Aqua Chair Vs. Ledge Lounger: Key Differences With Main Features

Without those chairs that sit in the pool, it seems incomplete. Getting your in-pool chaise lounger from the Ledge Loungers is highly recommended if you have that kind of budget!

Aqua outdoors offers the same but at a lower cost. So, what are the differences between Aqua chair vs. Ledge Lounger?

Well, let’s find out!

Differences Between Ledge Lounger And Aqua chair

Aqua chair vs. Ledge Lounger

For years, Ledge Loungers used to be the number one choice for this outdoor furniture. They are still now. 

The main reason is not just the quality and durability of these chaise lounges. Almost all the pool companies put the brand in their designs without much thinking about the alternatives. 

Yes, Aqua chairs are great for your pool. But let’s check some vital features and information to differentiate between two rivals.

  • Materials Used

Just like the Ledge loungers, UV16 rated resin is used to make Aqua chairs. That’s why Aqua chairs can withstand the harsh chemical of the pool water, the sun, and the weather. 

In case you don’t know. The UV16 rating is standard for the U.S. The only country that has more than that is Australia. The standard there is UV32!

  • Sun Shelf Compatibility

Both the Ledge Loungers and Aqua chairs are suitable for ledges. They can be used on beaches and decks.

However, Aqua chairs are suitable for use only 6″-9″ of water. You can’t use them for deeper ledges. But Ledge Loungers offer deeper ledges as well.

But if you decide to get Aqua chairs but you have 10″-14″ of water, you can get a riser from the Aqua Outdoors to solve the problem.

  • Durability

The reason why Ledge Lounger costs so much than Aqua chairs is because of the high-quality materials used and years of research they have spent. 

So, naturally, Ledge Loungers are more durable than Aqua chairs. And this is also backed by reviews from pool enthusiasts. 

  • Color

Whereas there are 12 color variations (at present) for the Signature Chaise of Ledge Loungers, Aqua chairs have only 5 color variations.

I could not find the sandstone or granite color chaise from the Aqua outdoors. Coral or lime green colors are also not available. Apparently, those colors are popular among pool enthusiasts.

Also, the color of the Ledge Loungers lasts longer than the Aqua chairs as per reviews and discussions from several forums. 

The color of Ledge Loungers can last up to 16,000 hours (around 8 years) of direct sunlight. But the number is a little smaller for the Aqua chairs. 

  • Price Gap

This is probably the biggest difference between the two. The affordable cost of the Aqua chairs is also the reason why people pick this brand instead of Ledge Loungers.

The price difference is fairly high between the two. 

Whereas the price of a single Signature Chairs from the Ledge Loungers will cost you around $700, you can get an Aqua chair for around $500. 

Key Takeaways

To me, it’s not fair to compare Aqua chairs with Ledge Loungers. The latter have years of research developing their pool furniture. 

Without any doubt, Ledge Loungers are ahead of Aqua chairs in every way. But not everyone can afford them. 

Aqua chairs have come into the picture recently as a new alternative and affordable in-pool chaise lounge chair option. Yes, they are affordable, but that does not mean they are cheap!

Closing Remarks

As you have learned the key differences between the Aqua chair vs. Ledge Lounger, do you think Aqua chairs can fulfill your dream of having an in-pool chaise lounger?

To me, yes!

Look, if you have a higher budget, Ledge Lounger is your answer. Otherwise, go for the Aqua chairs. For residential purposes, Aqua chairs can definitely fulfill your purpose. 

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