Easiest Way To Clean Up Stump Grindings (With Sawdust Uses)

The subsequent task of stump grinding is annoying. But until you remove all the residuals, your yard will look ugly. It may also reduce the nitrogen level from the soil as well!

Since it’s an annoying task and you need to act fast to clean your yard. To do so, you need the easiest way to clean up stump grindings from your yard. 

In this article, I will show how can clean it up fast and how to repurpose those stump grindings.

Steps To Clean Up Stump Grindings

easiest way to clean up stump grindings

To avoid redoing this, again and again, you need a good action plan. So, I have compiled the steps that should do the trick. Read carefully:

  • Gather Your Tools

You will be cleaning a lot of wood chips and sawdust. So, you need some gardening tools to help you out. Here is a list of such tools:

  • Boots
  • Hand gloves
  • Rake
  • Shovel
  • Garbage trolley (preferably hand-pushed).

Now that you have every necessary tool to easily remove grinding debris, let’s go to the second step.

  • Begin The Cleaning Process

Safety comes first. To avoid cuts and splinters, wear your safety instruments like hand gloves and boots. Get the shovel and rake and collect all the grindings into the trolley.

Use the rake to collect rocks and pebbles. Yes, it’s a lengthy process but keep collecting until all the sawdust and woodchips are collected.

And you should clear out the grinding debris slowly.

  • Decide on Debris

You will end up with sawdust or debris after you have cleared out the yard. Now, it’s time to decide what to do what that sawdust or debris.

Should you discard them or reuse them?

I will show you multiple ways to reuse that debris later in this article but if you want to discard it, that’s okay too.

To discard the debris, you can simply ask your local trash company to take that debris. If they take your offer, it will be easy for you to discard the debris.

Another way of discarding the stump grindings is asking the tree service people who have removed the stump to take away the grindings with them.

Another way of discarding wood chips is by putting an advertisement on Craigslist. Many people need them. So, you can find someone to pick it up from you.

Lastly, you can simply burn the debris if you are sure the tree stump was chemically treated.

  • Fill Holes To Level Yard

So, you have just cleared up the stump grindings and removed all the debris. Now, you will notice some holes that need to be filled to level your yard.

So, how to fill holes after stump grinding?

Well, when it comes to that, you have two options to fill up such holes. You can either use soil or dirt to get the job done.

But I would recommend using soil to fill up holes. If you use the topsoil to fill such holes, your yard will become fertile for your favorite plants or grass to grow better.

So, get a generous amount of topsoil and slowly fill up all the holes.

  • Finishing Touch

You are literally done cleaning up stump grindings. Now, you have a completely empty yard. You can grow new trees or grass in your yard.

But before planting new grass or trees, make sure to remove all the roots of old trees.

What To Do With Sawdust From Stump Grinding?

use of Sawdust From Stump Grinding

Instead of just discarding the sawdust and wood chips from the grinding, you can put it in use as well. In fact, it has multiple usages like the following:

  • Use Them As Mulch

Your garden needs mulch and you can use the stump grindings as mulch. Wood chips as mulch work great!

When used as mulch, wood chips can keep the weeds under control and retain the moisture of the soil. It also helps to stabilize the soil temperature.

But you should mix the grindings with nitrogen-enriched fertilizer if you decide to use them as mulch. Let me explain why.

As the wood chips gradually decompose, it can reduce the nitrogen from the soil. With reduced nitrogen in the soil, plant growth will suffer for sure.

That’s why you should mix the wood chips with fertilizer.

  • Compost Stump Grindings

This is something you should do if you don’t want to mix nitrogen-rich fertilizer with wood chips.

While composting, make sure to stir the stump grindings at regular intervals to fasten the decomposition process.

Composting wood grindings will make them rich in nitrogen. After that, you can use them as mulch for your garden beds directly.

  • Make A Walkway

You can make a small walkway spreading the stump grindings around your garden or yard strategically. Now, how do you make a walkway with it?

Well, you should create the walkway outline first. Then use tarpaulin to cover the top of the soil and use the stump grindings to cover it. This will prevent soil erosion and keep the weeds in control too.

  • Make Your Snowy Sidewalks Less Slippery

I don’t need to remind you how slippery the road surface can be due to the snow and ice during the winter. But you can’t fix that easily and cheaply with stump grinding.

This is what I strongly recommend for anyone who keeps wondering what to do with wood chips from stump grinding.

To create the traction, you need to spread the stump grindings on the snowy sidewalks and there will be no more slipping!

  • Make A Dog Run

If you go to any dog park, you will notice they use wood chips to keep the mud and dirt at a minimum. This is what you can do if you have a dog to fix the muddy backyard dog trail.

Who doesn’t have a dog?

It’s a unique way to clean up the debris if you are still looking for stump grinding debris removal tips. It keeps your garden from being trampled with mud and your dog’s paws clean.

Even if you don’t have a dog, you can give those wood chips to your neighbor who has a dog to make the dog run.

  • Use Them As Fire starter

When you have a good collection of sawdust, you need to spend a penny to buy any fire starter. If you are camping during the winter, you can use the sawdust to light your bonfires.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will grass grow in stump grindings?

Sawdust from stump grindings robs the nitrogen from the soil. So, grass and other plants find it difficult to grow afterward.

Is it better to grind a stump or remove it?

Stump grinding is much better and efficient than stump removal. However, the problem with stump grinding is that it leaves the root behind.

Does stump grinding include clean up?

It does and does not. If you don’t want to involve clean up, you can simply backfill it into the stump holes.

How do you get rid of wood chips after stump grinding?

You can use it as mulch or give it away to your neighbor who needs it to make a dog run.

How do you clean after stump grinding?

After wearing your gloves and boots, get a shovel and rake to collect all the debris into a garbage trolley. Lastly, get rid of the debris either by burning them or backfill into the holes.

Summing Up

So, you have learned the easiest way to clean up stump grindings and how to put them to good use instead of just discarding them.

I hope this article helps you out cleaning up your yard. Now, show me some love by sharing this article with your friends.

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