Pros and Cons of Pedestals for Washing Machines: Are They Worth It?

Are you among those people who find washing clothes to be a monumental task? Well, even a simple job of dealing with clothes puts strain on your back.

A pedestal is your panacea in this case.

Pedestals are platforms installed under a washing machine to raise it above the floor. But how will you know whether a pedestal is good enough for you?

We have weighed the pros and cons of pedestals for washing machines for your ease. Read on!

Pedestals for Washing Machines: Advantages & Disadvantages

pros and cons of pedestals for washing machines

Before you move on to purchase a pedestal for your washing machines, it is vital to know its pros and cons.

Usually, you would have to scour the web to find them out.

Fortunately, we have got your back. Below are some of the pros and cons of pedestals for washing machines we have come up with.

Hope they facilitate your buying process.

Advantages of Pedestals for Washing Machines

Here are some advantages of having pedestals for washing machines.

  • Washing Becomes More Convenient

How good would it be to no longer have to bend down to collect clothes from your washing machine? Sounds fantastic, right?

If you use a pedestal, you can wave goodbye to lowering down.

Sometimes, you can take a better look to check the amount of laundry stacking up. This helps you decide whether you will put the next batch in the washing machine or not.

All in all, pedestals save you from bending at awkward angles, make it easier to grab clothes and get your laundry washed easily.

Height issues will no longer be a problem, as taller people can also use it conveniently. Washing becomes more convenient using the platform.

  • More Storage Space

Furthermore, if you are struggling with placing things on the washing machine lid/top, pedestals can save you from this.

You now have a store to keep your detergents and any other washing supply.

The drawer that comes along with it can be pulled out. Thus, load the drawer up with anything you want.

Have a laundry with little space and no organizational component? Consider this benefit of pedestals.

We would recommend you to gain the full advantage as it provides greater performance and functionality.

Even though the pedestals cost more, it saves you the cost of having a separate laundry shelf, giving you sufficient room.

  • Saves from Back Pain

For aged people, pregnant ladies, and others with mobility problems, pedestals are the go-to option. Why?

When these users take clothes in and out of washing machines, they need to bend over, and this puts strain on their back.

It might be detrimental for them.

However, with pedestals, you no longer have to fret over bending down as much.

They help mitigate the strain you put on your back by leveling the washing machine to your chest level.

What’s unique is that you get to choose your pedestal height. So brace yourself with a pedestal for your washing machine, and you would barely require bending.

Moreover, you do not need to reach the washer’s top to push the clothing items to the bottom. This is great news for short people, who usually struggle to reach the washing machine’s bottom.

Disadvantages of Pedestals for Washing Machines

Some drawbacks of pedestals for washing machines are mentioned below.

  • Slightly Expensive

All good things come at a price. Pedestals for washing machines are no different.

After all, all the benefits they offer need to undergo some production costs. Thus, the price of a basic pedestal can start from $175.

If you want to enjoy all the benefits, you might need to hoard some more cash in your pocket.

Now, you need to see if the price matches your budget or not. Try evaluating how much of a difference it will bring to your laundry operations.

The pedestals might seem overpriced for a box used to lift a washing machine, but take the other benefits into account as well.

  • Not Universal

As the pedestals are generally not universal, you need to be careful when purchasing as your washing machine might not be compatible with it.

Remember that if your washing machine and pedestal fit isn’t perfect, the appliance will rotate and vibrate, and it might stop functioning as well as it did before.

Find a pedestal with an accurate model that matches your washing machine and stick to it!

Pedestals for Washing Machines: A Brief Overview

DIY pedestals for washing machines

Under any front-load washing machines, pedestals can be installed to lift them off the floor. Therefore, users can easily access laundry, as the door is close to the chest level.

You no longer have to bend low.

Even more, some pedestals come with built-in storage space. So, hoard away all your fabric cleansers, detergents, and baskets to keep the laundry room from decluttering.

With just a single appliance, laundry is made more fun! Now, you can have better accessibility, additional storage space, and decluttered laundry room.

Now, you might be wondering – Are laundry pedestals worth it?

Stay with us as we unveil the answer.

Are Laundry Pedestals Worth It?

Just one word: YES!

Who would want to go through constant fatigue while performing household washing chores? We would say the laundry pedestals are godsent!

They keep dirty laundry far from your view until the time comes to wash them. There’s even a drawer to keep the supplies in.

Usually, users complain about the drawer being too short to fit in their supplies. This happens when they buy the wrong size.

If this ever happens to you, just go for a bigger pedestal for your washing machine.

So, organize the laundry better, wash properly and comfortably.

If your budget matches the price of pedestals, it is definitely worth buying. However, if the price exceeds your budget, it might be a good idea to dump that thought.

Frequenlty Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are washer pedestals worth it?

To make your laundry work a lot easier, washer pedestals are worth it!

What is the purpose of a washer pedestal?

When you install it under your washing machine to raise it a bit off the floor, you will find it more convenient to complete your laundry work. Besides, some pedestals have storage drawers!

Do laundry pedestals reduce vibration?

No. If anything, it might help your washer to vibrate more!

Do washer pedestals fit all brands?

Not all of them but you can use a pedestal for any front-load washers and dryers.

Final Thoughts

So that is a wrap-up for now. You have seen all the pros and cons of pedestals for washing machines. As you know, pedestals for washing machines are usually worth it!

It offers many advantages, the cons being its cost and compatibility.

Also, did we tell you that pedestals can generally last more than your washing machine? Well, now you make the wise decision!

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  1. Re the FAQ on vibration “helping” the washer vibrate more. That is not a GOOD thing! Any engineer will tell you that vibration is your enemy. We set our top-of-the-line Samsung front loading washer on top of the pedestal made for it. After just three years, we called a repairman because it was making horrible noise during the drain cycle. The guy told us it might last another six months and that the additional vibration caused by washers being mounted on pedestals was severely limiting the life of appliances. We immediately got rid of the pedestal and set the washer on the floor. Got another three years out of it, but six years for an washer estimated to go at least 20 is another expensive lesson. We are now having to replace the dryer after just 13 years. Made the mistake of thinking there wasn’t enough vibration in that for the pedestal to do harm, but now believe we were wrong about that. We will never mount an appliance on anything but as solid a floor as possible again. Concrete would be best, so kudos to those of you with your laundry in the basement or garage!

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