How to Start a Leaf Blower? [Electric Gasoline And Battery Operated]

Cleaning the leaves can be an extremely laborious and time-consuming affair if you have a large backyard. Using a powerful leaf blower on the market eases the entire work process.

It does a fantastic job of clearing out all the debris and stocks of leaves from your garden quickly and efficiently. But if you are a newbie, you must know how to start a leaf blower in the first place.

While there are three different types of leaf blowers-handheld, backpack, and walk-behind models, the mechanism in these models also differ in terms of the source of power used to run the equipment.

Depending on the source of power, there are three types of leaf blowers:

  • Battery-operated leaf blowers
  • Electric leaf blowers
  • Gasoline-powered leaf blowers

Considering there are differences in how each of them works, we have herein provided the complete guide on how to start these blowers.

How to Start a Leaf Blower?

How to Start an Electric Leaf Blower

Before proceeding with the instructions on how to start a blower tool, it is worth mentioning that all models differ in mechanism and the way they function.

For this purpose, the manufacturers provide detailed information in the user manual. Read the manual carefully to understand your machine.

How to Start an Electric Leaf Blower?

The electricity connection is necessary to run the electric leaf blower across the garden. Hence, you need to ensure that the cord of the blower is big enough for carrying the machine on the entire lawn.

The mechanism in these leaf blowers is quite simple- plug the cord to the electric board and start the blower to get ready for the cleaning process.

Note: Make sure there is no spark plug on the electricity board where you plug in the electric blower.

How to Start a Battery-Operated Leaf Blower?

The battery-operated leaf blowers run in the same way as the electric blowers but with a few exceptions. They are cordless blowers that save you from the inconvenience of tangling objects around the garden.

Before you can even start using these cordless blowers, make sure you have fully charged the battery. You may need to recharge the battery quite a few times depending on the size of your garden and volume of leaves you need to clear.

How to Start a Gasoline or Petrol Leaf Blower?

While it is easy to switch on and start using an electric or a battery-operated leaf blower, starting the fuel-powered blowers can be tough unless you know the right method.

There are mainly two types of fuel-operated leaf blowers:

  • 2-stroke gas-powered tools
  • 4-stroke gas-powered tools

Let’s dive into the step-by-step guide on how to start each of these blowers.

2-Stroke Gas-Powered Leaf Blower

how to start a leaf blower

Most homeowners use the 2-stroke gas leaf blowers. These are small equipment with a compact design but powerful leaf blower on the market. Despite robust functionality and durability, these machines are a bit difficult to start compared to the battery-powered and electric models.

To start a gas blower with a 2-cycle engine, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Prepare a Mixture of Gasoline and Oil

The gas-operated leaf blowers do not run on readymade fuel. You need to prepare the fuel by mixing 1 part of 2-cycle oil to 50 parts of gas (1:50). This means you need to add 2½oz. of oil to a gallon of gasoline.

Pour the contents in a gas can and shake well to mix the fuels. If you do not take the correct quantity, proportion, or do not mix the fuels properly, the blower may get damaged or start liberating smoke and fumes.

Note: The ratio of gas to oil mixture requirement may vary from one model to another. Read the user guide of your leaf blower to know the correct balance before mixing.

  • Step 2: Transfer the Mixture into the Fuel Tank

Once you have prepared the oil and gasoline mix, pour the contents very slowly and carefully into the fuel tank of the blower.

  • Step 3: Keep the Blower Switch in “On” Mode

Some gas-powered leaf blowing tools have a switch. You need to ensure that it is kept in the “On” mode. If not, the blower will not start when you attempt to use it.

  • Step 4: Put the Choke to the Starting Point

This is one of the most important steps to start the gas leaf blower. Move the lever to the midpoint between the open and close to partially open the choke. To do this, pull the cord a few times until the engine starts producing a sound.

  • Step 5: Prime the Blower Engine to Start

You need to press the primer bulb in and then release it. Do this 5-6 times to prime your leaf blowing tool engine.

  • Step 6: Tug the Starter Cord Repeatedly

Hold the blower tightly and firmly in one hand and start pulling the starter cord with the other. You need to do this very carefully. After pulling each time, the cord must return slowly in the same position to ensure that it does not get tangled from anywhere.

Repeat this action 4-5 times to start the engine.

  • Step 7: Allow the Engine to Run for 10-30 Seconds

If your blower works on a manual choke, you need to put the choke into the “run” point after some time from starting the engine.

In models having a semi-automatic choke, the choke will automatically return to the run position so no action is required.

  • Step 8: Start Blowing Away the Fallen Leaves

After waiting for over 30 seconds, your 2-stroke gas leaf blower is ready for the job. You can now start blowing those messy leaves out of your garden. You can even use the leaf blower to clean the dryer vent!

4-Stroke Gas-Powered Leaf Blower

The mechanism of running the 4-stroke gas-operated leaf blower is similar to that in the 2-stroke machines. However, the 4-cyle models require pure gas in the fuel tank.

So skip the first step of preparing the oil and gas mixture. The rest is the same hence you need to follow steps 2-8 as in the 2-cycle blower tools.  Here is a quick guide on starting a petrol blower.

What To Do If Your Leaf Blower Does Not Start? – DIY Troubleshooting Guide

Every year the lawns get miserably messy during the late autumn and winters with piles of falling leaves. With huge volumes of leaves falling every day, it is very difficult to keep the yard clean.

At times, you may have problems in starting the leaf blower even after following all the steps correctly. If it is not working properly, check for the following issues before contacting for professional servicing.

  • Condition of the Fuel in the Tank

Do you have old fuel left in the tank?

If the fuel is 30 days older, it has aged beyond the usage period. It will not be able to put the blower into function anymore. Remove the old fuel completely and add freshly prepared fuel to start the blower again.

  • Spark Plug

If the spark plug is dirty, damaged, or broken, the blower will not start properly. You may clean the dirty plug or replace it if mutilated.

  • Air Filter

If you have been using the leaf blowing tool for quite some time, the air filter of the machine may get clogged with dirt deposits.

Open the filter panel and clean it. It is easy to clean the filter of the minor deposits. However, you may need to replace it if there is too must of dirt on the filter parts.

  • Blower Fan

If the fan is not running, the blower will not work properly. Check if there is any blockage in the fan- debris, leaves, or any other particles. Remove everything and start again.

Once all the above issues are fixed, the blower should start without any problems and function properly.

Note: Do not touch any of the parts when the switch of the blower is on. It may cause damage to the blower or even cause accidents.

However, for persisting problems, you may need to call an expert for maintenance or repair.


You may find the steps to start your blowing machine in the user manual itself. If it is already mentioned, the best thing is to follow those steps as they are specifically meant for your mode.

For the rest, this guide on how to start a leaf blower should help you to get started without any problem.

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