How to Cut Tree Limbs That Are Too High To Reach?

It is frustrating to have to look at a falling tree limb and just worry about it or have to call for help even when you are entirely idle. Simply because the limb is too high doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t do the damn job yourself.

But I understand your frustration, for which reason I have compiled this simple guide on how to cut tree limbs that are too high to reach.

Do you know what the best part is? There are several methods of doing the task. Better still, we will feed you with these options, complete with a step by step guide on how to make your mission successful.

How to Cut A Tall Tree by Yourself? Read On!

How to Cut Tree Limbs That Are Too High To Reach

Sometimes a tree starts to bend at the top, and you need to trim it to retain the shape. Other times, branches threaten to fall, and mostly, you may want to trim tree branches for a good tree look, or simply to prevent dead leaves from dirtying the compound. Be my guest.

Firstly, let’s scan through the three most effective methods you can use to cut tree limbs or tall trees for that matter.

The most suitable method will highly depend on the size of the branch and the nature of the branch (how hard it is). However, I would advise you to cut a tree when it is still alive and green. It will be pretty easier in comparison to a dead hard tree.

How to Use a Pole Saw/ Pruner to Cut a Tree/ Tree Limb

The pole pruner/ saw is a pole whose end is either a saw or a pruner. It is one of the most common methods on how to cut tree branches.

The poles differ in size, so your choice should be specific. Starting from 6 ft, you will get a pole of up to 40 ft. You may not require that big a pole, but ensure that you get one that will suit most of your tree heights.

If you have a variety of tree sizes that you want to take care of, having a larger pole is worth the cost. Again, a pole that is too large may leave you with a lot of handling challenges. Balance the two to get the perfect length.

A pole saw, or pole pruner is used to cut tree limbs that are high, but whether to use a pole saw or a pole pruner is dependent on the size of the branch. Moreover, the tree should be quite a distance from the house or electric wires, since you will not have control over the falling branch.

If the branch you want to cut is narrower and softer, then the pole pruner will do. On the contrary, if the branch is thicker, say, more than two inches, then you should consider using the pole saw.


  • Step 1: Ensure that you are standing at an angle from the tree branch, not completely vertically. Target the branch, then aim the pole, with the saw or pruner.
  • Step 2: Do you want to save the bark from the harsh condition of a falling limb? If so, you can cut a section from the lower side.

Now you can cut the branch from the upper side. Go slow at fast, then, as you catch the momentum, increase the speed. This will prevent faster fatigue before you are through.

Depending on the branch size, its nature, and your vigor, the branch will eventually break and fall. Ensure that you are not standing on the side of the fall.

How to Use a Ladder and a Saw/ Pruner

how to cut tree limbs over house

Wondering how to cut tree limbs over house? Or is it how to cut a vertical tree branch? Both of these are quite tricky. However, with a ladder and a pruner or a saw, you have a winning shot.

Let’s dive into the procedure;

  • Step 1: Get the ladder by the tree, leaning in a right angle for stability. take your saw or pruner with you to the top of the tree, right where the branch is, or to the point where you want to cut the tree limb.
  • Step 2: Mark the point from where you want the cut. Start cutting. As with the previous procedure, you can make a small cut, at least a quarter of the whole cut, under the limb. This will prevent the whole bark from getting damage.
  • Step 3: Embark on cutting the upper part, slowly at first, increasing the speed as you continue.
  • Step 4: Just before it falls, if the tree is close to the house and the branch on the roof, redirect the branch. Ensure that it will fall on safer empty ground.

Cutting a Limb/ Tree by Climbing the Tree

Is your tree the evergreen type? This means that its limbs start from a low point. If so, all you need is a saw or a pruner, and you are good to go. Whether you want to learn how to cut a vertical branch or the top of a tall tree, this method works effectively.

Let’s dive into the simple procedure on how to cut the tree or its limb by climbing it;

  • Step 1: Get the saw or pruner. You can put it in a light bag so that it doesn’t get in the way of your climbing task.
  • Step 2: Climb the tree, limb by limb, until you get to the part you want to cut down. Ensure that your position, whether sitting or standing, will be safe even as the falling part falls.
  • Step 3: Target the exact part that you want to cut down. Cut down the limb or treetop.

Considerations when Cutting Tree Limbs that are Too High to Reach

However, we have a few considerations that you have to put into account before embarking on the process of cutting tree branches.

  • Ensure that the tree will not interfere with electric wires. If so, let an expert do the cutting, and prevent the possibility of an accident.
  • If you want to cut a tree, why not do it when it is still freshly green? It is much easier. You will use less energy and time.
  • When cutting a tree part, sawdust and small tree particles are bound to fall on you. Have protective goggles on your eyes. You should also wear a helmet in case another branch falls on you, taking us to the next consideration.
  • Inspect the whole tree. See to it that no other branch is threatening to fall, and ensure that it is safe for you to do the job alone.
  • If the saw is not new, sharpen the blade.

Final Verdict

How to cut a tall tree by yourself? How to cut tree limbs over the house? How to cut a vertical tree branch? All these questions must have been lingering in your mind for you to land here. Fortunately, you now have answers with this simple guide.

So, get yourself together. You can do this yourself. You already have the essentials you need on how to cut tree limbs that are too high to reach.

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