John Deere X320 Problems: Reasons And Effective Solutions

X320 is a reliable lawn mower model used worldwide. However, it is only normal to face some John Deere X320 problems over extended usage and different conditions.

This article attempts to cover some of the common issues and easy fixes for them. Stay with me for a while.

Common Complaints With John Deere X320

John Deere X320 problems

Here is a list of its common issues:

  • Carburetor Problems
  • Transmission Issues
  • Steering Problems
  • Fuel Pump Troubles
  • Starting Problems
  • Drive Belt Issues
  • PTO Problems

As you can see, we have compiled a list of some of the common problems that you are likely to encounter throughout your ownership of a John Deere X320.

Let’s talk about them now!

John Deere X320 Carburetor Problems

The carburetor is the device that helps with the internal combustion of liquid fuel and air in the engine. This kind of fuel injection technology is seen in X320’s engine as well.

There are a few ways of telling if you have problems with the carburetor in your mower. One of the early signs is that the engine will hunt for power while in idle mode or at higher speeds.

Sometimes, the engine may not start at all from idle. This could very well be a carburetor issue as well. So the key issues are lack of power, inability to control the power, and inability to start the engine

Possible Fixes

If the problem is true with the John Deere X320 carburetor, there are a few things to try out.

Firstly, check if there are any obvious oil leaks within the carburetor. This could be the main culprit. If you observe any leaks, fix and seal them immediately.

Also, check the idle and main mixture adjustment screws. If they are cracked or damaged, replace them. In some cases, they may just require proper tightening and adjustment.

Another important fix is to adjust the control cable to assure full control of the carburetor. Lastly, cleaning out the carburetor is an important measure.

Remove all the removable non-metallic parts and thoroughly clean out the carburetor.

John Deere X320 Transmission Problems

Some of the common problems that you may encounter with the transmission of a John Deere X320 are noted below in brief:

  • The seals in the piston pump of the transmission could wear out over extended use. This would cause the transmission to lose power. Many people faced this problem with their JD LT155 mower too.
  • It is possible that the transmission loses power over belt issues. This would basically cause a lack of power at both medium range or higher speeds. Sometimes, the engine may fail to turn on at all. This is caused by misplaced pulleys or belts.
  • The drive pulley being stripped out of position could cause the transmission to not work properly.

Possible Fixes

There are a few steps to fix transmission issues in your X320. Firstly, if the seals are worn out, replace them. This would minimize the loss of power.

Secondly, if the belt is misplaced, it is crucial to place it back along the length of the transmission pulley. While doing that, also clean out any debris or dirt that may have accumulated in the transmission tunnel.

The drive pulley is quite soft and could take damage, so replacing it could fix the issues.

Lastly, lubrication could iron out many problems of the transmission. Use transmission oil applicable to your particular model and change the oil regularly to keep it performing well.

John Deere X320 Steering Problems

John Deere X320 steering problems

The steering is a crucial part as it lets you control your movements with precision. However, overuse or due to difficult circumstances or terrain, it is not uncommon to face problems.

If you hit a foreign object like brick or rock, that could put pressure on the steering system. In many other cases, over extended use, the steering could lose calibration.

Possible Fixes

To fix the steering, turn it off and put all the gears back in place. Next, realign the steering wheel with the mower wheels.

Fix the popped ball joint by loosening and affixing the nut holding it in place. These common fixes usually sort steering issues.

John Deere X320 Fuel Pump Problems

The fuel pump on the X320 is found mounted by the carburetor. Sometimes, there might be hairline cracks and damages on the outer metal surface of the fuel pump.

Possible Fixes

Close the fuel valve completely. Remove all the mounting screws and disconnect the fuel hoses. Discard any of the broken or damaged parts and replace them with new ones that are compatible.

John Deere X320 Starting Problems

Your mower not starting might seem like a huge concern, but usually, it is something small. It could happen because of a loose spark plug.

A dirty air filter or fuel filter could also cause this issue. Lastly, a dead battery could cause power issues. These symptoms are true for the John Deere D140 mower’s starting problem as well.

Possible Fixes

After identifying the problem area, you can do one or all of the following: Replace spark plugs and oil/air filters, recharge or replace the battery, etc.

John Deere X320 PTO Problems

The PTO is the Power Take-Off switch or lever. Sometimes the PTO clutch or switch won’t engage, meaning the blades of the mower won’t work as it won’t get the required power.

The most common symptom is that the clutch will be quite slow to engage.

Possible Fixes

If there is a problem with the PTO clutch, then check the connecting wires. If there are issues with wiring, change and reattach the wiring.

If you find no evident cut problems, then maybe it is time to replace the clutch itself, as they aren’t exactly repairable.

Overview of John Deere X320 Lawn Mower

Are you into gardening and landscaping, either due to your hobby or profession? The name John Deere should sound quite familiar to you then.

John Deere is a leading supplier of outdoor gardening and agricultural equipment.

John Deere X320 is a very popular lawnmower and one of the brand’s most popular offerings. It comes loaded with an excellent powertrain, transmission, and several nifty features.

This is a highly versatile mower that comes with a 48 or 54-inch deck. It comes equipped with a 22 Horsepower V-Twin engine.

Additionally, it is powered by a John Deere iTorque transmission, making it one of the more advanced offerings in the market. This model also comes equipped with a hydrostatic transaxle.

It comes with a large 14-inch diameter steering wheel for additional controlling ability. Based on all of these modern and useful features, X320 can be considered a very versatile lawnmower.

Final Words

X320 is an exceptionally versatile mower with many features. Despite its reliability, you may, from time to time, encounter these above discussed John Deere X320 problems.

This article attempted to cover issues with all of the important components and some easy fixes that you can apply yourself.

If the fixes do not work, you can always go to a dealer or expert for professional help. But for most cases, this article has you covered. So rest easy and enjoy using your machine!

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  1. dropped the deck but didnt set the lift lock first. now cant get the foot pedal and lift to work togetyer. how do I fix it? john deere x320 54in.

  2. You will need to take it to the dealer. They have special machine that pulls the top connectors down while supporting the deck.

  3. My X320 has a little more than 300 hrs on it the first time I took it to the dealer for misfireing, sputtering, and backfiring andloss of power and dieing, I took it to dealer 11-03-22. The dealer said it had plugged jets in carb, so they took carb apart and cleaned it and it ran good, I took mower home. Bill was $492.75 Again on07-12-23 the same X320 mower went back to dealer for the same problem, I was told the vaccum hose from engine to pump had cracked and had to be replaced. The bill was$234.53 and i took mower home one more time. 09-26-23 the mower has been back to dealer twice more since 7-26-23 for same problem .I was called on 09-25-23 and told that the service manager was working on my mower and was told that the next day he would test drive it again. Well today at 4:45 pm I was called and told “IT” failed again. HELP any suggestions

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