Why Are Crawl Space Dehumidifiers So Expensive And Are They Worth It?

Usually, no one thinks too much of what happens in the crawlspace of their houses. But if you keep ignoring your crawlspace, you are let the moisture take it over.

This can eventually lead to growing molds and a lot of structural damages in your home.

Now, the best way to keep your crawlspace proper is using dehumidifiers. But the question is, why are crawl space dehumidifiers so expensive? Are they worth the money you spend on them?

That’s what I will discuss here. Let’s get going.

Reasons Crawl Space Dehumidifiers Being Costly

why are crawl space dehumidifiers so expensive

Even though the functionality of crawlspace dehumidifiers is pretty limited, they still come at a high price.

And many people have an issue with that because it’s not that easy to pay that much for a machine that you won’t use actively every day.

But there are several justified reasons for a crawlspace dehumidifier to cost that much. Here, I will take you through those reasons and see why they cost more than other types of dehumidifiers.

  • Quality Components To Keep It Running Constantly

Unlike many other dehumidifiers, with a crawlspace dehumidifier, you are looking at constant functioning. There is no stopping with the operation of such a dehumidifier.

This constantly runs without stopping for as long as you want without any issues.

To do something like that, you will need to have quality components that don’t come cheap. So, to make sure the dehumidifiers can run continuously, high-quality components go into the machine.

This makes the dehumidifiers cost so much.

  • Unique Features

In a crawlspace dehumidifier, you will see special features that aren’t available on a regular dehumidifier. Adding those features increases the functionality, performance, and value of these crawlspace dehumidifiers.

There are many features that you will get to see in these dehumidifiers that are completely different from the regular ones.

Features like a built-in humidistat that you can adjust are quite costly to integrate into the machine.

Also, features like air purification, gravity drainage, automatic switch control, condensate pump, and so forth need special mechanisms to work.

For every single one of these features to work, they have to add in different parts. And these parts don’t come in cheap also; they are pretty delicate to set up.

That’s for the delicate work and intricate parts; the cost goes up.

  • The Durability Of The Components

The durability you get in the components with a crawlspace dehumidifier is higher than the regular ones.

Because a crawlspace dehumidifier goes through rougher conditions that are hard to tackle, for that, it needs the parts to be strong enough to withstand such conditions.

This type of dehumidifier will have to fight through more moisture content and possibly contaminants like mold spores and whatnot.

To fight against that and still stand strong, it surely needs durability. And durable parts usually cost much more than cheaper parts, right?

That’s why these dehumidifiers are expensive compared to other types.

  • The Compact Finish

Since you will have to fit the dehumidifier in a tight space, it needs to be compact. But at the same time, you will need power in your unit.

So, bringing that compactness together with the power becomes a tough task for the manufacturers.

They have to think of providing quality materials inside, but they can’t put larger units. Finding those powerful small units is quite hard, and they are pretty rare as well.

Assembling so many intricate parts in one unit is also quite difficult.

So, when you add everything up, the whole process is a bit troublesome. And the parts individually cost a lot more than the parts in a regular dehumidifier.

That’s why crawlspace dehumidifiers have a higher price tag than other ones.

In the end, everything sums up to the whole package of a crawlspace dehumidifier. It has to be compact so that it can fit in a crawlspace, but at the same time, it needs the power to run continuously.

Making all of that possible requires high-quality components and materials inside for a satisfying performance.

You can surely find cheaper alternatives, but how effective they will be is always a question that will linger on your mind.

So, rather than buying 3 or 4 cheap dehumidifiers, it’s just better to have a high-quality dehumidifier that comes with quality for the price.

Are Crawl Space Dehumidifiers Worth It?

are crawl space dehumidifiers worth it

Well, the clear answer to this is, yes, they are worth it for sure. And there are a lot of reasons for saying that. The first obvious one is that, don’t you want a cleaner household?

A dehumidifier will give you a cleaner household and a less dusty house.

Now coming to the cost and value aspect of it. Sure, crawlspace dehumidifiers are quite expensive, but the value they bring is also quite great.

You can keep your crawlspaces free of moisture which can help you in lots of different ways.

First of all, it keeps the crawlspaces dry so you can store anything you want there. And if you have already stored something, you can ensure they don’t get damaged due to moisture.

One major use you get out of a dehumidifier is that you don’t need to worry about structural damages.

If the walls on your home are cracked or the structural support is damaged, repairing them can cost a lot. And you don’t want to go through that kind of expense, trust me on that.

Also, if you have wooden furniture or other wooden items near your crawlspace, it’s always best to have a dehumidifier. Because none of us are strangers to the effect of moisture on wood, right?

So, keeping a dehumidifier around that place also keeps your wooden items safe from moisture content.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I put a regular dehumidifier in my crawl space?

No. A regular dehumidifier won’t do the work of a crawl space dehumidifier.

How much does a dehumidifier cost for a crawl space?

Depending on the size of your space and the brand you pick, it will cost you somewhere in between $900 to $1500.

Where should a dehumidifier be placed in a crawl space?

You can put the dehumidifier anywhere in the crawl space where the discharged airflow won’t be blocked. Also, you should be able to drain it easily as well.

Should I buy a dehumidifier for my crawl space?

Yes, this is a must to keep your crawl space moist or damp-free. This will help to maintain the structural integrity of your house.

Can one dehumidifier do a whole house?

Yes, but only if you get the whole house type dehumidifier. Usually, that type of dehumidifier can cover up to 5000 square feet or more.


To sum up, now you know why the price tag of crawl space dehumidifiers is so high. And truth be told, their expense is worth it for sure considering how much benefit they bring in your household.

If you want to lead a healthier life and have a hygienic household, getting a crawlspace dehumidifier can be a great investment.

And it can also help you keep the construction of your house stable and prevent any damages whatsoever.

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