How To Install A Bathroom Fan Where One Does Not Exist?

According to the traditional bathroom architectural design, the four walls are usually closed-off, making air circulation difficult.

Also, the sunlight can’t flood into the bathrooms, let alone the windy breeze. That’s why many people feel suffocated within the bathrooms, even though it’s one of the best places for relaxation.

Hence, if you want to make the ambiance cooler and lessen the suffocation, you will need a fan. In the following article, we will shed light on how to install a bathroom fan where one does not exist.

Step By Step Bathroom Fan Installation Guide

how to install a bathroom fan where one does not exist

Now coming to the main topic of discussion- how to successfully install a bathroom room if you don’t have one!

In the below section, we have given you a step-by-step guide to tell you how to install the fan properly without making any glitches.

  • Deciding The Power Source For The Bathroom Fan

Your first task will be to decide where you would like to draw electricity to power the bathroom vent. Usually, you will have two options:

  1. A complete electric circuit where the fan will be the only load. Such circuits run between the electric mains and the fan’s core unit only.
  2. Shared electric circuit arrangement where the fan Will share the circuit load with other appliances in the bathroom, specifically the lighting system.

If your bathroom is big and has enough interior capacity, installing the fan with its independent circuit is a good idea.

However, if your bathroom space is less, it would be best to install the fan within the existing circuitry present.

  • Choosing The Exit Point Of The Vent

The exhaust fan’s vent needs to open outside since the fan will draw in the humid air and expel it to the outside environment.

So, before you proceed further, you need to check the area where your vent will open. It is suggested that for a proper fan installation, the vent point must be closer to the appliance not to have to use too many venting tubes.

  • Cutting The Exterior Open Point

Your next task will be to creating the exterior opening of the fan’s vent. For this, place the vent cap on the outside wall or roof surface and trace its shape using the pencil.

Once done, mark the locator hole point and, using a saw, cut the opening for the external part. Next, fix the air vent cap using the hardware joinery elements like screws, nails, bolts, etc.

  • Making Room For The Interior Opening

You have already installed the exterior vent cap by this time, and hence, now you have to focus on constructing the joists on the inner side of the bathroom.

Since you need to make the hoist on the drywall, make sure to use the jab saw. But avoid making cracks in the drywall!

  • Fitting The Fan Vent To The Joist

After this, you need to fit the fan’s vent with the joist by using several elements like screws, a drill, suspension brackets, and others.

Since its one of the most crucial steps for installing the exhaust fan in your bathroom, you need to take help from a partner because the joineries and fixation points need to be installed in the best way.

  • Building The Tubes Of The Vent

After this, you need to tube the vents from the inner side of the joist installed on the drywall and continue it till the exterior point.

Again, ensure the tubes are insulated and curves are properly made to allow the airflow through the vents without any restriction.

Factors To Consider Before Installing A Bathroom Fan

extraordinary bathroom fan

Before we discuss how you can install a bathroom fan, certain facts know which is essential.

In the below section, we will introduce certain terms related to the vent and a guide for choosing the best bathroom fan.

  • Bathroom Fan Categorical Classifications

In the bathrooms, you can fit only an exhaust fan and not the usual ones installed in other rooms. Now, these bathroom exhaust fans are of five main categories. These are:

  • Wall-mounted exhaust fans
  • Ceiling mounted exhaust fans
  • Interior vent exhaust fan
  • Outdoor vent exhaust bathroom fan
  • Exhaust fans with LED lights
  • Fan Size

Based on the size and structure of your bathroom, you need to decide the fan’s size. For example, if you install the ceiling-mounted fan, make sure it’s big enough to circulate the air within the entire bathroom.

Similarly, if you plan for a vent exhaust fan, you need to choose a small fan.

  • CFM Rating

CFM of cubic feet per minute is a rating that explains how much damp air volume the fan can remove from the interiors.

The CFM rating will depend on your bathroom’s size with direct proportionality. It means the smaller bathroom volume lower should be the CFM rating.

  • Noise Levels Of The Appliance

Vent exhaust fans make a lot more noise than the normal fans you install in your room.

So, before you purchase the appliance, make sure to check the noise labels and compare them with the industry standards that vary between 0.5 to 0.6 sones.

  • Bathroom Van Features

Next, you need to consider the various features you want in the bathroom exhaust fan. With the advancement in technologies, one can find different types of features in the fans like:

  • Integrated LED lighting that will help you illuminate the bathroom without having to depend on other light sources.
  • Built-in heaters present in the bathroom fans can keep the inside environment warm, especially during the colder days.
  • Humidity sensors installed in the exhaust bathroom fans help remove the humid or damp air from the room as soon as the humidity levels cross the threshold.

You can ensure all those features if you get yours from a renowned brand.

  • Efficiency And Energy Consumption

The last factor you have to consider is the efficiency of the exhaust fan.

Since you will be spending a lot of bucks on the appliance, you need to have the one whose performance is excellent but not on the cost of energy consumption.

If the power consumption rating of the fan is high, it’s best not to pick those products since they will add more to your monthly electric bills.

Now that you know everything about installing a bath fan, watch this video to have a better understanding.

Final Words

In the above section, we have explained how to install a bathroom fan where one does not exist. Even though the process seems to be a bit difficult, it’s not impossible.

All you need to have is the right set of tools required for constructing the vent openings, tubing installation and other works related to the installation process.

Just make sure you are getting the right exhaust bathroom for yourself.

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