Is The Ninja Blender Dishwasher Safe and If So, How To Do Clean It?

Home cooks are always in a dilemma when it comes to Ninja Blenders and its cleaning requirements. And we often wonder is the Ninja blender dishwasher safe?

Well, you are not alone. Most of our undoing is the surface notion that Ninja Blenders may not be dishwasher safe. But, what if we told you that you’re wrong?

Indeed, Ninja blenders wouldn’t have been rated as the best in the market if it wasn’t an all-rounder. Thus, we’re here to address your daunting question. Spoiler alert: It is and we’re to tell you how.

Is The Ninja Dishwasher Safe?

is the Ninja blender dishwasher safe

Let’s get real; we love our blenders as it gives us the timeless joy of relishing milkshakes, smoothies and even whipping up a generous bowl of acai every morning. It sure does make all of our hassle mere and manageable.

However, the tension arises after the storm of the blades. How to clean and rid your Ninja Blender of the residues and gunk? Believe it or not, the cleaning processes also hugely depend on your Ninja Blender’s model and function.

Whereas professional military builds like the Ninja IQ blender could grind it all, others might be fitter alternatives for making emulsions, crushing ice, or being a food processor.

Needless to say, whichever model you own, you must proceed carefully and know every little secret that can get your blender to shine with a squeaky clean glaze.

Yes, Ninja Blenders are dishwasher safe, but there remain a few do’s and don’ts, safety instructions, and methods. Stay with us to know all of that.

How To Wash Ninja Blenders In A Dishwasher?

If you already know how to clean a juicer, you know the tricks! After our affirmations have most definitely calmed your nerves, it’s finally time to learn all the tricks on how to use the dishwasher to clean your blenders. So, let’s dive right in.

  • Unplug your Ninja Blender when it needs cleaning in the dishwasher.
  • Take off the lid and unhinge the blade parts after turning off the pitcher.
  • Since the pitcher, cups, lids, and blades are dishwasher safe. You can settle the pitcher and cups on the dishwasher’s rack.
  • Place the lid and blade parts on the topmost rack of your dishwasher. Remember: never expose the pitcher, cups, and lids to hot temperatures.
  • Refrain from shoving the base in the dishwasher as that’s the only part in the entire set that isn’t dishwasher safe. You must avoid immersing it in water too, as it contains electrical compartments.
  • Utilize a clean washcloth to wipe off the dirt and grime from the base. You can also spray a cleaning agent on the washcloth.

How To Clean The Ninja Blender Cups?

Ninja Blender cups are acclaimed for their diverse uses. Their time-saving discovery lets us directly sip out smoothies from the cups and have them on the go after hooking on the lid.

But, how should you clean them? Sit tight as we guide you through a step by step process of how to clean your Ninja Blender’s cups.

  • Unplug your Ninja Blender and separate the cups from the base.
  • Discard all the food residues and remains meticulously. You don’t want the food chunks to clog your dishwasher later, so ensure the removal is adequate.
  • Wash the blender’s cups with water if you’re dealing with stubborn food remains.
  • Place the cups on the dishwasher at a fair distance and let it do its magic.

Here’s another pro tip: If you’re in a hurry and don’t want to disassemble the blender’s parts, add some detergent and water in the pitcher and turn on the blender.

Remember to rinse with plain water before letting it dry. This method is classic yet, top-secret in many households. Honestly, it’s hugely compelling and will work every time.

How To Wash The Blades of Your Ninja?

washing blades of Ninja blender

Cleaning the blades is a whole other story. Never make the mistake of shoving the blender into your dishwasher while the blades are still conjoined.

On the contrary, with proper care and steps maintained, your dishwasher can do all the dirty work for you and the blades.

We must then warn you to avoid washing your blades in the dishwasher too often and more than necessary. It will eventually wear and dull them out.

Here are a few key points that we’ve jotted to properly maintain the blades’ wellness and sustainability.

  • It is recommended not to put the blender and blades altogether, as they might crash each other and render themselves useless with time. This can also lead to severe mechanical damage and deteriorate the blade’s efficiency.
  • Extended time under high temperatures can dull the blades’ sharpness.
  • When frequently washed, the blades can get affected by corrosion and rust.
  • Since blender blades are lightweight, there’s no definite promise of what they would rattle in the process of cleaning.
  • Avoid lodging the blades at the bottom. This can jam up your dishwasher easily.

So, what shall be done? Don’t worry; before you break into a sweat, let’s say that washing the blender’s blades is remarkably easy and not time-consuming.

Simply get a bowl of soapy water and dunk the blades in it. Rinse and dry them afterward, and voila! This technique has shown desired and precise results.

Just be extra careful while hand-handling the blades as they are incredibly sharp.

Let’s Look At A Few Examples

By now, we have adhered to your unanswered question – can you put Ninja Blender in dishwasher. As we’ve formerly claimed – you can, but with a few restrictions and conditions depending on the type of model and function your Ninja Blender has.

Below you will find a few examples of Ninja Blenders with specific ways to clean them in a dishwasher. Skim through to know how to ace this blender’s test!

  1. Is The Ninja Professional 1500 Dishwasher Safe?

Are you planning to entertain a margarita night with your trustee high-power blender? Go for it! What’s sorrowful is when people are reluctant to host a night party, fearing the mess afterward.

News flash: the Ninja Blender 1500 or the Mega is entirely dishwasher safe! It doesn’t only unite the necessary units of a food processor and powerful blender but, its diverse functionality also allows effortless cleaning.

Hence, don’t even doubt its abilities for a split second, as the BPA certification and dishwasher safe blend can prove otherwise.

  1. Is The Ninja Professional 1000 Dishwasher Safe?

Perhaps, you own this budget-friendly bad boy who has served you promptly, may that be during the courses of you running errands and blending your child’s favorite fruit juice in between, or a protein drink for yourself.

But here’s the banger, the standard maintenance with this Ninja Blender is undeniable cheap and user-friendly for all. Due to the construction of safe dishwasher materials, the Ninja Blender 1000 can be thoroughly cleaned in your go-to dishwasher.

Buyers rave about its multi-cleaning washability too. If you want to clean the pitcher separately, that’s your call. All you have to do is, dash in 3/4 mark of soapy, warm water into the pitcher and blend it for about 20 seconds. Rinse it thoroughly and leave it out to dry. Easy-peasy!

  1. Is The Nutri Ninja Dishwasher Safe?

Kudos to you if you have this compact Ninja Blender that can do wonders while blending even though its size is petite. If you’ve used it, you know what we’re praising about. If you don’t know using your Ninja blender, learn it fast using the link.

The Ninja Nutri has exceptional capacities of chopping down whole vegetables and fruits. So, you can finally stop tossing away precious time in prepping. As we said, it’s small but, it’s mighty!

Whether you own the generic Nutri blender or the Nutri Ninja IQ Blender, all the components on each are comparatively effortless to clean. And why would we even bother mentioning if it wasn’t dishwasher safe, right?

Worry not, as it can serve you endlessly with its dishwasher safe materials. So, fish out your wallet if you’re up for a safe investment.

  1. Is The Ninja Auto-IQ Dishwasher Safe?

It’s safe to say when Ninja Blender developers took their IQ editions another step further to create Auto-IQ; they were seriously in the game to win.

The Auto-IQ versions and models are super-intelligent technologies made to pull off everything that a consumer might require. Let us take the Shark Ninja Nutri Auto-IQ blender as an example. Other than being dishwasher safe, it is also BPA free.

Further directions are applicable and instructed in the manual that it comes with. The attachments, blade assemblies, containers, and lids are all dishwashers safe and recommended to be placed on the topmost rack.

However, it also recommends taking time out to hand wash the components whenever possible to maintain efficiency and performance. Haven’t we all been looking for such diverse and freeways of cleaning? I sure was!

  1. Is The Ninja BL610 Dishwasher Safe?

The Ninja Blender BL610 has the sleekest design amongst all. The stylish look and feel are appropriate for your modern kitchen. However, the fit design isn’t its only best characteristics.

This ice cruncher comes with a BPA-free jar, which signifies no health risks or hazards. But, this material construction also implements dishwasher-proof abilities. You can incorporate dishwasher detergents or mix half and half ratios of warm water and soap to get the gunk off.

Another alternative for cleaning the BL610 in the dishwasher is a mixture of vinegar or lemon with water. It will not only sweep off the filth but leave behind a fresh smell.


Still, thinking that the Ninja Blender is a poor investment? We bet you’re not!

Frankly, I bailed on my preferred cocktails and fruit punch because of the unbearable nuisance of cleaning. Like most readers, I feared the same – Is the Ninja Blender dishwasher safe? But, now we all know that it is! So, you don’t have to give up on your ride or die drinks as I did. Phew!

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