Therma Tru Vs. Masonite Fiberglass Doors: Key Differences And Features

Have you been trying to find a strong and sturdy main door with a solid door frame and chic style and shape?

Well, we’re going to discuss the differences between Therma Tru and Masonite fiberglass doors.

Even though they have very minute differences and are from good companies, they have a little difference in them that we will see further in this article.

First, let’s see which one is better suited to your taste and needs.

Tabular Comparison of Therma Tru & Masonite

SpecificationTherma Tru fiberglass doorsMasonite fiberglass doors
Door typeSingle door, double door, single door with sidelightsSingle door
Door size32*80, 36*8036*80
Jamb depth4 9/16 inches, 6 9/16 inches4-9/16 inches
Door HandingLeft- hand in swing/right-hand inswingLeft- hand in swing/right-hand inswing
Glass sizeFull glass, ¾ glass, ¾ glass 6 lite¾ glass
Energy starEnergy star qualified; North Central, Northern, South Central, SouthernNorth Central, Northern, South Central, Southern
Advanced componentsBall bearings, adjustable sills, touch-up paint are included in weather stripping.Aluminum sill, weather stripping
FeaturesBrickmold, lockset bore, Lockset bore, 
Industry warrantyLifetime limited warranty and 10-year finish warrantyLimited lifetime warranty

Therma Tru Fiberglass Doors Vs. Masonite Fiberglass Doors

Masonite vs Therma Tru fiberglass doors

Before we discuss which one is the best option, let us see what we understand by a fiberglass door. Let’s see what fiberglass is first.

Fiberglass is a type of material made with plastic in which a resin matrix is embedded. It is reasonable to buy, strong, and can be molded into various, different shapes.

Fiberglass has been used for insulation, making boats, pipes, auto body parts, and several other objects such as doors.

Fiberglass doors are strong and a much better option than wooden doors. In these types of doors, the frame is made of wood or a high-strength material.

The core is filled with insulating foam made of polyurethane used for insulating the door and soundproofing. The door’s exterior side is made with compression-molded fiberglass, which can resist high impact.

Therma Tru & Masonite are considered some of the best brands that deal in construction materials and interior materials that include doors.

 Features of Therma Tru Fibreglass Doors

  • It needs minimal maintenance
  • It can resist scratches and some kind of dents
  • It does not split or get cracks
  • It is energy efficient
  • It is supported by a verified company’s warranty plus a 10-year finish warranty
  • Reapplication of topcoat is required after every 3-5 years or when the gloss starts to fade
  • Solid security and excellent durability
  • Moisture protection guaranteed
  • Entryways come in distinct types of wood grains; Fir and Mahogany collection

Features Of Masonite Fiberglass Doors

  • Low maintenance
  • Durable material avoids rotting, warping, and denting
  • Resists cracks and splits
  • Woodgrain variety is available such as cherry wood
  • Tiles with square edges provide excellent stability for harsh weather
  • The company’s warranty supports it
  • Use weatherstripping as an option
  • Energy star qualified

Now that we’ve drawn a comparison table for both the doors, let’s briefly discuss what these differences mean when you are about to buy one of the two doors.

Differences Between Masonite And Therma Tru Fiberglass Doors

Masonite fiberglass doors
  • Door Type

The major difference there is in both of these brands is that Masonite only offers single doors whereas Therma Tru offers single doors, single doors with sidelights, double doors, etc.

Here, Therma Tru has more options.

  • Door Size

Therma Tru provides two sizes, i.e., 32*80 and 36*80, which show doors with different widths. Whereas Masonite only provides 36*80 size doors which are standard door sizes.

  • Jamb Depth

Jamb depth is the wall thickness measurement into which the door unit is fitted. Here, Therma True provides two sizes that are 4 9/16 inches and 6 9/16 inches, whereas Masonite only provides 4 9/16 inches.

Therefore, since Therma Tru has more options, it becomes a desirable option.

  • Glass Size

Therma Truprovides a variety of glass sizes such as full glass, ¾ glass, ¾ glass six lite, whereas Masonite provides only a ¾ glass size option.

Again with more options, Therma Tru comes out more desirable.

  • Advanced Components

Masonite provides aluminum sill and weatherstripping, which are important components to withstand varying weather conditions and affect the durability of doors.

Therma Tru has aluminum sill and weatherstripping as important components and ball bearings that help protect hinge pivot as an added support and touch-up paint.

  • Features

Masonite has a lockset bore and is sold separately, whereas Therma Tru comes with a lockset bore and brickmould, which acts as a casing around exterior doors.

  • Industry Warranty

Both of them are lifetime limited guaranteed by their respective companies, but Therma Tru also has a 10-year finish guarantee, i.e., they will maintain their finish and would be repaired if needed.

  • Summary

Hence, we can see that they have almost all the same qualities with a difference of options. Both of them have the same and common drawbacks of fiberglass doors.

Therma Tru has more options and variety than Masonite.

Therma true has various options like different door sizes, jamb width sizes, door types, and even certain components like ball bearings, etc.

Therefore, you’re buying process will become easier with more options.

Common Similarities Between Masonite And Therma Tru

  • Energy star

Both hold the Energy star qualified option, which means that both are energy efficient. It means that it helps you in saving energy costs.

Energy is usually consumed for weatherstripping that is important for resisting leaks.

Both the brands, Therma Tru and Masonite, have similar options. However, Masonite has standards options, whereas Therma Tru has variety among them.

  • Summary

While there were major differences in the presence of options, there is one major similarity between them.

Therma Tru and Masonite are ENERGY STAR certified, which shows that they are both cost-effective for energy costs. 

Are Therma Tru Doors Good Quality?

We have seen that both the doors had the same type of materials with options in glass size, door types, jamb width size, etc.

While you are considering purchasing a door, certain specifications must be according to your house interior and the exterior surroundings. 

Therefore, after careful research and viewing other customer reviews, Therma Tru stands as a better choice than Masonite since 

  • It provides you with a lot of choices and options
  • It has ball bearings that protect each hinge pivot for smooth movement.
  • It has a brick mold that acts as a casing for the exterior. 

These may come in handy when you are deciding to make a purchase. It must suit well with your interior as well as exterior. 

Note- However, the final decision is all up to you. We suggest you opt for the fiberglass door that must be suited to your needs and budget as well. 

The Bottom Line

As we have already seen in the above article, there have been minute differences in the Therma Tru vs. Masonite fiberglass doors comparison.

The deciding factor becomes easier if we know which one to buy according to our own needs. 

Therefore, whichever door you choose will be of high quality and material and maintain its quality and finish for years to come.

However, we would suggest that Therma Tru fiberglass door can be used since it is better in all matters concerning a fiberglass door than the Masonite fiberglass doors by just a few minor differences. Good Luck!

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  1. I do a lot of home DIY projects and as a long time Manufacturing engineer, I like to do research on my topics which is why I was extremely surprised and disappointed to read your article on Therma Tru vs Masonite fiberglass doors. Your lack of research or outright deception is appalling. The comparisons between the two manufacturers is very tilted toward Therma Tru, where I can only assume you get compensation from them. In virtually every category you list Therma Tru’s values while either negleting to mention Masonite or you are completely wrong. Example to say Masonite does not have double doors (French doors) is completely false and they even show them on their website. I have a Masonite French door in my last house which did very well and I was impressed with the quality. There are several other factors you are very biased on as well, so to provide what looks to be an unbiased comparison that is truly just a commercial for one brand is in my opinion deception and wrong. If you really care to help people and not just make money, be honest and forthright.

    I’m sorry for the bluntness but articles like this just get to me. It was the first of your post that I have read and I was very disappointed.

  2. You sound like you’re confusing the manufacturer and the door assembly builder as Masonite does not include jambs, sills, or sweeps in most cases outside of their new MPower smart door.

    ThermaTru sells a system, thus their warranty, masonite sells a door slab, lites, and glass.

    How about focusing on the styling of the slab itself and finishing? That would be an apples to apples comparison.

  3. Masonite’s warranty is WORTHESS ! They do not honor it period. Learn the hard way, if you insist. Both have zero quality control.

  4. Went to Home Depot to look at doors. Masonite was very comparable to thermo tru . Energy star rated, ball bearing hinges, adjustable sill, same weatherstripping, able to get jam size I requested, with composite jam, half the price. Would like some input if I’m wrong?

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