How To Stop Tree Roots From Sprouting In Lawn?

In addition to cutting the roots & chemical control, there are a lot more ways to control the roots. The problem is real and such tree roots negatively impact the beauty of your yard or garden. Also, they can lift up the sidewalk and clog your pipes too.

It’s no rocket science, but you can kill the tree if you don’t know how to stop tree roots from sprouting in lawn. But fear not! You are in the right place. I will explain several ways to solve the problem. More so, I will show you how to do that with easy to follow instructional video.

Ways Stop Tree Roots From Sprouting In Lawn

get rid of tree root suckers

The objective is to kill the roots NOT the tree. Doing this wrong can kill the parent tree, so you have to be careful. But for now, gather these following tools and chemical to avoid any interruption:

  • Hand pruners.
  • Hand gloves.
  • Watering implements like a hose.
  • Herbicide (non-selective)

Alright, now let’s get to work.

  1. Start Pruning

I agree, this is the most time-consuming approach to control the roots from sprouting, but this also so far the most effective one. This is what you should do. Don’t wait for the sprouts to grow so that you can start hand pruning. Cut the sprouts down and doing this at regular intervals is the best way to keep the situation under control.

Monitor the area for new roots to emerge. You see something new, start pruning again. You will also have the option to call an expert to get the job done without harming the tree.

This is an aggressive method to control the sprouting on the lawn. So, before you start pruning, take consideration of the age of the tree. Sometimes, cutting the roots can make the tree unstable. Cutting the roots of young trees may even kill them. So, pay attention to their leaves to understand how they react upon cutting such roots. This is how you should do the pruning!

  1. Use Rock Salt

That’s a benign approach to keep the tree roots sprouting and a better alternative to cut the roots down. Rock salt will kill the roots by dehydrating them. You won’t get any rapid result since it works gradually. But it’s a natural method, so there is no real danger of killing your trees.

There is a catch though…

If you have any pets, you have to be really careful since pets like to eat such rock salts. So, apply the rock salts only when you are sure your pets are inside the home for several hours without any chance of getting out.

  1. Remove By Hands

A great non-aggressive method. Use your hands to pull or dig up small seedlings. Your target should be removing the root system as much as possible. To make this process easier, water the area with sprouts. Water the area deeply but slowly. You will find it easier to dig up the seedlings out of moistened soil.

Monitor the area for new seedlings. If you notice any new seedlings there, just them up.If the sprouts become too large to pull or dig up by your hands, cut off them at ground level. I personally prefer the cutting off the sprout at grounds surface level.

  1. Apply Herbicides

This is the easiest way to stop the tree roots sprouting but if you apply it wrong, the result could be catastrophic. You may not only kill the tree, but also other trees surrounding it. You have to think twice before you apply herbicides to kill the tree roots.

Tree roots are interconnected with ‘clonal colonies’; so even if you did not want to, you may end up killing all the trees. I strongly oppose using such harmful chemicals!

Professional Tips: If left unattended for a long time, the tree roots may end up clogging the sewer pipes. If you don’t know what you are doing, please call a professional. He will not only unclog the sewer pipes but also cut the tree roots for you.

Why should you call the professional? Well, you kill such roots entangling your sewer roots using harmful chemicals like the Rootx or Copper Sulfate. Only professional people should use such stuff.

Last Words

The best way to keep the tree roots from sprouting is to maintaining a healthy tree. It may sound weird, but tree grows suckers when they are stressed. Now, most people will go for the chemical products to prevent the sprouting which is okay until they overdo it.

The overuse of any of such chemical products will ultimately kill the tree which you obviously don’t want. Consult with your arborist before you apply such products.

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