How To Reset Frigidaire Oven Control Board (With Basic Troubleshooting)

Frigidaire’s name is never out of the question when buying home appliances. Just like other gadgets, their oven has also earned fame.

Unfortunately, despite the name and fame, it’s not uncommon for the Frigidaire oven to face some breakdowns or problems. And learning how to reset Frigidaire oven control board, can save you from lots of troubles!

As most of the problems are minor, they can be easily solved. You do not have to incur a high bill to do that. We’ll share how to use the Frigidaire oven reset button on your own.

Let’s dig in!

Signs of Dysfunctional Oven Control Board

how to reset Frigidaire oven control board

In general, oven control board repairment can burn a hole in your pocket. The replacement costs around $200 to $300.

Noting this huge cost, you should be aware of the operational problems beforehand to solve them as soon as possible. So, how will you know if your oven control board has gone astray?

Below are some signs:

  • Oven not switching on at any cost
  • Oven turns on, but not heating food
  • When turned on, the oven shows an error code
  • Oven probably does not turn off
  • Display timer or clock do not operate properly as a sign of bad oven temperature sensor.
  • Oven stops suddenly

We will see some Frigidaire oven control board troubleshooting. But first, let us deal with the question at hand.

Resetting Frigidaire Oven Control Board

Before moving on to the steps needed, know that you need to follow two different methods to reset the oven control board.

They are the lower internal temperature method and the higher internal temperature method.

Lower Temperature Method

Does your food come out of the oven in an overcooked or dry state? In such situations, it’s likely to assume that it happens due to the lower base temperature.

Follow the steps that work as a Frigidaire oven reset button:

  • Press Bake Button

For a complete cycle of 6 seconds, press the “Bake” option on your Frigidaire oven. You should be able to see a 0 on your display once the time elapses.

  • Enter Your Preferred Temperature

Next up, enter that particular temperature that you would prefer to reset your oven by. For instance, go for 23 degrees if you want to lift your base temperature by 23 degrees.

  • Go for the SELF CLEAN option

To let your oven recognize that you are going for a cooler/lower temperature setting, use its “SELF CLEAN” button.

Bear in mind that this would not activate your self-clean cycle. On the contrary, this button is used to reset a lower temperature as well. After you are done, just click on “Start.”

  • Test it Out

Next time, be sure to test out your temperature before cooking or baking. Note the changes. Does it take you more time to cook/bake the dishes now than it did before those changes were done?

If it does, kudos to you! Your alterations hit it off!

Higher Temperature Method

Frigidaire oven control board troubleshooting

As for the higher temperature method, it’s almost similar to the lower temperature one with just some tailored changes.

If you want your oven to feature a higher internal temperature than the current temperatures, follow the steps below:

  • Press Bake Button

Again, you need to press that “Bake” button for about 6 seconds. Wait till the 0 appears on your display.

  • Enter the Degrees

We all want warmth to different degrees on our food. On the Frigidaire oven, enter the temperate you would want your base temperature to alter by.

  • Keep Checking

From time to time, keep checking the small increments in temperature. Otherwise, you might end up overcooking or even burning your food.

It is advised to do this step very gradually.

  • Hit Start

Once your preferred degrees are registered, smash that “Start” button. This ensures that the changes are programmed, resetting your base oven temperature.

  • Examine the Changes

Do test the changes before you prepare a new recipe next time. It’s your liking, after all. Note that the temperature is not too high.

Frigidaire Oven Control Board Troubleshooting

Luckily, all the issues discussed above are minor, which can easily be solved on your own. However, when the oven faces issues, the oven control board might also be going through some abnormal functioning.

How do you fix some of those issues yourself?

Below, we shall see how you can handle some of the common oven control board problems.

With this being said, major repairs would be best left to professional repair servicemen.

Common Issues with Frigidaire Oven Control Board

Just because the food that comes out of your oven is unevenly heated does not necessarily indicate a dysfunctional control panel.

Some troubleshooting solutions exist, fortunately, which you can implement at the earliest.

Oven Fails to Turn On

Does your oven fail to turn on? Here’s what you can do –

  • Check the Plug

When the oven does not turn on or respond, you should check if it has been properly plugged or not. See that you are not carrying a tripped breaker in the main electric panel of your house.

  • Reset Your Breaker

If the problem persists even after checking your electrical panel, switch on the breaker to reset it. Now, check to see if your oven functions properly.

Still not working? Perhaps, there has been a wiring problem inside the oven.

  • Replace the Oven Control Board

Steps 1 and 2 didn’t come in handy? It must be your main control panel that has started to act up. This is seldom the case, however.

It is not easy to check your oven control board. Replace it if you doubt any defect.

Oven Turns On But Does Not Heat

Your oven turns on, but it does not heat up? Well, you can do the following –

  • Check the heating element

You might face this alternate situation where the Frigidaire might seem to get power but does not heat up even when switched on.

Due to this, it’s nothing unnatural for your heating element to heat up over time, eventually burning out.

  • Replace the faulty part

Replacing is relatively easier if you are left with a faulty part. First, unscrew the screws that hold your element in place.

After loosening, remove that faulty part to replace it with an absolutely new one.

Be sure to choose the right model of the faulty element that matches well with your Frigidaire oven model.

Oven Shows Error Code

Does your oven show an error code? Follow these steps.

  • Do a Hard Reset

It’s absolutely okay if your oven display shows an error code. For newer models, this happens more frequently.

Do not fret in such cases. Firstly, try performing a reset after unplugging your Frigidaire.

  • Plug It In

Wait for around 30 seconds. Now you plug it back in. Probably, this is enough to reset your oven control board unless some other significant issues override this.

If this happens, your oven will still continue to feature the error code.

While some of these problems can be solved by yourself, others need professional technicians. Trying to repair on your own shoves you towards injury.

As well as yourself, you will risk the appliance with unnecessary damage. Now, watch this video to learn how to deal with the F30 error code.

Final Words

You have seen how to reset Frigidaire oven control board on your own. Now, it’s time to implement the methods as per your issue.

So what are you waiting for? If it’s a minor issue, do the repair by yourself. Otherwise, call for professional help who can guide you through this!

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  1. I get a code F11 and the control panel wont work at all.
    I press the clear button and it just beeps.
    When I open the oven door everything seems to work until I close the door again.
    Tried holding oven light switch and clear?….no joy.

  2. I want to get to inside of display and clean it . Seriously had an infestation problem and have a dead bug on clock. Can I get into to clean?

  3. Deborah Pickering

    Can you tell me why my Fridgedaire glass top oven is suddenly giving off excessive amounts of steam when I open the door? I got badly burned from this happening.

  4. Frigidaire Model # FEF326ASA Oven Will Not Turn Off.

    The thermostat and elements appear to have continuity. Does the continuity need to fall within a certain range with these parts or does any continuity indicate a functioning part? If so, may I assume that the control board is malfunctioning?

  5. I have an electric Frigidaire double oven.The oven display goes out for a period of time when not in use then comes back on after a couple hours

  6. is there a way to increase the volume level. the beep is not loud enough unless you are standing in front of it, not loud enough to beheard in adjoing rooms, there is not instrustion on turning up volume level.

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