How To Stop Bugs From Coming Up The Drain And Prevent FOREVER?

Are you having trouble with bugs coming up from the drain? Well, it can be both annoying and unhygienic for your home. So, you wouldn’t want that to continue for long.

To help you out with the bug problem, I am here with some handy solutions. You will know how to stop bugs from coming up the drain by the end of this article.

You will also learn why they keep coming back and what you should do to prevent them.

Stopping Bugs That Come Out Of Drains

how to stop bugs from coming up the drain

You are probably wondering to put an end to sewer roaches and those annoying sewer flies. There are several things you will need to do to get rid of these bugs.

However, if you still happen to face the same problems, you will need professional help. Here are the things you can try out to stop the bugs:

  • Reducing Moisture As Much As You Can

Moisture is the primary reason for bugs to come up the drain. You can get remove moisture in any way. So, you should try your best to keep the moisture content as low as possible.

To reduce moisture around the drainage system, you should have a proper ventilation system in your home.

You can also use a dehumidifier to quicken the process of reducing moisture. Always make sure to use the vent or dehumidifier after a shower.

  • Look Into The Plumbing Issues

When there are problems with your plumbing and water tends to leak, there will be more moisture around those areas. This opens up the possibility for bugs to come up the drain into your home.

To resolve this issue, you will need to go for professional help and some plumbing work. There is no alternative to this. Also, it’s good practice to check up on your plumbing every once in a while.

  • Clean The Entry Points Regularly
drain bug

If you keep the entry points for the insects clean, they will not be able to stay there for a while. Once they find access to food easy, they will likely stay in that place for a longer time.

You don’t need to go through deep cleaning every day. Just clean from the surface after every use. And try doing a deep cleaning session once a week.

Follow this schedule for your bathroom and kitchen drainage system to keep it clean.

Whether you use cleaning products or not is up to you. To ensure the access is stopped, using toxic products for bugs may be helpful in certain cases.

  • Leave No Opening

Aside from directly coming up the drain, bugs can enter through cracks on the walls as well. So, you have to seal all kinds of openings and cracks that are potential entry points for the bugs.

You can also use pesticides in those areas if it doesn’t harm you in any way.

Or it would help if you tried covering up those cracks and holes from where the bugs can enter your house. This way, you can stop worrying about bugs coming in through them entirely.

These are some ways on how to stop roaches from coming up the drain. And it’s not just roaches, too.

It’s all kinds of bugs that can come up the drain. However, if the bugs have already started breeding and infested in your house, then you will have to call the professionals.

Now, before calling the professionals, what you can do is try pouring bleach down your drain. This may buy you some time before the bugs can grow and get larger in number.

It’s not a complete solution to the problem; you can only delay the process a bit. To deal with them better, you need to understand why they keep coming up in the first place.

Why Do Bugs Tend To Come Up The Drain?

bugs that come out of drains

Knowing the reason for bugs coming out of your drains will help you prevent this occurrence to the fullest. You may not be able to stop this completely, but you can be aware of the issue for sure.

So, the main reason bugs come up the drain is moisture. Most of the bugs love moisture and want to live somewhere that provides the moisture.

Once they find places like that, they don’t want to leave them; they make such places their habitat.

But sadly, there is nothing you can do about moisture in drains. Drains are supposed to be wet and hold moisture. Now, the question is, what can you do to solve the issue?

Well, there are ways you can stop the bugs from coming up the drain. Before you do so, let’s get to know about some usual bugs that you get to see coming up the drain.

And when you see these bugs, assume that they most likely came up the drains, so you have to do something about that.

Bugs That Come Out Of Drains

Several bugs can come up the drains of your house, whether it’s the kitchen sink or bathroom sink. And it’s tough to monitor these places, so you will end up seeing them walking around your home.

Here are some bugs that typically use the drains as their entrance to your home, and you should be aware of that.

  • Sewer Flies

You might have seen these tiny black bugs in the bathroom sink. These are pretty common, and they look like miniature flies in some way.

When you see these types of bugs, you should assume that your home needs some plumbing work right away.

These bugs don’t directly harm you, but they can be very unhealthy. They will sit on your food and contaminate them heavily.

For the worst-case scenario, they can come in large numbers to storm your house, and that can get very problematic.

  • Cockroaches

Well, almost every one of us is familiar with cockroaches. They love moisture and humidity. So, whenever the weather gets humid, you can expect to see some cockroaches in your house.

The worst part is they will hide in your home and start breeding at one point. Once you start cleaning, you may end up with a swarm of cockroaches which can be pretty disgusting to face.

While cockroaches may enter your house in several ways, coming out of the drain is a pretty popular one for them.

Especially, the worst kind of sewer roaches will enter your house from those drains. Once they start breeding in your home, it can get alarming for you to have a hygienic household.

These two are the major and most common ones that you will get to see coming out of drains. When you see them, you should worry about your drainage system and work on it.

Let’s check out how you can stop them from coming.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do bugs come out of my drain?

Bugs love moisture and they find the bathroom the most moistures there. So, they keep coming out of the drain for the love of moisture.

What to pour down drain to kill bugs?

Mix a cup of white vinegar with a half cup of baking soda and salt. Sprinkle the mixture down the drain and let it work for 24 hours. After that, flush the drain with boiling water to kill the bugs and sanitize the drain.

What kind of bugs come out of the drain?

Usually, cockroaches, centipedes, fruit flies, drain flies, phorid flies, etc. come out of the drain.

What is the best Drain Fly Killer?

Rid-X, Lawson Drummond DF5000, Pest Peeve Bye Bye Drain Flies, Drano, Valtec Bio-Action Total Solution Gel, etc. are some of the best drain fly killers.


To sum up, bugs coming out of your drain isn’t an unsolvable problem. There are several things you can do when you know how to stop bugs from coming up the drain.

All things aside, you must go through regular inspection for bugs; whether you see them or not doesn’t matter.

Make sure to go through proper cleaning every once in a while before it can get serious. Because once these bugs start breeding and infesting your house, it can be a vital problem.

And getting rid of them will be very difficult overall.

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