Pros And Cons Of Double-Sided Fireplace: Is It Worth The Cost?

Having a double-sided fireplace makes perfect sense considering it adds twice the warmth and charm to any room. Yes, people are dealing with double-sided fireplace problems as well.

So, before you decide to have this, you should be aware of all the pros and cons of a double-sided fireplace first. That way, you can make an informed decision and learn what you are about to get.

This article is all about a double-sided fireplace including why you should have it and what problems you may face. Sit tight!

A Brief Double-Sided Fireplace Pros And Cons

More heat for wider space.Expensive.
Safer as the flame is enclosed by sturdy glass.Not suitable for traditional homes.
Lots of verities and customization.Less privacy.
Space saver.Higher maintenance work.

Let’s have a detailed look at those benefits and cons before you make up your mind.

Benefits of Double-Sided Fireplace

double-sided fireplace pros and cons

People who are in love with double-sided fireplaces have some good reasons. So, let’s check those advantages of having a double-sided fireplace over a conventional fireplace:

  • Even Heat Distribution

Well, it makes sense, right? A conventional one-sided fireplace can heat up only one spot. Most of them can’t heat up a large area.

A few of them have a very limited capacity of heating up an extended area.

On the other hand, a double-sided fireplace can distribute the heat evenly and can cover a large area. So, you don’t have to sit nearby the fireplace to feel the warmth. Keep roaming and still enjoy the warmth!

  • A Striking Focal Point

Every home has a statement piece of furniture. Being uncommon and highly stylish, a double-sided fireplace can be such statement stuff.

Many people have found that such fireplaces are great conversation starters whenever they have guests at their homes.

  • Great For An Indoor-Outdoor Blend

A perfect way to blend your interior room with your patio or any outside seating area is by having your double-sided fireplace positioned wisely.

So, you won’t be just lighting up the interior of your cozy living room, it will be a lot more than that! No wastages of space when you install such fireplace between the wall of two separate rooms.

  • Highly Customizable

You may be worried about whether such a fireplace would match the style of your home. It’s a valid concern.

Well, guess what!

Double-sided fireplaces come in lots of varieties and there is definitely one for your home irrespective of whether you have a traditional or modern home.

They are available in multiple sizes and there are a lot of design variations as well. You can get it for indoor, outdoor, and to have a blend of the both!

Apart from glass-sided fireplaces, you can find uber-modern or rustic stone fireplaces. You can customize it just the way you want to match the style of your home.

You can use it as a viewpoint to your lovely garden. Some people even use it to break up their obstructing walls!

  • Space Saver

You will install the double-sided fireplace into the wall of two separate rooms. So, you will be saving a lot of space during the process.

Imagine setting up two separate fireplaces for two different rooms and how much space the two would kill.

So, space-saving is a big advantage of a double-sided fireplace over any single-sided fireplace.

  • Better Safety

These fireplaces are a lot safer than conventional fireplaces. A sturdy glass keeps the flame enclosed for the double-sided fireplaces.

Yes, you can have a fireguard for the conventional fireplace but that will kill the beauty of your interior.

So, if you have small kids or pets, you can keep enjoying your visually appealing warm room worry-free with a double-sided fireplace.

Problems With Double-Sided Fireplace

Double-Sided Fireplace problems

Despite saving so many advantages of double-sided fireplaces, there are some things to consider before you get too excited about them.

Here are some things about double-sided fireplaces to consider (you can call them disadvantages too):

  • Not Ideal For All Traditional Home

Double-sided fireplaces are meant to be used in modern homes. That’s how the manufacturers market them.

So, if you have a traditional home, you need to think twice and browse a lot of options. Yes, there are lots of varieties of such fireplaces but think hard to pick the right type that will match your traditional home.

  • Privacy Issue

If you install a double-sided fireplace into the wall of two separating rooms, you will lose some privacy in the process as well.

So, think hard about where to position it so that you don’t miss your privacy in the future.

  • Might Ruin Interior Décor

That’s not actually a con for a double-sided fireplace. But it happens when you decide to have two different décor and designs for the two sides of a double-sided fireplace.

Any modern décor should include simplicity and having two different designs for the two sides of the fireplace will ruin this simplicity of the entire home décor.

  • Costly

Being a new concept, a double-sided fireplace is a lot more expensive than a single-sided fireplace like any new idea. So, you need a decent budget for that. 

Despite being expensive, a double-sided fireplace is worthy of that investment for your modern home. The benefits simply supersede the cost.

  • Higher Maintenance Work

Just installing the fireplace is half the job done. A double-sided fireplace requires a lot more maintenance work than a conventional fireplace.

To keep it working and avoid any issues, it requires regular cleaning. You should not let the soot build up in the chimney to avoid smoke from the chimney fires and toxic odors.

You should keep an eye on any leakage if it is connected to a chimney. Stream coming from the fireplace or seeing such water streams in the chimney indicates a leaky chimney.

Don’t get worried if you notice such signs. You will probably get away with just having a chimney cap. If not or you are not sure, call a professional to inspect and fix these problems.

Advice From Experienced

Assuming you are convinced to have one, you should ask yourself two questions first:

  1. Where to position it?
  2. Which fuel type should you have?

Depending on the design of your home, you can install it in a wall between two rooms or maybe you want to connect your master bedroom with your bathroom?

Besides, you can connect your dining room with your living room as well. The thing is…you need to think carefully about where to install it.

Also, think about which fuel type you are gonna use. You have 3 options when it’s come to fuel types for a double-sided fireplace: wood, gas, or electric.

Yes, burning wood may seem visually stunning but it comes with smoke and dirt. So, think hard. If you ask me, I would prefer the electric one because gas fuel requires plenty of wiring and vents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are double-sided fireplaces a good idea?

For any open-concept indoor and outdoor rooms, a double-sided fireplace is always the best. It requires double the space and adds double the warmth.

Are double-sided fireplaces expensive?

It gives you the warmth of two single-sided fireplaces. And, a double-sided fireplace is less expensive than two single-sided fireplaces because there is only one flue and chimney in the double-sided fireplace.

Can you see through a double-sided fireplace?

Yes, there are some design varieties for double-sided fireplaces where you can see through them and use this feature as your design advantage.

Can you have a double-sided fireplace indoor outdoor?

Of course, you can have a double-sided fireplace to join any two of your favorite rooms. It’s always possible to make your double-sided fireplace an indoor/outdoor fireplace too.

Can you have a two-sided wood-burning fireplace?

Sure you can but most of the two-sided fireplaces are gas fireplaces.

Closing Remarks

For any contemporary home, a fireplace is the perfect centerpiece you want. Things get even better if you have a double-sided one.

That’s the reason I have explained double-sided fireplace pros and cons in detail. In my own opinion, if you have larger rooms and you want the light to flow between rooms, just go for the double-sided design.

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