Alternatives to Bullnose Tile Edge: Explore All The Available Options!

To complete the look of your home project, having the right design of tile edge is important. And it may happen that the tile you have chosen does not have bullnose pieces.

Or you just do not want to settle for the typical bullnose tile edge.

If that is your situation, then we have just the thing for you. Today we will be talking about the alternatives to bullnose tile edge.

So, read on to know more about the alternatives.

Bullnose Tile Edge Substitutes

Bullnose tile edging options

Today we are going to talk about 5 alternatives.

  • Metal Tile Edge
  • Glass Tile Edge
  • Natural Stone Tile Edge
  • Mitering
  • Customizing Your Own Bullnose Tile Edge

Without further ado, keep reading to know about each alternative and find out the one that complements your home best.

Metal Tile Edge

Metal tile edges are now gaining popularity for their variety of choices and designs. They are also an affordable option.

However, affordability is not its only quality. With the variety of designs and styles, you can get something to match the aesthetics of your washroom.

A few notable styles are:

Metal Tile Edge
  • L shaped also known as the Schluter Jolly
  • Square Shaped known as the Schluter Quadec
  • Round shaped known as Schluter Rondec

Metal tile edges will complement all colors and yet provide a clean look.

You can choose from aluminum, plated or brushed brass, silver, or chrome coated.

Other than the wide range of styles, Metal Tile edge offers a very durable and high-quality finish.

You can use metal tile edges to protect the ceramic tiling against harsh chemicals or any sort of corrosion. And whether you go for a brass finish or an aluminum finish, you can still stay within your budget.

Glass Tile Edge

If you are looking for something a bit unique, then a glass tile edge can be the one for you. Glass tiles have naturally finished edges.

Glass Tile Edge

So, you do not have to go through further hassles.

Glass tile edges will also offer you a better option for keeping them neat and clean.

Here are some benefits of Glass tile edge that you can consider:

  • It won’t absorb water, unlike other materials. So, it is very durable and easier to maintain.
  • The glass tile edge gives off an appealing glossy look due to the material’s translucence.
  • The variety of colors and styles provide you with options to match your aesthetics.
  • If you are someone who wants to go green, then you should know that compared to other materials, glass tiles need less energy to be produced. And they are 100% recyclable.

Glass tile edges are found in different edge designs. Each edge design is made keeping the safety, functionality, and aesthetics of the product in mind.

So, the most common types of edge styles are:

  1. Pencil Polish
  2. Pencil Grind
  3. Seamed Edges
  4. Grind and Chamfer
  5. Flat Polish

If you are going to go glass tile edge as an alternative to bullnose tile edge, you can look up the following:

  • Questech Tile Trim
  • Questech Square Tile Trim
  • Kantu Glass Pencil Trim
  • MSI Ice Bevel

Natural Stone Tile Edge

Natural Stone Tiles have gained quite the popularity for their one-of-a-kind versatile beauty. Whether the house has a modern or more contemporary look, natural stone tiles complement all.

The options you get for Natural Stone Tiles are:

Natural Stone Tile Edge
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Onyx
  • Quartz
  • Travertine
  • Slate
  • Limestone, etc.

Some natural stones don’t even need polishing to give it a finished look among these many options.

Such as marble, granite, and travertine.

Natural Stone Tile Edges have different tile edging options due to the different ways the stones are cut. But the most generic styles of edges for natural stone tile are:

  • Chiseled Edges
  • Tumbled Edges
  • Micro-Bevel Edges
  • Straight Cut Edges

Like different edge styles, you also get different tile surface styles too.

  • Honed tile (matte finish)
  • Filled tile (filled with any synthetic or polymer material)
  • Unfilled Tile (Fresh, raw, and natural)
  • Polished Tile (Glossy and smooth finish)

Here are a few Natural Stone Tile Edges you can have a look at:

  • American Olean Natural Stone Marble Pencil Liner Tile
  • Carrara Marble Pencil Liner Tile
  • Satori Natural Stone Marble Pencil Liner Tile


Mitering can be a great alternative to bullnose edge tile if you want a minimalistic look. But what is mitering, you may wonder?

Mitering instead of Bullnose tile edge

Mitering is used for external tile corners. It is the method of cutting at a 45-degree angle along the edge of the tile.

This removes the underside of the tile, also known as the biscuit.

Then two mitered tiles are joined together to make a clean finish at the corner.

The process of mitering is very easy, but it does need some experience. It also requires the right machine to make the proper cut without any damage or chipping of the tile.

Mitered tiles can give a sleek look to your modern themed house. It is said to be the best finish for external tile corners.

Customizing Your Own Bullnose Tile Edge

The last alternative to bullnose tile edge is to customize your own. For this, you will need full-body porcelain tiles.

Full-body porcelain tiles are tiles composed of natural clays. These clays are mixed with natural pigments. So, the entire tile will have the color.

You can also bullnose ceramic tile edges if it does not include a bullnose tile option. To know more on how to get ceramic tile edging trim, keep on reading.

This could be your do-it-yourself project if it interests you. The tools you will need are:

  • Wet tile saw
  • Angle Grinder
  • Diamond Blade
  • Diamond polishing pads
  • Bullnose wheel

So, once you have collected all, this is how you can customize your own bullnose tile edge:

  • Take the porcelain tile and put it on the ground. Measure the length of the tile.
  • Now take the wet tile saw. Hook up the diamond blade.
  • Take a marker and mark the places you will cut on the tile.
  • Now take the diamond blade and cut the tiles to your preferred size.
  • Use the marker to mark the places of the tiles that you will bullnose.
  • After that, remove the diamond blade from the wet tile saw and attach the bullnose wheel.
  • Then position the tile on the saw in a way that the edge of the tile lines up with dented part of the bullnose wheel.
  • Keep pushing it slowly through the blade multiple times until all the material is removed from the edge. Do it till you see a curved edge.
  • After that, take the angle grinder and fit it with a diamond polishing pad. Use it on the curved edges of the tile.
  • Keep moving it in a circular motion to smooth out the edge. Do not hold it in one place for too long.
  • If there is any uneven edge, you can use a rougher grit to smooth it out.

And that is how you can customize your bullnose tile edge on porcelain or ceramic tiles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let us now find out answers to a few frequently asked questions.

What is the difference between porcelain and ceramic tiles?

Usually, non-porcelain tiles are referred to as ceramic tiles. The different types of earthen materials used in various types of ceramic tiles make it different from porcelain.

Do natural stones display high variation?

Different natural stones show different levels of variation. Some variations may be seen in color, while others may be seen in patterns and grain density.

What is the difference between natural stone tiles and ceramic tiles?

Natural stones are extracted from nature, while ceramic tiles are man-made. Among many other differences, natural stone’s unique composition compared to ceramic’s homogenous composition is notable.

Where can you use metal tile edge?

Metal tile edges can be used in areas that have high chances of corrosion.

Final Words

These alternatives to bullnose tile edge will complement the look and aesthetics of your home. So, you can be creative while sticking to a more modern or minimalistic look.

Choose something that blends in with your tile selection, something that will also offer the right value for your money. Happy Shopping!

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