The Shade Store Vs. Hunter Douglas: Features And Differences

Window treatments can be purely decorative, functional, or a balance between these two. You must be confused between the Shade Store and Hunter Douglas, which is why you are here.

Although they offer the same products like shades, blinds, and drapery, you will see a number of differences between the two renowned brands.

Both function great in their own ways, but if we had to choose one, it’d be the Shade Store for its affordability, top-notch quality, light filtration, and pro installer.

Now let us check out The Shade Store vs. Hunter Douglas analysis!

A Quick Comparison Table!

In a rush? Take a cursory look at the comparison chart to see which one is a better fit for you!

SpecificationsThe Shade StoreHunter Douglas
Direct Online PurchaseAvailableUnavailable
Part AssemblyEasy to getHard to get
Range of CollectionMoreLess
Free SwatchesAvailableUnavailable
Customer ServiceExcellentGood
Automation AppYesNo

Differences Between The Shade Store And Hunter Douglas

The Shade Store Vs. Hunter Douglas

It’s time to check out the actual differences between The Shade Store and Hunter Douglas. Let us walk you through some of them:

  • Direct Online Purchase

The Shade Store site allows customers to order directly from the website. On the other hand, one of the big disadvantages of Hunter Douglas is the lack of direct online purchases.

Although the Hunter Douglas website offers product descriptions and reviews, customers have to go through a verified window treatment expert to purchase.

Now the ball is in your court. Whether you want to buy directly or via any authorized source, it is completely up to you!

  • Installation

When it comes to installation, the Shade Store installer is a pro. It does not completely obstruct the view but still mitigates the sun through a proper installation.

Also, it takes less than an hour to install the window shades.

Most customers complain that the window treatments are not installed properly by the Hunter Douglas installers.

This happens as the company uses 3rd-party installers for its projects.

  • Part Assembly

Both Hunter Douglas and The Shade Store offer a lifetime warranty. However, if any part faces damage, The Shade Store is faster at assembling the parts to cure the repair.

As for Hunter Douglas, although the company promises a lifetime warranty, it stops making the parts after 5-7 years.

Therefore, the part assembly is hard, as the lifetime warranty comes of no use if the parts are not manufactured.

  • Range of Collection

The Shade Store offers a vast collection of blinds, drapery, and shades. Even though Hunter Douglas provides a large collection, it misses out on certain items like pleated shades.

Furthermore, their wide range does not mean they compromise on quality. With a bigger range of collections, the Shade Store offers greater quality.

The Shade Store reviews are full of praise for their top-notch quality. Hunter Douglas, on the contrary, carries negative reviews due to their quality. Their products break down easily.

  • Free Swatches

One of the reasons you would love The Shade Store is that it lets you try out its free swatches. Even before you buy them, you can see if the window decors suit your space or not.

Hunter Douglas has no such free swatches available. So, you would miss out on an advantage here if you go for Hunter Douglas.

  • Automation App

Hunter Douglas has a PowerView Automation app that lets you control the automation of shades from the convenience of your iPad, iPhone, or iPod.

For Android users, this app is unavailable, unfortunately.

The Shade Store does not have any such app. If you choose it, you will have to let go of the comfort of controlling from the palm of your hand.

Quick Summary Of The Differences

  • Hunter Douglas does not allow any direct online purchase, but The Shade Store lets customers purchase directly from their online purchase.
  • The Shade Store is a pro installer, while Hunter Douglas is weak at installations.
  • It is hard to assemble the parts in Hunter Douglas. For The Shade Store, part assembly is really easy.
  • Many types of window décor are available in The Shade Store. In comparison, Hunter Douglas has a narrower product range.
  • The Shade Store lets you try out free swatches at first. Hunter Douglas has no such policies.
  • Hunter Douglas comes with an automation app for Apple users. The Shade Store does not provide any such app for convenience.

Similarities Between The Shade Store And Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas
Hunter Douglas

Although this article focuses mainly on the differences, some similarities exist between The Shade Store and Hunter Douglas.

Let us check them out now:

  • Price

Window treatments can create holes in your pockets. The same goes for Hunter Douglas and The Shade Store items. Their products are highly expensive for the quality they offer.

  • Quiet

When opening or closing, the shades, drapery, and blinds make no noise. This is applicable for both Hunter Douglas and The Shade Store.

  • Free Design Guide

Hunter Douglas and The Shade store have expert design consultants who pave the way for flawless window treatments – that too for free. You can have a showroom experience sitting right at home.

Quick Summary Of The Similarities

  • Both Hunter Douglas and The Shade Store have pricey items on their product list.
  • No noise is made when the drapes or shades are opened or closed for both Hunter Douglas and The Shade Store.
  • Free Design consultation is available on both company’s website.

So, Which One Stands Out?

You might ask, “Which one stands out?”

After comparing the similarities and differences between the two companies, we think The Shade Store is better.

Among all the Hunter Douglas competitors, The Shade Store gives it a neck-to-neck competition.

The following reasons make The Shade Store stand out:

  • Reason 1: Rechargeable Batteries

The batteries for motorized shades can be recharged, so you do not have to throw out the shade once the battery is dead.

Hunter Douglas does not provide such rechargeable batteries, so it does not last long.

  • Reason 2: Direct Purchase from Site

There is absolutely no need to involve a third party to purchase products from The Shade Store.

You can see the products by yourself and purchase directly from the website.

However, be sure to check the product features and descriptions before you proceed to buy.

  • Reason 3: Easy Installation

You would not like to face constant issues in the window treatment due to improper installation.

The Shade Store gives a perfect installation that is found nowhere else. This is why users prefer The Shade Store over Hunter Douglas.

  • Reason 4: Free Swatches

Who does not love free privileges? The same goes for The Shade Store. People love the free swatches feature.

They can create a simulation sitting at home via this feature.

Wrapping Things Up

That is an end to The Shade Store vs. Hunter Douglas. You are now aware of all the differences and similarities between them.

Go for the one which you liked the most. If still confused, try out The Shade Store at first.

You will love the easy installation, direct purchase ability, rechargeable batteries, and free swatches.

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