How To Remove Ceiling Light Cover With Clips Like A Professional?

Do you know how to remove ceiling light cover with clips? Well, if you are also in doubt considering the ambiguous information on the internet, then don worry. We are here to help you with it.

Ceiling light covers to protect the glass of light from damage and dirt. You can remove it to clean the superficial dust on the glass, or maybe you need to replace the fuse bulb inside it. Learn how to install a ceiling light fixture like a PRO.

It is quite easy to clean the glass or to replace it with a new light. But the first task that requires you to remove the ceiling light cover is crucial. Although it is an easy job to do, not everyone knows the right way.

You can probably find a lot of information regarding this on the internet, but it is not in a well-organized form. Therefore, it is a bit spotty and very hard for new people to understand.

Remove Ceiling Light Cover With Clips

how to remove ceiling light cover with clips

Ceiling light cover removal is done in three different ways. Based on the type of cover, the methodology is different.

Some covers have screws, some are without screws, and a few have clips on them. You have to learn about such removal with these three attachments.

But most essentially, learn what to do when the ceiling light cover won’t come off when you need it to do so badly. They are most common in use right now, therefore, you must focus on this one. Let us learn about this process in detail below:

Steps for Removing Plastic Ceiling Light Cover

When you have the ceiling, light covers that have clip attachments, then you have to handle them differently. The protocol of removing them is completely different from the ones that have screws or no screws on them.

Given below are some of the points or steps that will illustrate the whole process to you. Make sure you follow it step-by-step to ensure that the removal is done perfectly fine.

Although it is an easy method, there are few important things to be careful about as well. Let us follow them briefly for deeper understanding:

  • Setup Ladder or Stool

The first thing you would need to remove the ceiling light with clips is the ladder or stool. It should be long enough to help you reach the height of the ceiling.

Also, it should be sturdy enough to not wobble under your feet. It is dangerous to stand on a ladder or stool to do the ceiling light removal process. But keep in mind that there is no other way to do it except using the ladder or stool.

It is always better to have someone near the ladder or stool that you use for removing the ceiling light with clips. This person can hold the tool so that you can remove it with great ease and comfort.

Otherwise, you will be under pressure, and the focus will divert from the actual job.

  • Arrange the Gloves

It is essential that you also arrange the gloves for the removal of the ceiling light with clips. It is not required in case you are dealing with the ceiling light that has screws on it.

The main reason why you need the gloves in the case of clips is that they are small in size and are very sharp as well. Therefore, it is possible that they can hurt your fingers while removing them. So, prevention is better than curing the cuts on your hands.

The type of gloves should be specific. You cannot use the normal gloves for this purpose. Try to buy gardening gloves because they are tough and protect the hands.

Also, you can use the mechanic gloves as they are good enough to handle the sharp edges during work.

  • Hold the Glass Carefully

Now, in this step, you have to hold the glass very carefully. This means that you are done with the removal of ceiling light clips and now you are taking out the glass light.  WE know that the ceiling light cover won’t come off when you do not have the tools to do this.

But once you are done with it, it is exposed to the surroundings. As it is very delicate, so you have to more than careful about its handling.

Try to have someone around when you remove it. You can hand it over to that person to place it somewhere. It is dangerous to handle the ladder all alone along with the glass light in your hands.

You need to make sure that you have proper assistance from someone who could allow you to keep it safe. It is essential especially when you only need to clean the glass and put it back.

  • Find and Pull Out the Clip

The clips have to be very loose when you are removing the light glass. You have to start this by selecting that if the clips are removable or not. If they are removable, you can sue them later on.

In this case, you will remove them with a tool that does not damage them. However, if it is not removable, then it should be broken and taken out of the cover.

So, try to identify what type of clips are present, find them, and eventually pull them out for removing ceiling light. This step is crucial as well because while removing the clips, you can damage the ceiling light inside the cover.

Therefore, try to use the simplest tools that are small enough to handle the clips and never damage the ceiling light inside them.

  • Pull Out the Glass

removing plastic ceiling light cover

Once the above step is done, all you need to do is to pull out the clips. You have to use the muscles of your hand for this purpose because it requires firm force.

You have to keep the hands firmly, but stay very gentle on the clips, especially if they are removable and reusable.

As you do it, you should be able to remove the ceiling light cover from the underside of the ceiling clips. It will make it free from the main mount of the whole setup. From this point, you can go on with your work on the ceiling light.

You can clean it if you want or if the glass needs it. Also, you can replace it with a new one if the previous one has damages inside it.

There will be people who would need to change the glass cover. Such people can do this task by simply reversing the whole process given above.

Other than just removing the ceiling light with clips, there are few more things that one might need to do. For instance, someone might have the flush mount on the ceiling light cover, so how would it be done?

Also, people might need to change the light bulbs in hanging globe fixtures. So, you need to learn the tricks of doing that too.

How To Remove Flush Mount Ceiling Light Cover?

Following are the points that will allow you to learn how to remove the flush mount ceiling light cover:

  • First, start by locating the round shape bolt at the bottom of the ceiling light.
  • Now you may hold the glass section of the light with one hand to avoid any damage to it.
  • Start rotating the bolt or the finial in the anti-clockwise direction.
  • This action will help you loosen it so that you may remove the flush mount ceiling light cover.
  • When you are done with the turning and twisting part, lower the glass part of the light.
  • You are now done with complete detachment of the bolt, so make sure you do not drop it.

How To Change Light Bulb In Hanging Globe Fixture?

Given below are the points about changing light bulb in hanging globe fixture:

  • First of all, allow the hanging globe fixture to cool down, and then start the removal process.
  • Now put on the gloves that will allow you to twist the light bulb and take it out of the fixture.
  • You have to always turn it in a clockwise direction to ensure it comes off on the first attempt.
  • Now set the globe at the base of the fixture, and after that, you slide it over the light bulb.
  • Make sure the threads are not in a crooked position so that you can screw the globe in place.
  • Try to firmly screw the globe, but do not tighten so much that it does not come off again.

Once you learn all steps about how to remove ceiling light cover with clips, it becomes very easy to remember them. You can do this task again by removing the cover, and cleaning or replace the light inside of it.

From the information in the above section, we use that your mind is clear from all the doubts that you previously had. Keep in mind that every step should be done in a sequence as given above so that you can do the task properly.

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