How To Get Rid Of Stickers In Yard And Prevent Them FOREVER?

Once they are on your lawn, it gets worse day by day. Undoubtedly, sticker weeds are the worst thing that happens to anyone having a lawn.

So, everybody with a lawn needs to learn how to get rid of stickers in yard.

Yes, there are many types of stickers weeds but all are equally annoying. They make their way into your house once stick to your clothes or pets.

So, in this brief article, I will talk about all the types of stickers in the grass and how to get rid of them easily. So, sit tight and keep reading!

Types of Stickers In Grass

Yes, sticker plant identification is important to understand what you are dealing with in the first place. That’s why you often hear different names of the sticker weeds.

Here are some common sticker weeds name:

  • Burweed
  • Lawn Burrs
  • Stickers Weeds
  • Pricking Monsters
  • Sandburs
  • Grass Stickers
  • Grass Burrs

So many fancy names! But all of them are essentially the same annoying thing. You can’t walk in your yard barefoot and it’s a big problem for your pets too.

So, what is it actually and where do stickers come from?

Well, stickers come from the burweed. Burweed germinates during the early fall and dies in the spring. The seeds become sticker as the burweed starts to die off.

They are not only annoying but also painful when stepped on. So, what can you do about sticker burrs?

This is the sad part. It’s already too late to contain the problem once you see the burweed stickers in your lawn for that year.

Using chemical-based weed killers come first whenever you think about what kills stickers in the grass, right?

Yes, it’s a good option but you have to be careful to apply such weed killer for lawns around kids and pets. Alternatively, you can use white vinegar to kill grass burs and stickers.

After you are done killing them, you should take preventive measures before the problem appears. Don’t worry, I will show all the methods to get rid of the pesky stickers in this article.

Stickers In Grass: Information You Must Know

how to get rid of stickers in yard

Getting rid of burweed stickers in the yard takes time and patience. But you must know about them first to devise your plan. Here are some facts:

  • Sticker weeds don’t like a healthy thick lawn. Because in a healthy lawn, they have to fight or compete with your beloved weeds to survive for nutrition. They hate water. So, the burrs hate it too much when you run the sprinkler at least once a day!
  • If they are in the primary stage, you can manually pick them up easily. Their roots don’t go deep enough to make it hard.
  • It’s the seeds of the stickers that are the main culprit. Your pet helps the seed to spread all over your lawn. You must control the spread!

How To Get Rid Of Stickers Weeds? – Method 1

removing stickers from the lawn

After the sticker plant identification correctly, it’s time to take corrective measures. You can do nothing but manually pick them up once it’s already on the lawn and take measures to prevent it from happening again in the next season.

Yes, it sounds disappointing but clearing a yard full of weeds is not an easy task!

During the spring, it takes a lot of time for the stickers to develop fully. It gives us valuable time to take preventive measures.

Without spending this valuable time, this is how you can deal with sticker weeds:

  • Give Your Lawn A Military Haircut

The easiest way to control the stickers is to mow your lawn super short. So, the height adjustment of your lawnmower should be a few notches only.

But you MUST have a bag on your mower while mowing. Mowing without the bag will lead to more spread.

So, without forgetting the bag attachment, mow your lawn for at least 3 days in the first week.

  • Apply MSMA

It’s a product from Lowe’s that works best so far in this situation. Of course, you can apply it as directed but the best time to apply the MSMA is between May and July.

However, MSMA is not eco-friendly. It can cause harm to your kids and pets. But killing stickers is a tough job and requires extraordinary measures. So, apply it when you go on vacation for a few days.

  • Use Pre-Emergent Herbicide

It takes care of the stickers really well without damaging the established weeds of your lawn. But sadly, it takes some time and effort to apply the pre-emergent herbicide.

First, you must understand the weather in your area. You can’t apply pre-emergent herbicide like the pendimethalin unless the ground is fully thawed from the winter.

Once everything is okay to go forward, follow the steps carefully:

  1. Whatever pre-emergent herbicide (even if it claims to be the best herbicide for stickers) you buy from the market, read the instructions carefully. Take your time and try to understand how it works before you get into real action.
  2. Measure the temperature of your lawn using a thermometer. You are only good to go if the reading is around 55 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. As per the instruction of the herbicide, fill up the spreader.
  4. Spread the granules evenly.
  • Apply Fertilizer

It may sound counterproductive but it works! If you remember what I said above—stickers must compete with your lawn grass. And they always fail at the competition!

So, when you are done applying the herbicide and mowing your lawn, apply fertilizer to boost the growth of your lawn grass. You should re-apply the fertilizer once again after 7 to 14 days.

  • Deep & Regular Mowing

Sticker weeds can’t grow in a lawn where it’s mowed regularly and rigorously. They find it very difficult and grow in the first place. So, that way you don’t have to worry about getting rid of them.

But regular & rigorous mowing is the key!

I know some people are skeptical about using herbicides and non eco-friendly chemicals in their beloved lawns. If you are one of them, I have a natural solution for you!

Keep reading…

What Kills Stickers In The Grass? – Method 2

White Vinegar is enriched with acidic elements and can kill the stickers in the grass naturally. Since it’s widely available, I strongly recommend trying this if using herbicides does not sound great for you.

Here is the step by step process you should follow to make a killer spray for stickers:

  1. To make it easy for the vinegar to kill the stickers, you should first use a rake to scoop up loos stickers that can be easily removed. Use a trash bag to discard the stickers.
  2. Get a spray bottle and fill it with white vinegar.
  3. Now get into action! Spray the vinegar heavily over the stickers and burrs. Be careful about the surrounding of the stickers. Because vinegar can kill the surrounding lawn grass too. So, do not let your beloved lawn grass come into contact with the vinegar while spraying.
  4. You must spray the vinegar repeatedly to completely kill the stickers off. So, keep spraying daily until they are dead. You can use your rake to collect the dead stickers and discard them.
  5. And you are done! Just make sure to mow your lawn regularly and keep your lawn healthy with regular watering. Unless you will see stickers in the grass just about the next season!

Now, watch this video to learn another unconventional method of removing sticker burrs from your lawn.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is sticker grass?

Very annoying bur-producing plants that are most often referred to as Stickers weeds.

What are the sticker weeds called?

Burweed. It’s also familiar as lawn burrs.

Are grass stickers poisonous?

No, but can cause traumatic injuries to pets and humans.

Will vinegar kill sand spurs?

White vinegar is super effective to kill sand spurs.

How do I get rid of stickers in my yard naturally?

You can use white vinegar to get rid of stickers. Simply spray the white vinegar directly onto the stickers for a couple of days.
When they are dead, use a shovel or rake to collect them and discard them.

How do I get rid of Burweed stickers in my yard?

You can use any pre-emergent herbicide that contains atrazine or isoxaben to get rid of Burweed stickers. Or, you can use white vinegar to kill them naturally.

What plant makes stickers?

The seeds from the sandbur make the stickers as the sandbur dies off.

What is pendimethalin used for?

As a pre-emergent herbicide, pendimethalin is primarily used to control grasses and weeds during the spring.

Will a lawn sweeper pick up stickers?

Yes, but you will have to manually clean the stickers out from the inside of the sweeper later.

What is trifluralin used for?

Trifluralin is used to control the broadleaf weeds.

What can I spray my yard with for stickers?

You should spray pre-emergence herbicide like the Pendimethalin before the burweed seeds start to germinate.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you should really worry about the preventive measures rather than thinking about the various types of stickers weeds.

Sticker burrs are a big concern for every lawn owner. Follow the step-by-step approached on how to get rid of stickers in yard and take preventive measures so that you don’t have to deal with them in the near future.

Always take care of your lawn. Maintaining a healthy lawn will keep those trouble out naturally and make your life a little easier.


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