plug in the chord correctly.

So double-check if you have appropriately connected the power chord into the source.

On the off chance that your Keurig milk frother is appropriately connected, make sure the power outlet you’re using is functioning properly. If not, then you might need to look for an alternate outlet.

If you’re still facing issues about turning on your milk frother, then you should communicate your problem with the customer service team.

Final Words

While it is true that you can find significantly more sturdy and suitable espresso brewers in the market, very few can bring out the effortlessness or reliability of a Keurig K café machine.

If you ever happen to run into such issues and realize that your Keurig K Cafe frother is not working, always remember that Keurig Customer center is there for you whenever you need it. They will listen to your problem and receive you with utmost care.

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13 thoughts on “Keurig K Cafe Frother Not Working: Reasons And Effective Troubleshooting”

  1. My Keurig frother after one month won’t even turn on now! The coffee part still works great. I’m so said I loved it.

  2. Patricia Mesches

    Frothier heats but stopped frothing! It spins but nothing else! We bought this to have a nice coffee bar in our kitchen. One large unit with frothier. Friends over and now just hit milk. We want cappuccinos, lattes etc. upsetting. Especially since I gave as gifts…also recommending it to others.

  3. I have a stand alone frother. It warms the milk but it won’t spin and froth. I has worked weeks.
    Is it shot? Can it be fixed? Replaced?

  4. debra lee carmody

    Purchased a keurig cappuccino latte machine two years ago and over the two years have had frustration using the milk frother and have had to call in and trouble shoot. now two years later it will not work at all and keurig knows this as a problem and I was told so sorry but out of warrantee and thats it…I don’t reocommend this machine at all like I said right from the start the frother was very touchy to use and obviously doesn’t last so sorry out of warranttee thanks for nothing customer service

  5. I cannot get the cream to froth. I have only had it for 6 months. I’ve tried other creamers. It spins fine but not frothing. When I first got it, it worked and was so creamy but not any more. Help

  6. My frother comes on heats up spins but is not frothing We haven’t changed the creamer, it’s the same. But people I talk to tell me it doesn’t work after 6 months. I received it as a give for Christmas from my son

    Please tell me what to do to address this issue

  7. Mary Layton-Carrick

    Bought k cafe yesterday. Frother worked one time. Now the light wont even come on. Kcup side works fine. Just the damn frother.

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