Why Is Cactus Cooler So Expensive: Is It Still Worth The High Price Tag?

I am sure you have tasted it before and it’s still okay to wonder why is cactus cooler so expensive. Not every favored drink is made equal and there are some pretty cool reasons they are costly and yet popular.

If you are wondering the same and got more questions about this drink, you better keep your eyes on this article.

Reasons Why Cactus Cooler Is So Costly

why is cactus cooler so expensive

There are some good reasons behind their heft price tag. Let’s see those price-setting factors:

  • High-quality Ingredients

The pricing of items is governed by one simple rule, the higher the cost of the manufacturing materials, the higher the price of the final product.

With that in mind, probably looking at the cactus cooler’s constituting ingredients will help answer why this product is costly.

The key ingredients of this drink are pineapple and orange fruits. A single package supplies 105 milligrams of sodium, 66 grams of carbohydrates, and 65 grams of sugars on its nutritional value.

The best part is that it is a fat-free and alcoholic-free drink making it a staple family drink for most families in southern California.

This orange-flavored drink is the best cooling solution during the scorching summer seasons because of its ice-cooling ability.

Besides, it contains extra addictive, which significantly improves its flavor, making it addicting. For that reason, most people have termed it as positively addictive.

  • Non-alcoholic
Cactus Cooler
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If you were, to be honest, you would agree with us that there are limited choices of non-alcoholic drinks today.

But, on the other hand, we want a family drink that we can enjoy even with the kids.

This is especially true when basking out in the yard in the summer seasons, right? 

The cactus cooler juice is among the few drinks that are 100% free from alcohol.

Consequently, you can adapt it as your family drink.

  • Ice-cooling effect

The demand for this juice is high during the scorching summer seasons. It has extra addictive, which gives the body a cooling effect and a unique tropical flavor from other products.

  • Better packaging

If you have bought this product before, you might have noticed its user-friendly packaging. The bottle lid is relatively easy to open and has a non-messy design which you can use directly, even without a glass.

Is Cactus Cooler Worth It?

Another rule that guides most manufacturers while determining the pricing of their products is their value.

Consequently, every brand is focused on ensuring that their products have the highest value, which implies a higher market price and more enormous profits.

cactus cooler drink

Similarly, the Keurig Company, which is the leading supplier of this cooling drink, has done its best to increase the nutritional value of its product.

Below are some of the health benefits that are associated with drinking cactus cooler juice;

  • Regulates Blood Sugar

Sugar in the blood helps increase the body’s energy levels and also improves the immunity system.

Nonetheless, people suffering from different health conditions, their bodies may find it hard to supply the needed amount of sugar levels.

The cactus cooler is made up of pineapple and orange fruits which supply natural sugars to the body.

Consequently, consuming this product helps consumers lead healthier lives.

Additionally, unlike other juices which contain processed sugars, this product is made up of natural sugars which don’t contain any chemicals.

  • Manages Cholesterol

Excess cholesterol in the body is a significant cause of heart disease. Needless to say, heart diseases are expensive to treat, and in most situations, they result in death.

Unfortunately, most of the drinks in the market contain fats that increase the body’s cholesterol accumulation.

News flash!

In all efforts to ensure that you consume a healthy drink, the cactus cooler manufacturer has not added any fats to this product.

Actually, it is on the list of countable drinks that have zero fat supply in the body. Thus, consuming it will not keep you at risk of heart diseases.

  • Eliminate Hangovers

The cactus cooler contains vitamins C, E, and calcium, to mention only a few.  These nutrients reduce body inflammation which is common after taking high amounts of alcohol. 

As a result, this drink reduces some the hangover symptoms such as dry mouth, vomiting, and nausea.

  • Boosts The Immune System

Most people are still purchasing this drink despite its high price because it helps boost immunity. Well, who doesn’t want a body that is resistant to sickness?

The cactus cooler contains multiple nutrients such as vitamin c and E. These nutrients strengthen the blood cells and give them a stronger fighting ability against diseases, resulting in higher immunity.

My Take On Cactus Cooler

The cactus cooler is a common pineapple flavored drink commonly found in southern California. It was inspired by Fred Flintstone’s cartoon show and took a few days to win most people’s taste.

Besides its good taste, this drink has been associated with several health benefits, which gives the best explanation for it being so costly.

Here is a cool review on it for you to watch.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is cactus cooler only sold in southern California?

Cactus cooler soft drink is only common in southern California and its environments. However, there are several; online stores that take orders in all parts of the world.

Is cactus cooler good?

The cactus cooler is made of pineapple, oranges, and other food addictive’s. It contains critical body nutrients, and it also helps to improve body immunity. Besides, it has a body cooling effect which helps mitigate the effect of the summer sun.

Is cactus cooler alcoholic?

This highly recommended drink is drug-free. In essence, it does not contain alcohol or any other drug substances such as caffeine. Thus, you can give it to the kids also.

Why is it called cactus cooler?

The naming of this soft drink was inspired by ‘The Flintstones,’ a cartoon show that aired in the 1960s. The show’s main character loved to drink a fictional drink known as a cactus cooler.

Does the cactus cooler contain fat?

This cooling drink does not contain any fats. Instead, it contains carbohydrates, sugars, sodium, among other nutrients.

Final Thoughts

The cactus cooler is a non-alcoholic drink that has high demand during the summer seasons. It is manufactured by the Dr.Kerig company and is common in southern California and its environments.

This drink has a higher value to the body, making it outstand its competitors. Addedly, its packaging is non-messy and easy to handle.

If you have been wondering why is cactus cooler is so expensive, we have looked at its health value, among other reasons that may be affecting its pricing.

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