22 Types Of Spoons Your Kitchen Should Have ALWAYS!

The history of spoons is as old as the knives. Since the beginning of human civilization, the types of spoons have been serving for quite a long time. And there are plenty of spoon types out there.

Your kitchen alone is full of small and big spoons. Each type serves a different purpose. It does not harm even a bit to know some spoons types with their usages. And this is the right place to learn about them all.

Table Of Various Types Of Spoon

Let’s have a quick look at what we are about to cover here:

1.Table Spoon
2.Caviar Spoon
3.Salt Spoon
4.Fruit Spoon
5.Salad Spoon
6.Dessert Spoon
7.Absinthe Spoon
8.Serving Spoon
9.Cocktail Spoon
10.Bouillon Spoon
11.Demitasse Spoon
12.And Many More!

22 Types Of Spoon That May Interest YOU

types of spoons

In fact, there are more types out there but I think you will be needing those that I did not mention here. So, here are most common of them that you should be aware of:

  1. Table Spoon

The most common cutlery item that every kitchen owns. We can’t think of our daily life without such tablespoons. It serves many purposes than any other spoon type.

To have rice, curries, soups, etc. – we use such spoons all the time. The reason is pretty simple. They are designed to pick foods in the right amount.

  1. Salt Spoon

We use them in the salt cellars and they a very small bowl. You don’t see them now because we have replaced them with salt shakers nowadays. The size of them is almost like the caviar spoons which is very small.

  1. Fruit Spoon

They are smaller than tablespoons and because of their pointed tips and elongated bowl, it’s easy to pick and cut various fruits like melons, oranges, grapes, etc. Among fruit spoons, there is a grapefruit spoon kind too.

The serrated edge of spoons helps to separate the fruits from the rinds and it is specifically designed to help us eating grapes easily.

  1. Salad Spoon

We use them along with the salad fork to mix salad or vegetables. Not just mixing salads, we use them to serve our salads to our eating plates too. So yes, to make our daily life easier, they are a great role too.

  1. Tea Spoon or Coffee Spoon

We use them to stir coffee and tea all the time. However, do not confuse it with the coffee scoop. They are probably the smallest in size and serves a pretty important purpose.

People use them to stir their coffees to drink from their after-dinner coffee cups. Unless you buy a complete dish set, it’s hard to find them alone.

  1. Dessert Spoon

They have a bowl-like wide shape and we use such dessert spoons to carve through various pastries, pudding, and other kinds of sweets. They slightly pointy and longer bowl have made them different than other types of spoon.

The size of such a spoon is somewhat in between the teaspoon and tablespoon. And they have commonly used kitchen items in our day to day life.

  1. Serving Spoon

If you are familiar with the serving fork, you are familiar with the serving spoon too. They go hand in hand. We use the serving spoon first and the tablespoon later.

The spoon size is bigger than tablespoon because we normally use them to pick food from the utensils to the plates.  The cup size is bigger than the tablespoon too.

  1. Long Drink Spoons

As the name suggests, these spoons have a long handle. They are particularly useful when you need to stir your cold and hot drinks from big mugs or long glasses. The long handles are there to protect your hand.

  1. Baby Spoon

To feed the baby, we use baby spoons. They come in lots of color and shape to make them interesting to the babies. They do not have any sharp edges to protect the baby from unwanted cutting. More so, ensure your kitchen safety when there is a kid in the house!

  1. Cocktail Spoon

You see them in the bar. They have long handled to stir the drink in long beer glasses or long drink glasses.

  1. Sugar Spoon

We use them to serve granulated sugar. Although they look a lot like teaspoons, they have deeper bowls and the edges are fluted.

Of course, you can use your tablespoons or any other smaller spoons to serve sugar, you should have them to have a formal table in your dining room.

  1. Soup Spoon

Deep and larger bowls have made them suitable to serve soup conveniently. Without spilling, they let us scoop up soup easily. And yes, they make eating soup easy too.

Within the soup spoon category, there are plenty of different types too. But the most common types are Chinese soup spoon and British soup spoon. However, most kinds of soup spoons are made of ceramic.

  1. Absinthe Spoon

Absinthe Spoon

Absinthe has a bitter taste and people who love to drink absinthe use such spoons to mix sugar cube to remove the bitter taste.

If drinking absinthe is your daily ritual, you will love these kinds of spoons. They have a flat bowl and they are specific designs cut into them so that absinthe can flow through easily. The notch in the handle allows them to rest on the rim of the glass.

  1. Ladle

When you need to serve stew or soup in large amounts, the ladle is your answer to avoid making a mess. They are the big spoons that have long handles attached to them with deep bowls.

Now, you will find them in various shapes, sizes, and styles too. Some ladles have handles that are attached directly to the bowl whereas some other ladles have bowl attached at an angle. Each shape serves the same purpose of lifting food out of the pot easily.

  1. Caviar Spoon

They are normally made from gold, wood, animal horn, and so on. The shallow and smaller bowl of such spoons helps to scoop out and serve caviar in a smaller amount.

People don’t use metal made spoons to serve caviar because it is generally believed that it may ruin the taste of the caviar.

The bowls sometimes maybe in oval or paddle shape. Because of their unique design, you can’t use them for any purposes other than serving caviar.

  1. Slotted Spoon

Absinthe spoons are a sub-category of slotted spoons that have unique usages.

Slotted spoons are intricate-looking spoons designed specifically for serving liquid foods like soup. They are called slotted spoons simply because they have slots, holes, and other types of openings cut into the bowl.

These holes allow the liquid to pass through and the larger food pieces will remain on the bowl to be served.

  1. Bouillon Spoon

When you need a spoon for quicker cooling, a bouillon spoon is your rescue! The wide and round bowl (not oval) gives it a wider surface for your jellied soups to be served in cool quickly.

  1. Risotto Spoon

In addition to stirring creams and sauces, people use such spoons to stir risotto mainly. To create a vortex in the pot, there is a large hole in the middle of such spoons.

That vortex ensures that everything is mixed together well and agitated correctly. To avoid deflating while stirring food and adding new ingredients, risotto spoons work better than any wooden spoons.

  1. Demitasse Spoon

You may know it as ‘espresso spoon’ and they are smaller in size than any regular spoons. They are smaller in size (usually half of the size of a coffee cup) so that you can use them with your espresso cup.

  1. Chinese Spoon

You will see them in oriental restaurants a lot. Usually, they have a thick and short handle that has a deep bowl with a flat bottom. They are also used for soups and sauces. You can use them for solid foods too. Chinese spoons are made of mainly ceramic.

  1. Gumbo & Chowder Spoon

To enjoy thicker soups (mixed with vegetables and meats), we use the gumbo and chowder spoons a lot. They have larger bowls and usually have a length of 7 inches in total.

  1. Parfait Spoon

If you are sorbets, sundaes, and parfait fan, you will love the parfait spoon. So, you can tell it is another kind of parfait spoon. They have a long and slim handle and often have a teaspoon like a bowl.

Other Not So Common spoons types

spoon types

  1. Straw Spoon
  2. Bar Spoon
  3. M1926 Spoon
  4. Horn Spoon
  5. Seal-top Spoon
  6. Berry Spoon
  7. Cutty
  8. Egg Spoon
  9. French Sauce Spoon
  10. Plastic Spoon
  11. Rattail Spoon
  12. Korean Spoon
  13. Marrow Spoon

Again, there are more types of spoons out there than whatever I have covered here. As you can see, each of them has a different purpose to serve. Now that you know a lot of them, get some of them for your kitchen are missing NOW!

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