Pottery Barn Performance Fabric Reviews 2021: Is It Any Good?

To some people, it’s even better than the Sunbrella fabrics! To some extend it’s true. You will have a less staining problem and better washing advantage as well.

This is important when you have kids who love to jump and play on the couch and spilling wine on the chair and couch is a common scenario.

So, I have decided to write this Pottery Barn performance fabric reviews to have a better understanding of this. We will see what other people are talking about.

Reviews On Pottery Barn Performance Fabric

Pottery Barn performance fabric reviews

You may be open to other brands but if you like something that washes well, you need your fabrics from the Pottery Barn. 

All of their performance fabrics are both spot clean and machine washable.

The easy to clean feature is a must when it comes to buying your fabrics because the mess is inevitable when you have kids and pets. But you certainly don’t want your style to suffer for that!

Their exclusive performance fabrics collection is great and all of their fabrics are tough! They are designed to withstand all the spilling, staining, and scuffing. 

To achieve this outstanding performance, they did not have to compromise the style or comfort. 

Popular Pottery Barn Performance Fabrics

elegant Pottery Barn performance fabric

Among all the available performance fabrics from Pottery Barn, Performance Slub Cotton and Performance Fabric from Perennials are most popular in terms of cost, performance, durability. 

But it’s easy to get confused to pick yours from lots of options. So, I have summarized their main properties and some helpful tips below so that you can pick the most suitable one for you!

  • Performance Tweed

When you need a fresh and new look in your home, you need the Performance Tweed from Pottery Barn. It almost looks like linen!

It’s both pet and kids friendly because it is water repellent. For extra softness, it is made of woven with chenille bouclé yarns.

To broaden your options, you can find this fabric in 3 colors!

  • Performance Canvas

There are many reasons why people don’t dare to have a white sofa. But with Performance Canvas, you can! Thanks to its water repellent and easy-to-clean features!

And with a superior look and feel, you can use it for your slipcover or upholstery as well.

  • Perennial Fabric

Yes, it’s a little expensive but this mold and the fade-resistant fabric is what you want for any of your large upholstered items. They claim that it will last a lifetime but I would go that far.

But yes, it’s durable!

With soft feel and linen looks, the perennial fabric is suitable for both outdoor and indoor usages. The stain and water repellent fabric is bleach cleanable as well.

  • Leather

I know it sounds weird to call leather a performance fabric but Pottery Barn proudly calls it exactly that because it looks great over time.

More so, you can easily rub out the scuffs. So, if you have pets and kids, you have nothing to worry about dings and scuffs.

It’s so smooth and feels so soft! It even gets softer over time! So, many people find it very elegant and highly comfortable.

Pardon my language but shit happens in life! But as always, you can simply wipe clean it easily.

  • everydayvelvet

The neutrals of ‘everydayvelvet‘ are simply gorgeous and I am pretty sure you will love it too. Yes, it’s extra-soft with a plush pile and water repellent. 

So, if you have kids and pets, this is highly suitable for you.

  • everydaysuede

It looks beautiful because the company claims it is hand-finished in Italy from soft microfiber with special bonding and brushing techniques!

Since ‘everydaysuede‘ is both oil and stain-resistant, it’s perfect for any heavy-duty use. And yes, it is water repellent too!

Expert Recommendation: Which Performance Fabric To Pick?

Pottery Barn performance fabric

Performance fabric can be made of linen, cotton, wool, silk, vinyl, cotton blend, nylon, and so on. So, it’s really hard to make a choice. 

Generally, people like anything that won’t pill or snag with a tight smooth weave.

But do not buy performance fabric made of linen as they are not ideal for heavy use. Besides, they wrinkle easily and lose weave fast.

If I were you I would pick the Performance Tweed for my sleeper sofa and couch. The reason is pretty simple: it’s durable and I like the texture, color, and feel of it!

So, why do they make fabrics from polyester, nylon, or linen? Well, first of all, they mix other fabrics with those items and they have their usages on special situations and circumstances. 

Now, watch this video to see how beautiful they look!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Pottery Barn performance fabric made of?

Pottery Barn performance fabric is made of 100% cotton that is both abrasion and water-resistant. And yes, they are easy to clean as well!

Does Pottery Barn take performance fabric pills?

Instead, it has a unique and easy way to rejuvenate the slipcovered sofas, chairs, and sectionals.

Can you wash performance fabric?

You can wash your performance fabric with dish soap and water to remove any stains that may result from food spills and other accidents. Simple air dry after washing will do the trick.

Are performance fabrics worth it?

100% worth it! It’s durable than most other fabrics out there. Not just water and stain resistant, you will find them easy to clean in case of an accident happens!

Summing Up

Yes, there are plenty of fabrics like Sunbrella fabrics are out there and they are doing great. But if you prefer the Pottery Barn brand, you won’t regret it.

So, did you find my Pottery Barn performance fabric reviews helpful? Let me know your thoughts and experience in the comment box.

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  1. I like your performance heathered tweed fabric in ivory but would like to know if staining occurs with anyone wearing jeans as most in our family do wear jeans. Thank you

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