Bosch Inverter Heat Pump Problems: Identification and Solution

You are probably familiar with the heat pump in your house or building. Like a silent guardian, it keeps the residents cool on warm days and warm on days that are cold.

Yes, there are some Bosch inverter heat pump problems you need to be aware of but Bosch is well known for its trusted inverter-based heat pumps, and they are still worth it.

While Bosch is known for its reliability, it’s always possible to face issues that can cause inconveniences. This article covers some key drawbacks, how to identify them, along with some solutions.

Bosch Inverter Heat Pump Drawbacks And Solutions

Bosch inverter heat pump problems

Here are some of its common problems:

  • It won’t turn on.
  • Not heating or cooling properly.
  • Improper cycling.

Despite the rock-solid reliability, any machine can run into problems over time, and the Bosch inverter heat pump is not an exception.

We have tackled some of the common problems faced by users of this heat pump, along with the right ways to identify and solve them.

  • Heat Pump Won’t Turn On

First and foremost, you may face problems with the pump not turning on at all. This could happen for a number of reasons, namely power or thermostat issues.

To identify this problem, first, check if the pump is receiving power properly. Next, check the power connection and see if there is adequate power or any issues with the mainline or wires being misplaced.

The heat pump may not receive power if there are problems with the socket or a blown fuse.

Fixing This Issue

There are a couple of things you need to check before fixing this problem. Firstly, see if the fuse is blown off or has been tripped. If that’s the case, replace the fuse or put it back to its place.

Also, see if there are issues with the power line. That could be a reason why the heat pump isn’t turning on.

If none of these seem to fix the problem, there could be something wrong within the pump itself, which is discussed further.

  • Does Not Heat or Cool Properly

You probably don’t notice it when your room temperature is just optimum. Cold on hot days, warm on freezing nights. It can be very annoying and frustrating if your Bosch heat pump isn’t cooling or heating properly.

To see if there is actually any problem, check the thermostat first. Sometimes, the thermostat settings could be off and the temperature won’t be optimum. So, what you should do at first is reset the temperature and heating/cooling settings.

Once you have checked the thermostat, you can move on to other problems. Check the vent cover and whether it is in an obstruction-free location.

A dirty coil or fan could also be causing heating or cooling issues. Sometimes, the air ducts also get blocked by debris or dirt over an extended time.

Lastly, the auxiliary heating elements of the pump could also be damaged permanently over time and extended use.

Fixing This Issue

Adjusting the ventilation of the heat pump is the first step. Make sure nothing is blocking the vents of the heat pump so that they can function properly.

Sometimes, it is also essential to clean out the air ducts and coils in the heat pump. Debris and dirt could block them and hamper the flow of air.

If any of the auxiliary heating elements are broken, you have to replace them. You can find Bosch spare parts quite easily; just make sure to get the right model.

  • Improper Cycling of the Heat Pump

Sometimes, your Bosch inverter heat pump may turn on and off frequently. If this happens repeatedly, then there must be an underlying problem. This could happen for a number of reasons.

First, check the thermostat settings. If the settings are not adjusted properly, that could cause the incorrect flow of heat. Or in some cases, the thermostat itself could be broken or damaged.

Also, check the filter in the heat pump and whether it is dirty or clogged. Lastly, check the fan and valves and see if they are clean. Dirty filters, fans, or valves are often the root cause of many problems.

Fixing This Issue

The fixes for incorrect cycling of the heat pump are often fairly simple. If you have identified that the issue lies with the thermostat, then you can try recalibrating the thermostat. If that does not work, you can try replacing the thermostat.

Clean out the filters and fans in the heat pump thoroughly. After you are done with cleaning, put everything back in its place properly. Now, watch this video.

Bosch Inverter Heat Pump: Still Worth It?

Before familiarizing yourself with the problems and finding solutions for them, it makes sense for you to familiarize yourself with the product itself.

Bosch makes a lot of household equipment, and heat pumps are one of them. Bosch specializes in building industry-leading heating solutions.

Its inverter heat pump solution is one of the best in the market in terms of efficiency and performance.

They say that the best heat pump is one that does not cause concerns, just does its job well, silently. Bosch excels in this area.

It works silently and mostly without a fuss. In the industry, Bosch is lauded for class-leading efficiency.

Bosch’s fully modulating inverter is known to ensure optimum heating and cooling in varied temperatures. It also has a two-stage blower for quiet operation.

Lastly, the products come with EnergyStar certification, signaling their class-leading efficiency.

Bosch is also known for its long-lasting products, and the Bosch Inverter Heat Pump is no exception. It can last very long with proper maintenance and easy fixes to minor issues.


In this article, we have covered most of the common Bosch Inverter heat pump issues along with the solutions.

Bosch makes very reliable heat pumps that often go years without a problem, but knowing these simple solutions can save you some money, time, and hassle.

Do keep in mind that while these easy fixes can often work, sometimes over extended use, the machine could start to wither.

We hope this article helps you elongate the life of your Bosch Inverter Heat Pump at no extra cost or added hassle.

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